Betfair Withdraw Guide 2022: Get the Fastest Withdrawal Time

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Last Updated: October 10, 2022

The time it takes to withdraw funds from Betfair to your account wallet is entirely dependent on the payment method used to transfer funds. While some methods of payment can complete withdrawals within four hours, others may take up to five working days to succeed.

Therefore, it’s important to note which payment method you’re using before processing a withdrawal on Betfair. 

How long does a Betfair withdrawal take? Read on to find out.

Below, we’ve listed each available payment method at Betfair and their respective withdrawal timeframes.

How Long Does It Take For A Withdrawal From Betfair?

Due to the sheer number of payment methods currently allowed on Betfair, there are numerous timeframes regarding the processing of withdrawals on the platform. Here, we’ve outlined each payment method along with the expected time of completion.

Payment methodTime of completion
Debit & Credit Cards2 to 5 Working Days
UK Express Bank TransferNext Working Day
UK Standard Bank Transfer2 to 3 Working Days
Non-UK Bank Transfer2 to 5 Working Days
Skrill4 to 24 Hours
PayPal4 to 24 Hours
Neteller4 to 24 Hours
WebMoney4 to 30 Hours
Qiwi4 to 24 Hours
Apple Pay2 to 5 Working Days
Timeframes for processing of withdrawals on Betfair

Now you know how long does a withdrawal from Betfair take, we’ll move on to the withdrawal process itself.

Betfair Withdraw Guide 2022: Get the Fastest Withdrawal Time -

When Do Betfair Process Withdrawals?

Betfair begins processing withdrawals as soon as the withdrawal request is submitted. Once the customer confirms a withdrawal, Betfair’s automated system kicks off the procedure by following a number of protocols. 

Due to these protocols, withdrawals can take some time to come through. This is also why there’s a variation in time between some payment methods and others when it comes to processing withdrawals.

If Betfair notices something unusual during the withdrawal process, the security team will be notified. In this instance, you may be contacted by Betfair and the withdrawal might need to be confirmed again.

How Long Does It Take Betfair To Put Money In Your Account 

As shown in the list above, Betfair is capable of processing payment within four hours and up to five days. Your requested money should arrive in your account in accordance with the timeframes outlined in our list of available payment methods. 

E-wallets are the most time-efficient method of payment for withdrawals at Betfair, with processing times sitting between 4 – 24 hours. This is in contrast to bank transfers and other methods, which may take several days to settle.

Once the relevant time has elapsed, you should expect your withdrawn funds to arrive in your account. If more than five days have passed, you should contact Betfair’s dedicated customer support team.

If you live in the UK, Ireland or Spain, you may be eligible for Fast Funds.

Betfair Withdraw Guide 2022: Get the Fastest Withdrawal Time -

With Fast Funds, you can receive withdrawn funds to your Visa card or prepaid card within two hours. It’s recommended that you check with your bank to see if this feature is available for you.

Betfair Withdraw Guide 2022: Get the Fastest Withdrawal Time -

How Long Does Betfair Bank Transfer Take?

Not all bank transfers at Betfair are the same. This is because Betfair allows for Express Bank Transfers, Standard Bank Transfers and Non-UK Bank Transfers. 

Of the three, Express Bank Transfers are the quickest withdrawal method. With these, customers should receive funds by the next working day.

This is essentially a fast-track version of Standard Bank Transfers, which usually take up to three working days to process. However, Standard Bank Transfers remain a faster option compared to Non-UK Bank Transfers, which have a latest-settlement time of five working days.

Having now discussed how long does a Betfair bank transfer take, it’s time to talk about E-wallets and PayPal.

How Long Do Betfair PayPal Withdrawals Take?

As far as e-wallet withdrawals go at Betfair, PayPal is one of the quickest and most reliable. Having established itself as a stalwart in the online payment market, PayPal can process withdrawals at Betfair rapidly.

To be specific, PayPal withdrawals should take no longer than 24 hours to succeed. In some cases, you may receive your funds within four hours of confirming the withdrawal. 

Unlike bank transfers, transactions at Betfair using PayPal go through all security checks and necessary procedures the same day. This makes for a more streamlined experience when paying at Betfair.

Are There Fees For Withdrawing At Betfair?

Fees apply to withdrawals made using UK Express Bank Transfer. If using this payment method, your fee will be displayed on the withdrawal section of the site before you confirm your withdrawal request.

Fees do not apply to any other withdrawal method on Betfair.

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