Best Boxing Betting Apps: Which To Download?

Boxing Betting Apps - Written By: Conor Rafter
Last Updated: December 12, 2022

The boxing world is a complicated one. Some fighters face off against one another every few years, while others avoid each other at all costs. A chunk of fans are left disappointed, but a certain portion of enthusiasts revel in every single bout that takes place, and place bets on the outcome with their boxing betting app. More often than not, the happier fans are punters.

Top 10 Boxing Betting Apps

In-app betting has taken the world by storm in recent years and the boxing industry is no different. Rather than switching on a computer, opening a browser, waiting for pages to load and searching for your favourite bookie, you can download bookmaker’s platforms directly to your smartphone.

This makes it significantly easier to bet on the best boxing matchups all year round. Here are the top 10 most popular boxing betting apps among UK users.

This is because bettors know how to take advantage of even the smallest of fights. They know the importance of shopping around for the most rewarding odds and how to strategize for markets that suit their needs. Most importantly, they’re aware of which boxing betting sites are good and which to steer clear of.

You can place online boxing bets wherever you are and whenever you like by downloading apps catered to the sport and its markets. Many of the top UK bookmakers support boxing events, with plenty of these sportsbooks making a push in the mobile market. All you need to do is:

  • Head to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store
  • Search for the betting app you want to download
  • Press ‘Install’ or ‘Get’ to begin downloading the app

Create an account or sign in using existing credentials (provided you’ve already made an account with that bookie). Once that’s done, you’re free to start betting on the mobile boxing betting app.

Paddy Power App
    Boxing Betting Apps - Boxing Betting Apps - 8
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    Betway App
      Boxing Betting Apps - Boxing Betting Apps - 7
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      Virgin Bet App
        Boxing Betting Apps - Boxing Betting Apps - 7
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        Bwin App
          Boxing Betting Apps - Boxing Betting Apps - 7
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          Betfred App
            Boxing Betting Apps - Boxing Betting Apps - 8
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            BoyleSports App
              Boxing Betting Apps - Boxing Betting Apps - 7
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              Unibet App
                Boxing Betting Apps - Boxing Betting Apps - 8
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                888sport App
                  Boxing Betting Apps - Boxing Betting Apps - 8
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                  BetVictor App
                    Boxing Betting Apps - Boxing Betting Apps - 9
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                    Coral App
                      Boxing Betting Apps - Boxing Betting Apps - 8
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                      Ladbrokes App
                        Boxing Betting Apps - Boxing Betting Apps - 8
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                        Bet365 App
                        • Has great in-play betting features
                        • Live stream thousands of events
                        • Cash out, edit, and build your own bets
                        Boxing Betting Apps - Boxing Betting Apps - 9
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                        12 Betting Apps match your criteria

                        Other apps are also up for grabs on the Google Play and iOS App Store. Those mentioned above are just some of the most used across the United Kingdom.

                        Overall Best Boxing Betting Apps

                        William HillBest Boxing Welcome Offers
                        BwinBest App For Boxing Markets And Odds
                        UnibetBest For Live Streaming
                        888SportBest For Boxing Betting Lines
                        BetfairBest App With Betting Exchange
                        Paddy PowerBest App With Bet Builder
                        Bet365Best App For In-Play Live Boxing Betting
                        BetfairBest App For Cash Out
                        Top Apps By Feature

                        Overall Best Boxing Betting Apps

                        Such is the fierce competition between bookmakers, it can be incredibly hard to separate one sports betting app from its closest rival. Boxing betting sites and apps are constantly looking for new ways to impress customers and reward players that stay loyal to the platform. With so many choices available, finding the right service for you is often not a one-person job.

                        It’s impossible to brand one bookie the overall best boxing betting site or app. However, some platforms are better than others. Although they’re all different and unique in their own way, what fits one customer may be of no use to another. 

                        We’ve compiled a list of boxing betting apps based on the features, bonuses and services they provide. This way, you should be able to make a solid decision as to which one is best suited to you.

                        • SkyBet
                        • Bet365
                        • Paddy Power
                        • William Hill
                        • Ladbrokes

                        Each of the above five bookmakers is jam-packed with exciting markets, such as:

                        • Round Betting
                        • Under/Over
                        • Fight To Go The Distance
                        • Total Knockdowns
                        • Method of Victory
                        • Winning Round

                        On top of that, by placing online boxing bets with any of these bookies you’re guaranteed to get competitive prices. That’s the primary factor for players joining these platforms despite the fact they also specialise in other areas of sport, as a large percentage of customers at these sites come solely for the slugfests.

