Draw No Bet Betting Market Explained

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Last Updated: May 26, 2023

Draw No Bet is one of the most popular football betting markets. It is slightly different to the win-draw-win (fulltime result) betting market, as you can only back on either team to win. The option to bet on the draw has been removed.

What Does Draw No Bet Mean In Betting?

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Draw No Bet is a football betting market where you back a team to win. If your selected team wins, your bet wins. If the other team wins, your team loses. If the match results in a draw, your stake is refunded, which is what the “no bet” part of the market means.

The key to understanding how this bet works is in the name. ‘Draw No Bet’ quite literally means that your bet is voided if there is a draw. Your stake is returned to your account wallet, with no loss incurred or profit gained. It’s something of a stalemate – no pun intended.

  • This type of betting market is popular among punters looking for a comfortable, easy-going experience.
  • Given that the likelihood of you losing money on the bet is significantly reduced as an entire outcome that would have resulted in a loss is eliminated (the draw), Draw No Bet lends itself nicely to new bettors.
  • Not only is it a safer bet for your bankroll, but it helps to familiarise new players with the ins and outs of online betting.

And experienced players can utilise Draw No Bet markets as a safety net to minimise losses. If the game looks like it’s headed for a draw and you have a couple of bets that have already lost, your ‘Draw No Bet’ punt will return even a small amount of money back to you to ensure that all is not lost.

Still confused as to what Draw No Bet means? Take a look at an official definition of the market from one of the UK’s biggest sports betting websites – SkyBet.

  • “Draw No Bet removes the option of a draw from a bet and allows the customer to either focus on a home or away win.”
  • “If the match ends in a draw, your stake will be returned, resulting in neither a loss nor a win.”
  • “Your bet will lose if the team you backed loses.”
Draw No Bet Betting Market Explained - Draw no Bet
Skybet’s definition of the draw no bet football betting market

Draw No Bet Example Bet

Italy and Belgium face off in the final game of Group D in the Women’s European Championships. Both sides are in with a shot of making it to the next stage of the competition by grabbing a win here, as the pair sit joint bottom of the group with a single point each.

A draw simply will not do for either nation. Iceland resides in second position on two points, while France lead the way on six. Should this match end all square, neither team will progress from the Group Stage of this year’s Euros. 

With Belgium in third on goal difference, SkyBet are offering odds at 3.00 (2/1) for a Draw No Bet selection on Ives Serneels’ side. A £20 stake could return up to £60 if the Belgians come out on top in the affair.

Draw No Bet Betting Market Explained - My Bet Slip Italy Women v Belgium Women

To give you an idea of how Draw No Bet works in relation to this selection, let’s run through some possible scenarios:

  • Belgium win – Your bet wins (£60)
  • Draw – Your stake is returned to you (£20)
  • Italy win – Your bet loses (£0)

The only aspect of the match you need to worry about is whether or not Belgium can prevent a defeat. A draw does not matter, considering you’ll receive your stake as cash, and a win results in full returns credited to your account.

A loss for Belgium is a loss for your bet. There is no other way your wager can lose.

What Is The Equivalent Asian Line For Draw No Bet?

The Asian Line equivalent of Draw No Bet is Asian Handicap 0.0.

Most Asian Handicap bets put one team on the back foot by placing the opposition in the lead before the game kicks off, thus “handicapping” one of the teams. 

Asian Handicap 0.0 is different to other Asian Handicap markets.

Instead of giving one team one goal, two goals, or three goals prior to kick-off – both teams start the match on level terms (0-0). This means that neither team is handicapped and the bet will play out as per the actual score of the match.

With the Asian Handicap 0.0 market, if the match ends as a draw, your stake is returned to you.

In this way, it works the same as Draw No Bet. In fact – the two bets are exactly the same, just with different odds from time to time.

Let’s look at an example:

  • Chelsea take on Manchester United in the Premier League.
  • William Hill have Chelsea at 2.50 (6/4) in the Asian Handicap 0.0 market.
  • A £10 stake would return £25 if Chelsea win.
  • If the game ends in a draw, you get your stake back.
  • If Manchester United win, your bet loses.

As you can see, Asian Handicap 0.0 offers the same outcomes as Draw No Bet. This is because they are effectively the same market, just with a few differentiating factors.

Why Are The Asian Lines Different Odds To Draw No Bet?

The first thing to note is that Draw No Bet odds are typically presented in a fractional format, whereas Asian Handicap 0.0 will usually display its prices in decimals. Moreover, the Handicap attributed to a team in Asian Lines will always be listed in decimal form (ie. +0.75, -0.5, etc). 

Asian Handicap 0.0 and Draw No Bet are more or less the same market. Therefore, when bookies offer different odds for one compared to the other, bettors struggle to comprehend the logic. For instance:

  • Imagine Bet365 had Liverpool to beat Newcastle United at 2.50 (6/4) Draw No Bet.
  • Bet365 also have Liverpool to win against Newcastle at 1.50 (1/2) in the Asian Handicap 0.0 market.
  • The same bookie has Liverpool To Win at 3.00 (2/1) vs Newcastle.
  • A bet on Liverpool in the Draw No Bet market is more profitable compared to Asian Handicap 0.0 despite both markets offering the exact same selection and outcome.
  • A bet on Liverpool To Win offers the highest payout but also involves the most risk.

There can only be two reasons for this: profit the bookie makes on standard fixed-odds markets vs Asian Handicap markets and the prices of similar markets.

With fixed-odds markets, the bookmaker will – hypothetically – win 75% of the time. This is because the bettor can only win if one outcome takes place (win OR draw OR loss), whereas the bookie wins if any two of the selections not picked by the punter come true. 

Asian Lines are priced against other Asian Lines. It makes more sense for the bookmaker to calculate its Asian Handicap prices by comparing those odds to other Asian Lines rather than DNB (Draw No Bet) selections, as the latter is priced alongside standard fixed-odds markets.

In short:

  • Asian Handicap 0.0 is priced with other Asian Lines and not standard fixed-odds markets.
  • Draw No Bet is priced along with standard fixed-odds markets.
  • Therefore, the odds are different for Asian Handicap 0.0 compared to Draw No Bet selections.

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