Betting Frequency : Only Betting When There Is Value

Written By: Mike Lovatt
Last Updated: February 14, 2023

This article is our final betting guide before we talk about psychology and discipline, and we cover how often you should bet, and why it’s important to not rush. Many people out there like to bet on the weekends, when the Champions League football is on or simply every evening. Amateur punters make such wagers at random, simply wanting to spice up their experience of watching games on TV, but as a professional, you cannot afford such luxuries.

Placing bets should only be reserved for those times when there is something worth betting. This means that you will have to do substantial research every time you log into your betting accounts and look for bets with value, that have a positive expected value.

If you simply decide that you will bet on Wednesday evening no matter what, you have already made a mistake. It is perfectly ok to decide that you will look for bets on big football days such as weekends, but it is also very important to stay focused and not bet if you can’t find the appropriate bets to make.

Why Losing Players Bet?

Most people who bet sports simply bet to have fun, kill boredom or in some instances because they desperately need the money and think they can predict the outcomes of sporting events. In reality, no one can know what will happen on the pitch and the only thing we should be looking for when betting is the odds for the different games and markets offered.

More often than not, you will find the betting shops crowded with people who don’t really care what the odds are. If they are Liverpool fans, they are betting Liverpool to win a highly competitive match in the European competition, no matter how unfavorable the odds may be. This is a trait of losing bettors and something you should absolutely avoid at all costs. It doesn’t matter if your favorite club is playing, you should only bet when there is value to be had and in no other case.

Another reason many losing players bet is boredom as well as euphoria after winning a sports bet. With the introduction of online sports betting, more and more people are betting sports to pass time and simply not be bored, rather than looking for value in their bets and actually using strategy. What’s even worse, winning one bet often causes players to place another five, exuding confidence and absolute disregard for strategy. In most cases, this leads to devastating results and losing way more than you could possibly have won, as speculative and rash bet rarely end well for the player.

Avoid being a losing player who bets out of boredom, excitement, desire to win huge or any reason other than seeing actual value in a bet. In the long run betting the value is the only real way to win and you should never bet based on emotions or hunches like casual punters do.

Controlling The Emotions

It is quite normal to get a little upset when multiple bets in a row lose or excited when you are on a winning streak but it is crucial to stay level at all times and not allow your emotions to influence your betting decisions.

The best thing to do is simply have a good staking plan and never ever under any circumstances allow yourself to bet more than your maximum bet, which should only amount to a small percentage of your total bankroll. What is more, you should always make sure a bet you are placing has actual value in the odds and is not placed out of any other reason.

The point of the story, don’t be a sucker, don’t let your emotions rule you and make sure you are only betting when you are fully rested, prepared and not in an emotional state. Analyze your odds and probabilities and make bets that make sense from the perspective of value and never for any other reasons.

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