                        Best of all, you can download each of these boxing betting sites’ apps from the virtual stores boasted by Android and Apple. 

                        OnTheBallBets Favourite Boxing Betting Apps

                        Earlier, we explained that it’s impossible to title one platform as the best boxing betting site or app in the UK. That doesn’t mean we can’t have favourites. 

                        Betting apps are all over the place. They’re ready for download via links uploaded to the bookmaker’s website, through app stores, or, for those of you that are willing to take risks – you can get them from Android APK files. 

                        But what is it that makes an app stand out above its competition? Is it features? Ease of use? The odds? At OnTheBallBets, we believe it all comes down to the entire experience. Without providing good odds, there’s no point in offering a wide range of markets. If the app is difficult to use, why bother trying to use its features?

                        In this section, we’ve broken down our favourite boxing betting apps based on a vast array of factors.


                        • Loads of markets
                        • Rewarding Price Boosts

                        Paddy Power

                        • Wide range of odds on smaller fights


                        • Easy to filter by market (To Win Fight, Total Rounds, etc)
                        • Lets users make various boxing accumulators

                        William Hill

                        • Offers a fantastic #YourOdds service
                        • Uploads odds far in advance


                        • Allows players to filter by Highlights, In-Play, Competitions and Outrights
                        • Cash Out is available on almost all markets

                        Top Boxing Apps For Betting By User Type

                        It’s easy to forget that not all boxing betting sites are created equally. Some are developed in a way that’s friendlier to newcomers in the betting scene, whereas several place their focus on retaining existing, veteran users. 

                        Depending on where you are on your boxing betting journey – be it at the beginning, 20 years deep, or anywhere in between – there is an app that’ll have what you’re looking for. There’s no way to tell which one is the best boxing betting site for everybody, but it’s possible to decipher which one is the best for you.

                        Best Apps For Beginners

                        Newcomers to the boxing betting scene can be made to feel at home by downloading mobile apps that make it easy to place wagers on a range of simple markets. As a beginner, you may feel inclined to throw yourself in at the deep end in order to grab a big win; this is often a mistake.

                        Keeping things simple is by far the best course of action. By sticking to ‘To Win’ selections, you’ll minimize losses for one main reason: you won’t chase numerous big losses. The best apps you’ll find when it comes to these bet types are as follows:

                        • SkyBet
                        • Bet365

                        Both apps are unbelievably easy to navigate. To find ‘Boxing’ markets, open either app and select the Sports menu. Both lists are available in alphabetical order, meaning that Boxing sits under the letter ‘B’ near the top of the menu. Tap on ‘Boxing’ to view all of the upcoming and in-play events. 

                        In addition, SkyBet and Bet365 allow users to cash out at the touch of a button. Not only does this prevent inexperienced bettors from losing a chunk of their bankroll in one of their first bets, but it also prepares you for bigger bets in the future. 

                        Best Apps For Experienced Bettors

                        More experienced punters can take the plunge into deeper markets and place bigger bets. This is partly because they have more know-how compared to bettors with less experience and their bankrolls are generally more sizeable. 

                        Certain boxing betting sites and apps support in-depth markets and explore new ways for bettors to use their features. For example, Bet365 is one of very few boxing betting operators that gives users the opportunity to create accumulators across a plethora of markets. These markets include: 

                        • When Fight Will End
                        • Total Rounds
                        • Fight Outcome

                        That’s why Bet365 is one of our top choices for experienced bettors. Now, you may wonder why we’ve listed it in both the ‘Beginners’ and ‘Experienced’ sections. It’s because the site welcomes newbies and veterans with open arms. Both parties are given ample opportunities to bet the way they want to. 

                        Other apps we recommend for experienced bettors looking to place online boxing bets can be found here:


                        • Can use the sportsbook or the Exchange
                        • Plenty of top-class prices

                        William Hill

                        • Supports more boxing action than almost everyone else

                        Paddy Power

                        • Publishes most markets earlier than competitors
                        • Boasts a large number of boxing markets per-event

                        How We Rate Boxing Betting Apps

                        We aim to give readers an informed, educated opinion on the ins and outs concerning the betting app we’re discussing. To do that, we follow specific criteria. This ensures that we can determine the best boxing betting site fairly and without bias.

