What Is a Yankee In Betting?

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Last Updated: March 1, 2023

If you are looking for an answer to the question “What Is A Yankee Bet?” then you are on the right page.

On this page also answer other questions about the Yankee bet including:

  • How much does a Yankee bet cost?
  • How many combinations does a Yankee bet have?
  • How does a Yankee bet work?

We’ll explain and show you how many selections the bet has and how the 11 combinations work for a Yankee bet.

All of the info will be explained with tables and screenshots to help guide you along the way and make it easy for you to understand. This will be easy for novice bettors to understand as well.

How Much Does a £0.20P Yankee Bet Cost?

Depending on your betting style and how much you budget will decide how much your Yankee bet will cost. You can do these bets for any stake you wish. Don’t forget that you should only bet amounts you can comfortably afford to lose.

Check out the table below, which shows you how much it costs for a twenty-pence Yankee bet.

£0.10p Win£1.10
£0.10p Each Way£2.20
£0.20p Win£2.20
£0.20p Each Way£4.40
£0.25p Win£2.75
£0.25p Each Way£5.50
£0.50p Win£5.50
£0.50p Each Way£11.00
£1.00p Win£11.00
£1.00 Each Way£22.00
£5.00p Win£55.00
£5.00 Each Way£110.00

The Yankee is a bet for both beginners and advanced punters. It has four selections and combines doubles, trebles, and a single fourfold accumulator.

So you have 11 separate bets that go to make up a Yankee, and it is a very popular bet with horse racing and sports fans.

Some bookmakers even offer bonuses if you can predict all four winners on your Yankee.

How Many Combinations Does a Yankee Have?

In the table below you can see how many combinations in total the Yankee has.


Understanding the different types of combination and multiple bets is worth taking the time to understand. The Yankee is a straightforward horse racing combination bet. So let’s show you exactly how it works.

As an example, you can do this as a win or an each-way bet. If you are doing this as an each-way bet then you should look at making your selections at odds of 5/1 or bigger. EW Yankee bets give you an interest in four separate races.

It is important to note that you will need at least two of your selections to be successful to get a return with this bet.

Firstly you will want to select your horses, so let’s look at four mythical selections below which are priced at 5/1, and in this example, we’ll use a £1.00 each way stake, so your total outlay is £22.

  • Selection A – 5/1
  • Selection B – 5/1
  • Selection C – 5/1
  • Selection D – 5/1

So our total stake is £22, and of course, we want to win if possible, but also limit our risk as much as possible. So how many winners or places will we need to break even or make a profit with our Yankee bet?

Let’s take two of our selections and say they have both won. So it means we have a 5/1 winner and a 5/1 winner.

This gives us a win double which would return £36.00 plus a place double which would give us a return of £4.00 for a total return of £40.00, and a profit of £18.00 on the money we laid out for our bet.

Now what if we had no winners, but all four of our selections were placed, what happens then?

Well, it means we would have 6 place doubles, 4 place trebles and one place fourfold accumulator. With four horses placed at 5/1 each then our total return would be £72.00 for a profit of £50.00 on the money we laid out on our Yankee bet.

And if you are wondering how much the return would be if we had all four horses win at odds of 5/1 each, then the total return would be £2448 for an outlay of £22.

All of the various Yankee bet combinations are below.



The Yankee bet is a great bet for novices as it only requires four selections and is easy to understand. Hopefully, this short guide has helped you learn more about what a Yankee bet is and you can now understand exactly how all combinations of this bet work.

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Responsible Gambling

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