Each Team To Win One Half Betting Market Explained

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Last Updated: October 14, 2022

Each Team To Win One Half 

First things first, we must acknowledge the elephant in the room. This market is not the same as ‘To Win Either Half’. For a bet on ‘Each Team To Win One Half’ to see returns, both sides are required to come out on top on either side of half-time.

Here’s how the two markets are different:

  • Each Team To Win One Half: The home team must win one half, and the away team must win the other half.
  • To Win Either Half: One team must win the first or second half.

This means that if the hosts are victorious in the first and second half, the bet loses. Should the away team win the second half after losing in the first forty-five minutes, your wager wins. The actual scoreline in the match as a whole is entirely irrelevant. Think of the first half as one match and the second half as a brand-new one.

It doesn’t matter which team wins which half. The away side could outscore their opponents in the first half and lose the second – and vice versa – and your win will stand. All that matters is that both teams win one of the two halves each.

Examples Of Bets On Each Team To Win One Half

We understand that this market can be a little confusing. This market is quite a niche one in that most bettors aren’t aware of it yet, resulting in a steep learning curve for punters looking to get involved in the action.

To give you the best possible opportunity to come to terms with what this market entails, let’s run through some winning examples of bets at various sportsbooks. Each example bet is hypothetical, so the odds we list may not be representative of those you see on the bookies’ website. 

However, each fixture we use in these examples is real and taken directly from the Premier League’s schedule for the 2022/23 season.

Liverpool vs Crystal Palace

Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool started the 2022/23 campaign with a draw to newly-promoted Fulham at Craven Cottage. The previous season’s runners-up came from behind on two occasions to earn a point, giving them plenty of work to do in the immediate future if they’re to maintain pace with Manchester City for another year.

Crystal Palace were defeated by Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal on the opening day of the new season. Albeit not through a lack of trying, The Eagles were unable to penetrate Aaron Ramsdale’s goal in either half. Therefore, both sides come into this game with heaps of pressure to perform and get a result.

That’s why this matchup at Anfield could be a good selection for ‘Each Team To Win One Half’. For instance, if Palace storm out of the blocks and strike early to take the lead into the second half, Liverpool may be forced to throw everything they’ve got at Patrick Vieira’s men after half-time.

In this scenario, let’s imagine that you saw ‘Each Team To Win One Half’ at 4.00 (3/1) at Paddy Power. If successful, a £15 wager on this selection would return £60 (£45 profit). Below are a couple of winning scorelines for this punt:

Winning Scoreline #1

  • 1st Half: Liverpool 2-0 Crystal Palace
  • 2nd Half: Liverpool 0-1 Crystal Palace

Winning Scoreline #2

  • 1st Half: Liverpool 0-1 Crystal Palace
  • 2nd Half: Liverpool 3-0 Crystal Palace

In both instances, one team wins the first half and the other side wins the second half. This is exactly what you need to earn returns on the ‘Each Team To Win One Half’ market.

Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur

The first London Derby involving two ‘Big Six’ clubs takes place on Matchday 2 of the 22/23 Premier League campaign. Thomas Tuchel will be hoping to make it two league wins on the bounce after seeing off Everton last time out, while Antonio Conte’s Spurs will look to retain top spot on the Premier League table having scored more than anybody else on the opening weekend.

Given how evenly matched the pair appear on paper, the probability of both teams each winning one half is quite high. The Blues boast an experienced, balanced defensive structure, whereas Tottenham’s attacking line is arguably the most threatening in England.

Your favourite bookie has ‘Each Team To Win One Half’ at 3.00 (2/1). A £25 bet has the potential to return £75 at these odds, making the selection hugely rewarding. Here are some first and second-half scores that would see you win:

Winning Scoreline #1

  • 1st Half: Chelsea 1-2 Tottenham
  • 2nd Half: Chelsea 1-0 Tottenham

Winning Scoreline #2

  • 1st Half: Chelsea 2-0 Tottenham
  • 2nd Half: Chelsea 0-2 Tottenham

Your bet wins despite the match result ending in a stalemate. This is because, as we discussed earlier, the overall scoreline does not matter. You only need to concern yourself with the first and second-half results, not the final outcome of the whole game after 90 minutes.

Betting Strategy For Each Team To Win One Half Betting

Such is the intricacy and unpredictability of football, betting on the outcome of events in matches is always difficult. That said, there are ways you can make it easier.

Using a betting strategy – like the one we’re about to show you – is one such avenue. By utilising a strategy, you’ll have something to refer to when selecting a bet or while thinking up a future accumulator in this market. In addition, wins are even sweeter when you’ve done your homework on why that outcome was going to happen. 

Analyse 1st & 2nd Half Results

This may seem obvious on first viewing. But how many bettors actually carry out analysis on this particular statistic? The answer is…not that many.

A quick glance at first-half and second-half scorelines taken from the 2021/22 Premier League season tells us that, if only first-half results contributed towards points, Southampton would have ended the season in a potential Europa League spot (6th position). As it was, The Saints finished the campaign in 15th, just five points clear of relegation.

To be precise, Southampton were first-half victors 13 times. They were beaten in 19 different games in the second half during the season.

We bring this up because it shows that bets on ‘Each Team To Win One Half’ in games involving Southampton were hugely rewarding. Ralph Hassenhuttl’s side were masters of holding onto a lead by half-time, but could not maintain any sort of grip on their advantage in the second-half. As a result, they would win the first half a lose the second half. That’s a win for you. 

Check out this list of teams with similar first and second-half records:


  • 1st Half Wins: 7
  • 2nd Half Wins: 13

Aston Villa:

  • 1st Half Wins: 11
  • 2nd Half Wins: 15


  • 1st Half Wins: 7
  • 2nd Half Wins: 14

Historical Results Are Your Best Friend

You can research which fixtures tend to be goal fests by viewing the ‘H2H’ tab on apps like FotMob. With this data, you’re able to decipher whether or not both sides usually win one half each.

Take Brighton vs Newcastle, for example:

  • Both sides have won one half each in each of the last two meetings.
  • There have been 11 goals scored in the last four matches between the two sides.
  • The pair are evenly matched on paper.

Everything here points towards a relatively high-scoring, even game. It’s up to you to decide what you wish to do with this information.

You should avoid games where there have been very few goals scored, or where one team often outscores the other to no reply. Betting on this type of game is the perfect way to throw your stake into the wind.

Here are some websites and downloadable apps you can use to view past results:

It’s worth noting that some bookies provide statistics from recent games (i.e. corners, results, shots, etc) on their platform.

Be sure to look around in case you find an interesting slice of data.

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