                        Ease of Use/Interface 

                        The UI on any sports betting site is often undervalued. It could be argued that this is a positive sign, as it means that bettors don’t notice the User Interface when they explore the operator’s app.

                        For a UI to be considered good (or better), it must do three things:

                        • Have responsive menus
                        • Have concise pages
                        • Take the player exactly where they need to go

                        The last thing any bettor wants is for ads to be shoved down their throat on every other page. Instead, we look to recommend bookmakers that keep things to the point and only show ads when necessary or acceptable. If you’re being shown a notification for the latest bonus each time you want to bet on the latest fight, you should probably bet elsewhere. 

                        Boxing Belts/Fixtures & Markets Offered

                        Boxers from all over the globe compete to be the best in their respective category. Bigger fighters take to the ring in heavyweight divisions, like Cruiserweight and Light Heavyweight, while smaller individuals participate in flyweight, featherweight and bantamweight series’. Most sportsbooks offer markets for each class as long as there’s an incentive to do so.

                        Contrary to the belief of many outside viewers, not all fighters in particular weight divisions compete on the same playing field. TV rights play a massive role in who fights who, making certain matchups difficult to organize (like Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury). Additionally, more than one title can be fought for within one boxing class. This results in the following outcomes:

                        • Tyson Fury holding the WBC title
                        • Oleksandr Usyk holding the WBO title
                        • Oleksandr Usyk holding the IBF world title

                        All three are within the Heavyweight division. It might sound complicated but once you get into it, understanding how titles are won and lost becomes significantly easier to digest.

                        If boxing betting sites support all of the major world titles (WBA, WBC, WBO, IBF), they’ll likely make it into our list of recommended bookies. They’ll also need to provide odds for important bouts in these divisions. Sites such as SkyBet and Bet365 tend to upload outright odds quite a long time before the fights are due to happen. 

                        To top it all off, platforms aspiring to be the best boxing betting site should get creative with the type of markets they offer. ‘To Win’ is an acceptable selection for many punters – especially beginners – but fans closer to the sport crave something a bit more detailed. Bet365 is arguably the best option for unique and special markets and it’s apps like theirs that we would implore our readers to use for online boxing bets.

                        Live Streaming Capability, Quality & Number of Fixtures

                        Prices for sports viewing on TV continue to rise as more people take interest in boxing, football, tennis, golf and more. For boxing events, fans must shell out their hard-earned cash to watch the best fighters compete on the big stage. The PPV (pay-per-view) effect is even more pronounced in the US, where some bouts cost upwards of $100 to watch for the everyday person.

                        This is where live streaming comes in handy. Instead of tuning in to your favourite boxers through TV channels, you can head to your preferred bookmaker’s platform and stream the fight from your mobile phone or desktop. In some cases, these streams are free to use. 

                        But whether or not streams are available is not the sole issue; the quality of the streams matters too. You can get 720p and 1080p streams at some of the biggest boxing betting sites. Dipping below these figures (like 480p) is considered unwatchable by many – so we won’t recommend any sites that put forward poor-quality streaming services. 

                        It’s one thing to offer a quality streaming service, it’s another to actually come through with exciting fights. Bet365 recently signed a deal with BOXXER to earn the right to display live streams of BOXXER’s shows promoted by the boxing corporation. This has led to Bet365 providing live feeds for various events involving the following big names:

                        • Kell Brook
                        • Amir Khan
                        • Chris Eubank Jr.
                        • Josh Taylor

                        Live streams are the future when it comes to watching online boxing. We know this and will continue to push for bookies to publish the best streaming services for our readers. 

                        Cash Out 

                        We’ve all made bets we wish we hadn’t. Nowadays, bookmakers let us put an end to our misery by cashing out. This ends the bet early and gives users the remaining value of their bet. As such, you can only settle bets before their natural conclusion if the value of your wager is more than £0.00.

                        Some bookies have gone above and beyond with their take on ‘Cash Out’. While the vast majority keep their cash-out feature simple, a select few offer these services:

                        • Partial Cash Out
                        • Auto Cash Out

                        ‘Partial Cash Out’ is exactly what it sounds like. You pick a portion of your bet to be settled early (ie, 50% of your £10 wager) and, depending on the value of your bet at the time, you could make a profit or take a hit. The other 50% that has not been cashed out will settle as normal.

