Asian Handicap Cards Betting Market Explained

Written By: Bradley Gibbs
Last Updated: December 6, 2022

After looking at both the ‘Asian Total Cards’ market and the Card Handicap’ market, it’s time to look at a market that is essentially a combination of the two. 

Here we are looking at the ‘Asian Handicap’ market. Like the card handicap, asian handicap players will bet on a team to collect more or less cards than their opponents based on a handicap. The difference here is that there are multiple outcomes, as is the case with the asian total cards market. 

Betting on Asian Handicap Cards

If you’re new to asian betting markets, then the ‘Asian Handicap Cards’ market can easily cause confusion. 

As mentioned above, it’s similar to the standard ‘Card Handicap’ but there is no longer just win and lose. In addition, you can half win, half lose and push, which essentially means to get a refund. 

The first thing to note here is that you will see different handicap numbers. You have full handicaps, three quarter handicaps, half handicaps and quarter handicaps. 

Here are some examples:

  • Team A -1 Asian Cards
  • Team A -1.25 Asian Cards
  • Team A -1.5 Asian Cards
  • Team A -1.75 Asian Cards 

The above examples show examples of betting a team to start with a negative card handicap. In this case, you’ll be betting on the team to collect more cards than the other team according to the handicap. 

You also have the same handicaps but in a positive sense: 

  • Team B +1 Asian Cards
  • Team B +1.25 Asian Cards 
  • Team B +1.5 Asian Cards 
  • Team B +1.75 Asian Cards 

In this case, you’d be betting on a team to, at the very least, not get beat in terms of collecting less cards according to the chosen handicap. 

So, what do all these handicaps mean? Good question. 

Full Asian Handicaps

Let’s start with the full handicaps. Imagine you bet on ‘Liverpool -1 Asian Card’. For you to win the bet, Liverpool must collect two cards more than their opponents, thus beating the handicap. 

With the full handicap, in this case -1, if Liverpool collect the same number of cards as their opponent, you will lose the bet. You will also lose the bet if the opponent collects more cards than Liverpool. However, if Liverpool pick up exactly one more card than their opponent, you will receive a refund. 

Now, let’s say you bet on ‘Liverpool +1 Asian Card’. To win the bet, Liverpool must collect at least the same number of cards as their opponent. Why? Because they’ve collected more cards once the +1 handicap is factored in. 

If you bet on ‘Liverpool +1 Handicap’ and they collect exactly one less card than their opponent, then you will be refunded. If they collect two or more cards less than the other team, you will lose the bet. 

Quarter Asian Handicaps

Now let’s imagine that you’ve bet on ‘Barcelona -0.25 Cards’. For you to win, Barcelona would need to collect one more card than their opponent. 

If Barcelona obtains the same number of cards as the other team, then you lose half of your stake and you’ll get the other half refunded. If the opposition collects more cards than Barcelona, then you’ll lose. 

For the reverse bet, which would be ‘Barcelona +0.25 Cards’, you’d need Barcelona to pick up one more card than the opposition to win. If the teams collect the same number of cards, you’ll win half. If the other team picks up more cards, then you’ll lose. 

Half Asian Handicaps

Moving onto half asian handicaps. Here, let’s say you bet on ‘Arsenal -1.5 Asian Cards’. For you to win, Arsenal would need to collect at least two more cards than their opponents. 

If Arsenal were to pick up just one more card, you would lose. With minus half handicaps, say -0.5, -1.5, -2.5 and so on, your team needs to cover the handicap in full for you to win the bet. Anything else results in a full loss. 

If you bet on ‘Arsenal +1.5 Asian Cards’, you win the bet when Arsenal collect one more card than their opponent, when they collect the same number of cards, and when they collect exactly one less. You only lose if the opponent beats Arsenal by two or more in terms of cards received. 

Three Quarter Handicaps 

If you’re betting on three quarter asian card handicaps, this is what you need to know: 

Let’s say you bet on ‘Real Madrid -0.75 Asian Cards’. To win, you need Real Madrid to collect at least two more cards than the other team. If they collect one more card than their opponents, you will win half. A draw in terms of cards, or if the other team collects more, the bet goes down as a losing one. 

Conversely, if you bet on ‘Real Madrid +0.75 Asian Cards’, you’ll win if Real Madrid collect more cards than their opponents, or if they collect the same number of cards. If the other team picks up exactly one more card, you’ll lose half. Any more and it’s a full loss. 

Advantages of Asian Handicap Cards 

Many bettors prefer to bet on asian handicaps instead of traditional straight handicaps. Why? The biggest reason is the greater number of outcomes.

If you bet on classic handicap markets, then there’s no refund, half loss, or half win, it’s just win or lose, which is fine, but not all punters want it that way. 

Lots of bettors like the fact that you can pick up a half win, a refund or even a half loss if things don’t quite go to plan. If that sounds like you, then asian handicap cards are probably a better option than the traditional ‘Card Handicap’ market. 

Asian Total Cards Strategy 

As we say in all of our articles detailing different betting markets, it’s critical that punters adopt a strategy. If you want to profit from ‘Asian Handicap Cards’ betting, then you’ll certainly need to put in place a strategy of your own. 

Of course, it depends what you want from your ‘Asian Handicap Cards’ betting journey. If it’s just an occasional flutter for fun and you’re happy to lose a few pennies here and there, then you don’t need to worry too much. Have fun and maybe you’ll pick up a few lucky wins. 

However, if you want to adopt a more serious approach and are keen to, at the very least, try and turn a profit in the long run, then you’ll need to put a strategy in place, no question about it.

Visit our ‘Asian Total Cards (LINK HERE?) article for a full breakdown on the sort of thing that you need to be doing when betting on asian card markets. 

Bookmakers offering the ‘Asian Handicap Cards’ market

This is a more niche market than the vast majority of markets that casual punters bet on. As a result, not every bookmaker has much to offer when it comes to ‘Asian Handicap Cards’. 

At the very least, this market isn’t something that is readily available for most fixtures. 


One bookmaker that offers this market on a far more consistent basis is bet365, who generally offer the best in terms of card betting, certainly in terms of variety of market and regular options on a whole host of fixtures. 

It’s very easy to find this market on bet365. Simply visit the website or download the mobile betting app, then from the homepage, use the sports menu to find ‘Soccer’. 

On the main ‘Soccer’ page, you should find a list of upcoming fixtures. If you cannot find the game you want to bet on, scroll down slightly and find it from the ‘Competitions’ section. 

Once you’ve found the game you want to bet on, select the ‘Cards’ tab from the top of the primary odds page, and then just scroll down until you hit ‘Asian Handicap Cards’. 

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