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William Bunker - Sports Betting & Bookmaker Author

Originally from South East London, growing up my world was revolved around football. At school, we’d play at every opportunity and when I got home I’d go to club training, and then at weekends, we’d play competitively. I loved watching as well as playing, with Chelsea’s 2012 Champions League success a highlight, as a CFC follower. Betting was a no-brainer for me, it just added another dimension to all of the excitement. As the years went on, it became clear that I was more suited to the sofa than the pitch, but I did develop an interest in running and endurance sports, which I love to take part in as well as watch.

I always had a strong inclination towards words. I studied English at A-level and then went on to take Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at the University of  Exeter. It didn’t take too long after I graduated to begin my freelance writing career. I’ve always been partial to a flutter on any big sports event, ever since I had pocket money to spend. This sports gambling hobby made the transition into gambling and casino writing a natural one, which started by learning and writing about casino games like roulette and blackjack for a blog and has led to me writing about an old interest of mine; sports betting. It’s been a pleasure getting stuck into all of the different sportsbooks and learning the ins and outs, and even getting a foray into the politics section of some betting sites.

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