                        With ‘Auto Cash Out’, you preemptively choose when you want your bet to be cashed out. This means you don’t need to be anywhere near your mobile phone to settle bets manually as the app will do all of the work for you. 

                        ‘Cash Out’ is expected to remain as important as ever over the next few years. In fact, it’s perhaps the most impressive feature that’s been added to online boxing bets and sports betting as a whole. If a sportsbook fails to support ‘Cash Out’, rest assured we’ll let you know. 

                        Bet Builder

                        Markets, bonuses and prices are one thing, personalisation is another. With the dawn of mobile betting apps came a desire from bettors to create one-of-a-kind wagers – today commonly known as ‘Bet Builder’.

                        At heart, a ‘Bet Builder’ is a wager consisting of several bets that stretch across different markets to make one, unique selection. You can add between two and eight bets to a Bet Builder at most sites. The best part is that unless someone else has the exact same idea as you, your selection is unrepeatable.

                        Here’s an example of a boxing Bet Builder in a bout between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua:

                        • Fury to win Round 1
                        • Joshua to Knockdown Fury in Round 2
                        • Winning Round – 8
                        • Method of Victory – Fury by TKO

                        To win this bet (or any Bet Builder) all of your predictions must come true. 

                        Notice how all of these bets come from differing markets – that’s precisely the point of Bet Builders. Instead of focusing on one market to set up an accumulator or place various singles, you can maximise your profits by choosing all kinds of wagers. That’s why we value Bet Builders so greatly. They put the player in control.

                        Request A Bet

                        Another popular feature at big sportsbooks, Request A Bet is more useful to bookies that have a presence on social media than one whose player base is smaller in size. 

                        Most bookies that support Request A Bet as a boxing betting option require users to send a message to their team via social media. Within this message, you should ask for odds on a particular selection. For instance:

                        • You can tweet SkyBet with your ‘Request A Bet’ selection using the relevant hashtag. Include your ideal selection.

                        • Use the Request A Bet tool within SkyBet’s app to develop a wager from your smartphone. Once odds for your selection have been calculated, the bet will appear under the ‘RequestABet’ tab under that event’s markets.

                        Other bookies only accept Request A Bet via social media platforms. On occasion, you might be allowed to send a Request A Bet through email or DM. It all comes down to the operator’s rules on how RAB is implemented. 

                        In many ways, Request A Bet is a lot like Bet Builder. The primary difference between the pair is that Request A Bet does not limit you to outcomes listed on the bookies’ platforms, giving bettors the chance to think of brand-new ways for their bet to win.

                        That’s why Request A Bet is vital when we rate the best boxing betting sites.

                        What Is A Boxing Betting App?

                        A boxing betting app is a downloadable application for iOS and Android devices that lets users stake money on the outcome of professional fights. The app does not necessarily need to have a sole focus on boxing but it must support boxing markets in some capacity. 

                        Examples of boxing betting apps in the UK include:

                        • Bet365
                        • SkyBet
                        • William Hill
                        • Ladbrokes
                        • Bwin
                        • William Hill

                        Boxing Betting App Definition

                        Some apps offer better odds than their competitors, whereas others give fans more bonuses and markets to choose from. Which app is the best boxing betting site in the country is subjective, but there are some objective facts that must be met for the app to be considered a boxing betting app. They are:

                        • The app must support a number of boxing events throughout the year
                        • The boxing app must upload competitive prices
                        • Users should be allowed to bet on the most popular boxing matches
                        • All of the best in-app features must be compatible with boxing wagers (e.g. Cash Out)

                        To really break things down for you, we’ve busted out the official Cambridge Dictionary to precisely define what it means to be a Boxing Betting App.

                        A sport in which two competitors fight by hitting each other with their hands.
                        The habit of risking money on horse races, sports events, etc.
                        A computer program or piece of software designed for a particular purpose that you can download onto a mobile phone or other mobile device

                        So, in essence, a boxing betting app is a computer program or piece of software that you can download onto a mobile phone or other mobile device where customers can risk money on boxing matches.

