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Who Founded bet365?

Denise Coates is a hugely successful British businesswoman and billionaire, and she founded bet365.

The story of Coates is an intriguing one as she grew from a humble background to become one of the biggest names in the online gambling industry.

Not only did Denise carve out a career in the industry and go on to dominate, but she also did it as a woman and changed what was, throughout its history, a male-dominated environment. She created a new era, one that welcomed and even encouraged female bettors and members from all backgrounds.

We know the name relating to who founded bet365, but what about the woman herself, her sports betting background, keys to success and plans for the future? In this article, we go beyond the headlines and give a few more details on Coates.

Denise Coates’ Net Worth

Finding out about Denise as a businesswoman isn’t difficult due to her unrivaled success and the numerous headlines she has made over the years. But Denise the person is more difficult as she seems to shun the spotlight as much as possible. Yes, the founder of bet365 is successful, rich and has plenty to be proud of, but she certainly isn’t one to boast about her many achievements.

Her net worth was estimated to be over £12 billion, and her 2020 salary was reported to stand in the region of £422 million as well as dividends of almost £50m. She has been the highest-paid chief executive in Britain for many years now and, giving no suggestions that she will stand down from her position of power anytime soon, that’s unlikely to change in the near future as Denise and bet365 go from strength to strength.

Those values, and the growth of her company this year, make it no surprise that she is one of the wealthiest women in the United Kingdom. She has worked her way up through the ranks of the betting industry, born into a mining family. Her father was once the owner of Stoke City Football Club, a sports team the bet365 brand remains closely connected to.

Bet365 – a British success story

The bet365 is a British success story, dominating the UK market and having a foothold in the global gambling industry. It remains a private company and one of the few family-run bookies at the top end of the business.

Founded in 2000 by University graduate Coates, bet365 has its base in Stoke-on-Trent, England and employs almost 5000 people in the area and further afield. Income and revenue continue to soar year on year but the currently available operating income posted at £767 million and a recent revenue at £2.981 billion.

Bet365 specialises in online sportsbook betting but also has casino, live casino and slots games betting. The online bookie is accepting new customers today, and you can sign up by clicking any link to bet365 on this page then filling in the registration form. New players are eligible for a welcome bonus of bet credits after placing their first wager.

What’s the Yearly profit of bet365?

One of the biggest names in the online betting industry, it’s no surprise to learn that bet365’s yearly profit sits in the hundreds of millions with over £660m raked in recently.

That is an astonishing sum of cash, but it’s no shock as the popular UK online sportsbook enjoys a global following with users as far afield as Australia.

The business has begun to take advantage of the relaxation in rules regarding online betting in the United States, with many regions now allowing residents and visitors to gamble.

Success across the Atlantic will have another positive impact on the company’s revenue and on its profit margins.

It’ll be interesting to see how far they can push their profits after securing a share of the US gambling pie.

To have any chance of securing the kind of success in America that is expected of them, bet365 will be forced to compete with other major betting firms. The gambling market in the region is fresh, a clean slate for bookmakers and bettors, but the business has the experience needed to ensure they secure a strong share and further boost the bet365 turnover.

How many customers does bet365 have?

Success can be measured not only in the bet365 yearly revenue but also the number of customers they have, and that is already in excess of 45 million. These players range from online gamblers in the United Kingdom to those based overseas where sports betting is legal, and players are permitted to join international bookies.

Bet365 is an online-only bookmaker, meaning it doesn’t have betting offices on the high street or casinos. Bets are placed through their user-friendly website and mobile app. A recent study showed more bets are now placed on smartphones than desktop computers, with gamblers preferring the convenience of being able to bet on the move.

Where is bet365 Head Office?

The bet365 head office is in Stoke-on-Trent, England and has been for the majority of the bookmaker’s existence. Why is the question of where is bet365 head office important?

bet365 headquarters in stoke-on-trent
Credit: Shutterstock

There are a few reasons, including the location of their headquarters, which shows that bet365 are a successful UK bookmaker that is sticking hard to its roots. It can also be explained by a long-running family connection to the area that spans the generations.

Another important reason why someone may want to ask where is bet365 head office is that they could be about to branch out. This is a revelation that caught supporters of one of the industry’s biggest names off-guard, coming as a huge surprise. But is there much truth in the rumours that bet365 could be following the trend set by their competitors and taking the business overseas?

Our team of sports betting writers have their finger on the pulse of the industry. We don’t miss a beat, and that’s because we believe that the more you know about a bookie, the better your chances of beating them and making a profit from your sports bets. We also like to keep our readers at the forefront of any changes worth knowing about. To be successful in sports gambling, you must live and breathe the business.

Why Did Bet365 Choose To Have Their Headquarters In Stoke-on-Trent?

Bet365 founder Denise Coates was raised in the area where her company now has its head office. Her father is the former chairman of English Championship side Stoke City Football Club, and bet365 are again the owners, sponsors of the shirt and sponsors of the stadium name. The company once had a chain of betting offices around the UK that grew up from their beginnings in Stoke before being sold to Coral, with Coates concentrating on the online betting side of the business, making it one of the first online-only bookies.

Bet365 is a major betting company in the United Kingdom but is also a real player on the world stage, and that explains why they have offices overseas. Their premises include a post in Manchester then foreign sites at Gibraltar, Malta, Bulgaria and Australia, with the bookie enjoying a large following in each region. They have thousands of employees spread across Europe and beyond. The introduction and growth of legal online gambling in the United States mean it’s likely they will set up camp in America soon too.

