What Is A Union Jack Trixie In Betting?

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If you are looking for an answer to the question “What Is a Union Jack Trixie Bet?” then you have landed on the right page, and we’ll also answer the questions:

  • How much does a Union Jack Trixie bet cost?
  • How many combinations does a Union Jack Trixie bet have?
  • How does a Union Jack Trixie bet work?

On this page we’ll give you an example of the bet, we’ll show you how many selections the bet has and how the 32 different combinations work for the Union Jack Trixie bet.

All of the info will be explained so it is easy to understand for novices and experts alike, with tables and screenshots to help guide you along the way.


Depending on your betting style and how much your budget, will decide how much a Union Jack Trixie bet will cost. You can do these bets for small or large stakes depending on your budget. Don’t forget that you should only bet amounts you can comfortably afford to lose.

Check out the table below, which shows you how much it costs for a twenty-pence Union Jack Trixie bet as well as other staking levels.

£0.10p Win£3.20
£0.10p Each Way£6.40
£0.20p Win£6.40
£0.20p Each Way£12.80
£0.25p Win£8.00
£0.25p Each Way£16.00
£0.50p Win£16.00
£0.50p Each Way£32.00
£1.00 Win£32.00
£1.00 Each Way£64.00
£5.00 Win£160.00
£5.00 Each Way£320.00


In the table below you can see how many combinations in total the Union Jack Trixie bet has.


So you have nine selections and eight separate bets that are within a Union Jack Trixie bet, which of course gives you a number of chances to pick out a winning treble or a winning double.

Understanding the different combinations is important with any bet, but with the Union Jack Trixie bet, it can be pivotal to make the right decisions about which selections to place where in your list of nine.

This is a betting strategy used for win and each way bets and is a bet more suited to advanced punters

Firstly you will want to select your horses, so let’s look at nine mythical selections, and for this example, we’ll use a £1.00p win stake, so your total outlay is £32.

  • Selection 1 – 3/1
  • Selection 2 – 3/1
  • Selection 3 – 3/1
  • Selection 4 – 4/1
  • Selection 5 – 4/1
  • Selection 6 – 4/1
  • Selection 7 – 5/1
  • Selection 8 – 5/1
  • Selection 9 – 5/1

Of course, we want to get a winning bet if possible, but also eliminate as much risk as possible. The image and text below show how all of the eight different trebles and twenty-four doubles work with selections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9

With a Union Jack Trixie bet, one winning double will give you a return on your original stake of £32.


Looking at the image below, you will see that we have our nine selections in a grid, and this grid contains eight three-number combinations.

union jack trebles

So we have our nine selections above and the bet contains eight trebles and twenty-four doubles. It is important to note that each three-number combination is one Trixie bet. If you are not aware of how a Trixie bet works, then it is simply 1 treble and three doubles.

Using the example below of selections 1,2, and 3, we would have the following bets:

  • Selections 1,2, and 3 = 1 Treble.
  • Selections 1 & 2 = 1 Double
  • Selections 1 & 3 = 1 Double
  • Selections 2 & 3 = 1 Double

So you see we have one treble and three doubles. This will work for each of our trixie combinations below

  • Trixie 1 – Selections 1-2-3 (Horizontal Row 1)
  • Trixie 2 – Selections 4-5-6 (Horizontal Row 2)
  • Trixie 3 – Selections 7-8-9 (Horizontal Row 3)
  • Trixie 4 – Selections 1-4-7 (Vertical Column 1)
  • Trixie 5 – Selections 2-5-8 (Vertical Column 2)
  • Trixie 6 – Selections 3-6-9 (Vertical Column 3)
  • Trixie 7 – Selections 1-5-9 (Diagonal top left to bottom right)
  • Trixie 8 – Selections 3 5 7 (Diagonal top right to bottom left)

So it means you will need to find at least two winners from one of your trixies to get a return.


So we know we need at least two winners on our bet to get a return, but will these make a profit or break even?

As an example, if selections 1, 2 & 3 were all priced at 3/1 and two of them won then our winning double would look like this.

  • 3/1 @ £1 on selection 1 gives us £4 going onto selection 2.
  • 3/1 @ £4 on selection 2 gives us a return of £16 so if these were the only two winners we picked out of our nine original selections, then we would end up with £32 staked on the bet for a return of £16 for the one double which means a loss on the bet of £16.

Union Jack Trixie Bet Strategy

Choosing your nine selections and where to place them is vitally important, and this is where a “banker” comes into play.

We see from the grid above that selection 5 will be in four of our trixies, while selections 1,3,7 & 9 will be in three of our trixies, and selections 2, 4, 6 & 8 will appear in two of our trixies.

It, therefore, makes sense to make selection 5 our “BANKER” as this gives us the most winning opportunities.

Therefore selecting a favourite or well-fancied pick as selection 5 in your Union Jack Trixie bet makes a lot of sense.


So how many winners do we need to break even or make a profit with the Union Jack Trixie bet if we were using stakes of £1.00?

Well, we explained how two winners at odds of 3/1 would not be enough to cover your initial stake, but if we had 3 winners, then that creates a different scenario.

What Is A Union Jack Trixie In Betting? -

So when we look at the image above, we have our grid of nine selections and the green box outlines two winners, selections 1 & 2 which would be at 3/1 and then the yellow box outlines two winners 1 & 4 at 3/1 and 4/1.

This means we have two winning doubles and they would be calculated as follows:

Double 1

  • 3/1 @ £1 on selection 1 gives us £4 going onto selection 2.
  • 3/1 @ £4 on selection 2 gives us a return of £16 on our first double.

Double 2

  • 3/1 @ £1 on selection 1 gives us £4 going onto selection 2.
  • 4/1 @ £4 on selection 4 gives us a return of £20. This means we have staked £32 on our bet but our two doubles have returned £36 for a profit of £4.

Don’t forget that selection 5 is your banker in this type of bet.

Now I guess you are wondering how much this bet would return if you could hit the jackpot and pick out all nine winners? Well, for a £1 stake at the odds we outlined above, a winning Union Jack Trixie would come to a whopping £1606 for a profit of £1574 on just a £32 stake on our Union Jack Trixie bet.


I must say, I had a lot of fun researching these bet types and hopefully, you’ll have learned more about what a Union Jack Trixie bet is, and you can now understand exactly how all the combinations work and the strategy behind this type of bet.

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The information on this page and across the Ontheballbets website is meant for entertainment purposes and should be viewed as such.

If you are betting on horse racing or any other sport then please make sure to bet responsibly. Only bet an amount that you can comfortably afford to lose.

If you feel you have a friend or relative who has an issue with gambling, then there are groups and organisations that can offer support, such as BeGambleAware, GamStop and The National Gambling Helpline.

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