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Last Updated: October 17, 2022

First & Last Match Corners Betting Market 

Corners provide teams with an opportunity to create a scoring chance from either side of the pitch. The set-piece is taken from the edge of the field of play, directly in line with the nearest opposition goalpost. 

In many ways, corners are similar to free kicks. The major difference is that free kicks are generally awarded to a team when fouled by an opposing player, whereas corners are given to the attacking side when the ball last hits a defending player before exiting the pitch. The ball must leave the pitch on the right or left-hand side of the defending team’s goalposts or by flying over the top of the crossbar. 

In the two markets we’re covering today, you’re betting on the team that will earn the first and/or last corner in normal play (90 minutes). Below is a definition of the market from bookmaker William Hill:

William Hill Definition

First Corner: Predict which team will take the first corner in a match.

Last Corner: Predict which team will take the last corner in a match.

First & Last Match Corners Betting Market Explained - William Hill Description
First & Last Match Corners Betting Market Explained - William Hill Last Corner Description

Depending on the sportsbook you choose to bet with, you may or may not have the option to bet on both outcomes simultaneously. Some bookies offer odds on the First Match Corner in the same breath as Last Match Corner, while others have separate prices on the two markets.

Terminology For First & Last Match Corners Betting

If you know how to bet on basic markets like ‘To Win’, ‘Correct Score’ and ‘Shots’, betting on this market should come easy. All you need to know are three simple things:

  • What corners’ are in football.
  • What ‘First’ means.
  • What ‘Last’ means.

We’ll focus on the word ‘first’ in relation to this market before anything else. 

First’ lets us know that what we’re betting on must occur ahead of any other outcome. In this instance, ‘first’ means that the team we’re betting on is required to earn a corner before the opposition. The corner can be given at any point in the affair – the only necessity is that it takes place before the opposing side is awarded a corner kick.

The number of corners given, when the corner is taken and in which half the corner is granted is entirely irrelevant. Even if the referee awards the first corner of the game in the final minute of the match, your bet wins. 

The word ‘Last’ signifies that the team should be given the final corner of the game for the bet to come good. All corners awarded prior to the last corner of the match can be ignored. As long as the referee credits the final corner to the team you bet on, the wager is a winner. 

By putting these words together and forming the term ‘First & Last Corner’, bookies have created a market centred around the initial and final corner kick. You may be allowed to set stakes on only the first corner or the last corner, or, at generous bookmaker websites, you could bet on the team to earn the first and last corner in one selection.

Betting Strategy For First & Last Corners Markets

As ‘First & Last Corners’ betting markets are difficult to predict, there is very little you can do to prepare for such a bet. Simply betting on the number of corners in a match is almost impossible at the best of times – so why should anyone be able to guess which team will get the first or last corner?

Despite our apparent pessimism, there are a couple of things you can do to increase your chances of winning. They’re not foolproof and, as football matches are so volatile, there is no way to absolutely guarantee that this will help in every match you bet on. 

But it will help you make an informed decision.

Study which teams tend to earn early and late corners.

Does the team usually press for a goal in the early stages, earning corners in the process? Or do they hold off until the end of the game to attempt to force a breakthrough?

Stronger teams, like Liverpool and Manchester City, tend to have control of the ball throughout the match. The Premier League giants also earn more corners than anyone else, with City leading the way in the stats department during the 2021/22 campaign. Guardiola and Klopp like their teams to strike early, squeeze the opposition, then finish them off towards the end of the 90 minutes. 

Not all teams boast such a luxury. Most sides will compete in evenly matched games where neither club looks certain to win. It’s this type of match that makes for a difficult bet on ‘First & Last Match Corners’. That’s why you should research each team you plan to bet on using informative websites. Some notable platforms packed with helpful data are:

  • FotMob app

After noting the best teams to bet on and which sides to avoid at all costs, head to your favourite bookie website or app to place the wager. It might take some trial and error, but you’ll quickly get a feel for which teams take a foothold when it comes to early and late corners.

Recommended Bookmakers For First & Last Corner Bets

As discussed, some bookies offer limited options for corner markets. William Hill, for example, lets bettors punt on the team to get the first corner or the last corner but not both at the same time. Here’s a scenario that explains what this means:

  • In a game between Newcastle and Tottenham, you want to bet on the First & Last team to earn a corner.
  • At William Hill, you can bet on either side to get the First Corner.
  • As a separate selection, the bookie lets you bet on which team will get the Last Corner.
  • As the selections are unique (i.e. not part of one wager) you can set two different stakes.

So, you can opt to bet on Newcastle to take the first corner and the last corner in two bets. What you cannot do at William Hill, is bet on Newcastle to be awarded the first and last corner as part of one bet. However, this type of bet may be available at other sports betting sites.

We can also recommend Bet365 and SkyBet for this market, with both betting platforms offering odds on teams to earn the first and last corners in select matches across the biggest football leagues. Here’s how the markets look at Bet365 when viewing the site from your desktop:

First & Last Match Corners Betting Market Explained - Bet365 First and Last Corner

It’s easy to bet on either selection. Just pick which outcome you want to happen, enter a stake in the box within your betslip, then confirm your wager by clicking ‘Place Bet’. If your bet is successful, you’ll earn your potential winnings in full.

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