                        The Goal of Boxing Fights Betting Apps

                        The best boxing betting site or app will offer players the best possible opportunity to bet on what they want when they want, wherever they are. The app should seek to supply a safe environment for customers’ information by encrypting player data – such as passwords, email addresses and payment details.

                        As any business would, boxing betting apps also endeavour to make money. If your bet loses, the bookmaker keeps your stake. If the bet wins, any potential winnings announced at the time of the wager being confirmed are transferred to your account wallet. 

                        Although they want to balance the books, bookies don’t try to trick customers into making unhealthy decisions. You can set time-outs, deposit limits and bet restrictions by activating levers found in your Profile menu at many top UK boxing apps.

                        In a sentence, the main goal of boxing apps is this: to provide a secure platform from which bettors can make money by correctly predicting the outcome of real-life boxing events. 

                        Boxing Betting App Examples

                        Hundreds of regulated and legal sports betting apps operate daily around the world. Where the sport is most popular, these apps are home to a whole host of exciting and rewarding markets. Here are some examples of those boxing betting applications, complete with screenshots. 


                        #Image1 – 


                        #Image2 – 

                        Paddy Power

                        #Image3 – 

                        William Hill

                        #Image4 – 

                        Boxing Betting App Strategy

                        We can’t tell you which app is the absolute best boxing betting site, or where you’ll get the most profitable odds every fight night. However, we can let you in on a secret: there are methods you can use to discover which apps work for you.

                        Your first job is to shop around by downloading each app you like the look of. Do they have a solid welcome bonus? Are there many markets available? Are the prices competitive or are they taking advantage of you? Your answers are crucial.

                        It’s worth checking out our specific betting app reviews for apps that support boxing markets to better inform your decision. There, you’ll find out how to use the app, where it excels and in which departments it falters. 

                        Once you’ve downloaded a couple of apps that allow you to place online boxing bets and examined a few reviews, it’s time to check the apps out for yourself. How does the UI feel? Is it responsive or slow? Are there many customisable ways to wager? How easy is it to find your betslip and/or cash out?

                        It all comes down to what is important to your style of betting. If you’re someone who cashes out halfway through every fight – make sure the app has an easily accessible cash out button. If you like to create massive accumulators across various markets, avoid sites that limit your betting ability. 

                        Boxing Betting App Best Practices

                        The difference between a good boxing betting app and a poor one may not be obvious at first. There are a number of key points that, once noticed, cannot be ignored. Primarily, we’re talking about advertising.

                        Yes, every app needs to make money somehow. The operator may well have a brand new feature they’re eager to guide you towards but the reality is that you don’t need to check it out right away. By forcing ads on-screen whenever you open a new page, you’re distracted from what you want to do: place wagers. That’s why apps like SkyBet and Bet365 keep things simple once you’ve found the event you want to bet on. They know that the best course of action is…nothing.

                        Secondly, boxing betting sites and apps should not hide your betslip or similar areas. By making it easy for customers to cash out, customers gain trust in the bookie. With such hot competition on the market, bookmakers should be careful not to force players away from their apps due to the failure to carry out white hat practices. 

                        Other positive practices to look out for are:

                        • Several available deposit and withdrawal methods
                        • Low withdrawal fees
                        • 24/7 customer support via email, phone or live chat
                        • Age and ID verification checks before betting

                        Frequently Asked Questions

                        What is the best boxing betting app?

                        The best boxing betting app is the one that has what you need. No two customers are the same as everyone wants something different. Our favourites are SkyBet, 888Sport, BoyleSports, Bet365 and Paddy Power, among others. 

                        Can I bet on boxing fights online?

                        You can place online boxing bets by visiting any licensed betting app or website and selecting an event. Once you’ve chosen a market to bet on, add it to your betslip and enter a stake. Confirm your wager by tapping ‘Place Bet’.

                        Where can I place bets on boxers?

                        You’re able to bet on individual boxers and which fights or titles they’ll win at various UK sportsbooks. SkyBet currently lets users bet on the likes of Jaron Ennis, Jeremias Nicolas Ponce, Dennis McCann, Charlie Edwards and more to win world championship titles. 

                        Which is the most trusted boxing betting app?

                        Trust is quantified by the security measures in place to protect customers. All registered and licensed UK operators must secure players’ data before being permitted to onboard bettors. Therefore, any boxing betting app regulated by the UK Gambling Commission is trustworthy.

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