Recent news stories reported Ontario is preparing to ramp up its interest in the sports betting industry, seemingly in the hope of taking advantage of the potentially lucrative taxes that come with embracing betting.

Plans have been set out to create a betting district, and with government officials relaxing the laws on sportsbooks, it’s something that could interest bet365. Similar to states in the US, Ontario has thrown open the doors and laid out the welcome mat. That has created somewhat of a blank canvas for firms like bet365 to go and exploit. It will be worth keeping your eye on any developments that occur on that front.

Who Does bet365 Sponsor?

Bet365 sponsor the English Football League team Stoke City FC.

bet365 stadium stoke city
Stoke City stadium; Credit: Shutterstock

The online gambling industry has a long-running and well-documented relationship with professional sports, with many of the leading bookies becoming the official shirt sponsors, betting partners, gaming partners and even stadium sponsors of major teams in football and rugby. Bookies also sponsor several high profile thoroughbred horse races in the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as the best from the international scene.

Bet365 is one of the biggest brands in the industry with a huge following in the UK boosted by members worldwide. Why would such a superpower of betting choose Stoke City as the football team to carry their name and help promote the brand? It has been years since the club enjoyed any kind of notable success. They won’t be playing in Europe anytime soon and are outside of the Premier League. The stadium isn’t always at capacity, not many games are chosen to be shown live on television, and the squad doesn’t boast too many stars that can be marketed by bet365.

What’s the story? It’s a strange partnership, the giant of betting working so closely with a small fish of the game, but, as you would probably expect where Bet365 and founder Denise Coates is concerned, there’s an interesting story. Let’s take a closer look at that connection.

Why Did Bet365 Choose To Sponsor Stoke City FC?

The main reason bet365 chose to become the official shirt and stadium sponsor of Stoke City was that the Coates family and the club had strong ties. Their head office is in Stoke-on-Trent. Founder Denise Coates is the daughter of former club chairman Peter Coates.

In May 2012, the bookie became the shirt sponsor, branding all strips worn by the club for league, cup and friendly matches. In 2016 they increased their backing by sponsoring the stadium, which was formerly the Britannia Stadium due to a partnership with Britannia Building Society, renaming it the Bet365 Stadium. That is the current name given to the stadium on Stanley Matthews Way.

Bet365 went on to become the owners of the Potters, and that is the case today with the bookie helping to fund improvements in the stadium and playing staff. The team currently competes in the Championship, the second tier of professional football in England, but everyone connected has aspirations of a return to the Premier League. Will they achieve that goal this season? Only time will tell.

Stoke City isn’t the only football team with a link to Bet365. The betting app also has sponsorship deals with Bulgarian club Ludogorets Razgrad and Slavia Sofia, who compete in European competition and help expand the brand. The working relationship with sport doesn’t stop at football. Bet365 also sponsors major events on the horse racing schedule, including the Bet365 Gold Cup that is run at Sandown Park annually.

This 3m 5f handicap has a history that can be traced back to 1957 and remains one of the standout fixtures on the racing calendar from the United Kingdom. Attendances at Sandown on race day are in the thousands, with millions more watching the contest live on television, giving Bet365 a serious bang for their buck.

Who Is the Man on the bet365 Advert?

Ray Winstone is the man on the bet365 advert. Many big brands and, in particular, online betting apps aim to create a famous face of the business. Most, for obvious reasons, go with names from the world of sports, including current and former football players or decorated horse racing jockeys. But bet365 did things differently, and it had the desired effect.

That will be no surprise to those who have followed the English bookmaker’s stunning rise to the top of the gambling industry. They aren’t a company that likes to stick to the beaten path.

They prefer to do things their own way, and their way is usually the right way, with others trying to follow and play catch-up.

What is the story behind Winstone’s association with bet365? We take a closer look in this article and also explain how you can register at this superpower of the online gambling industry and grab your welcome bonus bet credits.

Who Is Ray Winstone?

Ray Winstone is a London born actor and a familiar face in the UK and beyond. He has played an active role in the movie industry for over 50 years, working alongside some of the most famous directors, such as Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg. He is often known for playing a hardman in TV and film, he isn’t an actor you’d instantly connect with football and sports, but all that has changed due to his partnership with bet365.

Perhaps that freshness to the gambling industry helped him stand out, but employing a professional and experienced big-screen actor also helped the bet365 and Winstone team get noticed. Ray approaches his various roles in the betting adverts with an edge sports stars can’t match. Put Winstone on a football pitch or the back of a thoroughbred racehorse, and there’s every chance he will struggle but place him in front of a camera and watch his talents shine through. The advert may be sports and betting-related, but when acting, the competition is entering Winstone’s world, and it shows.

The Englishman has appeared in many adverts for bet365 over the years. His face is known, his character relatable to the target audience and his tone authoritative. That means he gets the viewers attention, can help convince them of the joys of betting with bet365 or convincingly warn them of the dangers of online betting and the importance of setting limits.

We’re seen Winstone play himself in the adverts. That is neither implied nor needed as the audience knows his face and knows who he is. This saves time, allowing bet365 to get its message across quickly.

That message is bet365 is the place to bet responsibly on football and other major sports pre-match and in-play. You can join bet365 as a new customer today and begin betting on your favourite sport. New customers will receive up to 100 bet credits after registering and placing their first wager. Click any link on this page or site to bet365 to get started.

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