To Score In Both Halves Betting Market Explained – Definitions

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To Score in Both Halves Betting Market Explained

According to popular online bookmaker William Hill, ‘To Score In Both Halves’ is a prediction as to “whether a team will score in both halves of a match”. 

To Score In Both Halves Betting Market Explained - William Hill definition
William Hill’s definition of the “To Score In Both Halves” betting market.

As such, this bet excludes other important occurrences within the event, like:

  • The winner of the match
  • The goalscorers
  • The number of goals scored
  • Whether both teams score or not

Instead, ‘To Score In Both Halves’ solely focuses on the selected team adding to the scoreline either side of half time. To be precise, this means that the team in question must score at least once in the first half and then again in the second half. The number of goals is irrelevant.

SkyBet offers a description of this market that reads a lot like William Hill’s:

William Hill Description

“You’re betting on: the nominated team scoring in BOTH the first AND the second half.”

Bets on the ‘To Score In Both Halves’ market are settled within 90 minutes of play unless otherwise stated. As a result, the halves of extra time do not qualify for selections made from this market. If the team you bet on fails to score in the first or second half, the bet loses. Should the team score in both halves, you earn maximum winnings.

To Score In Both Halves Terminology

When betting on ‘To Score In Both Halves’, it’s important that you know the terminology used in the market. This is because this market is often confused with a similarly titled bet-type, named ‘To Score in Either Half’. The difference between the pair is that it does not matter which half the team scores in when betting on ‘To Score In Either Half’, whereas it’s all that matters in ‘To Score In Both Halves’.

To Score’ refers to the team you bet on adding to the scoreline by bagging a goal against the opposition. This means that if the game is 0-0 and your team ‘scores’, the scoreline changes to ‘1-0’. The more goals scored, the greater the numbers on the scoreline become.

In Both Halves’ represents the fact that goals must be scored in the first 45 minutes and the second 45 minutes. In football, games are split into two halves of 45 minutes. The first half starts at 00:00 and ends at 45:00 (excluding injury time) upon the referee’s whistle. The second half’s clock begins at 45:00 and concludes at 90:00, provided there is no added time due to injuries, substitutions, and other happenstances that caused the game to pause. 

When you put the two ‘halves’ of the term together, you get ‘To Score In Both Halves’. From this, you can gather all the basic information you really need about the market.

Other important words and/or phrases related to this market are:

Why Bet On ‘To Score In Both Halves’?

‘To Score In Both Halves’ is a lucrative market for bettors that know their football. If you know players, teams, leagues and nations that consistently see goals scored in both halves of games, this market is a solid choice. 

Even better, the odds are pretty good. For example – SkyBet are offering odds on Spain to beat Switzerland at 1.91 (91/100) in the ‘Match Result’ market. At that price, the bet is hardly worth your time. A £10 bet would return just £9 profit, coming in at £19 total returns.

However, you can bet on Spain ‘To Score In Both Halves’ at 3.00 (2/1). A £10 wager on this selection would see you win £30 – and with Spain scoring in both halves in two of the last three matches, the chances of this outcome happening are relatively high. 

To Score In Both Halves - Switzerland v Spain
You can see how we can get better odds by taking a riskier bet in Spain to score in both halves with Sky Bet.

Spain don’t even necessarily need to win the game for your wager to come good. All the Spaniards must do is score once in both halves and you’ll claim £30, making a profit of £20. Not a bad result at all.

If you really know your stuff, you can create accumulators using the ‘To Score In Both Halves’ market. Just make sure to do your research on the teams you bet on first. The last thing you need is to add two or three low-scoring sides to your acca from lack of due diligence. Get an accumulator on this market right and you’re looking at some very nice impressive profits.

How ‘To Score In Both Halves’ Bets Work

Wagers on ‘To Score In Both Halves’ are just like any other bet. The primary separating factor between this type of bet and others is that while most popular markets require one occurrence to take place (a goal, a winner, a scoreline), this one demands a minimum of two goals – one in each half.

Let’s say you bet on Liverpool vs Manchester United at Wembley Stadium in the FA Cup Final. Liverpool go into the affair as favourites, having scored plenty of first half and second half goals throughout recent campaigns. United, on the other hand, have endured several years of underperformance. Who, in your mind, seems more likely to score in both halves?

Like any other bet, the answer is subjective to a point. You need to weigh up the options and pick the wager best suited to you. In this way, ‘To Score In Both Halves’ is incredibly similar to most other bets you’ll come across. 

Here are some hypothetical scenarios where a bet on Liverpool/Manchester United ‘To Score In Both Halves’ would win:

Liverpool ‘To Score In Both Halves’ Winning Bets

  • Liverpool score once in the first half and twice in the second half, winning 3-1.
  • Liverpool score once in the first half, once again in the second half, but lose 2-3.
  • The Reds score twice in the first half and once in the second half. The game ends as a draw and goes to extra time.

Manchester United ‘To Score In Both Halves’ Winning Bets

  • United score three times in the first half and once in the second half, winning 4-2.
  • Manchester United score a goal in the first half, then again in the second 45. The match ends 2-2.
  • The Red Devils bag two goals early in the first half and net once more late in the second half, losing the game 3-4.

To Score In Both Halves Betting Strategy

First and foremost – don’t waste time betting on low-scoring teams and leagues. You’re better off making accumulators packed with high-scoring clubs in a rich vein of form, even if it means the potential returns are slightly below what you’d get from betting on poorer attacking sides. 

Keep an eye out for teams that have a habit of scoring at the start of the first half and late in the second half. These sides usually secure the lead right away but save their best performances for the very end of the half (minutes 75-90), and the odds are often quite handy. 

According to the Premier League’s official statistics for the 2021/22 season, Manchester City scored the most goals (19) in the final 15 minutes of matches. In addition, the Sky Blues netted more than anybody else within the opening 10 minutes of games. Therefore, they should be a sure pick for your accumulator. 

Then there are sides like Brentford that can catch you out. In 2021/22, they scored 32 goals in the second half but just 12 in the first 45. Betting on a club with a record like that is a recipe for disappointment. Stick to reliable teams as much as you can.

Real Winning Bet Examples – To Score In Both Halves

There is no better teacher than reality itself. Whether you’re betting on an accumulator, singles, small multiples or bigger system bets – the true test comes with actually placing the punt.

When it comes to ‘To Score In Both Halves’, you should expect to add to your betslip the following:

  • High scoring teams
  • High scoring leagues
  • Teams with top scoring players
  • Teams that commonly score in both halves

Here are some examples of winning bets from this market:

Portugal vs Czech Republic – Real SkyBet Example

  • SkyBet are offering odds of 2.00 (1/1) on Portugal ‘To Score In Both Halves’.
  • This gives you the opportunity to double your money.
  • A £20 bet would result in £40 winnings and a total profit of £20. 
  • Winning Example – Portugal score twice in the first half and once in the first half, winning 3-2.
To Score In Both Halves - Portugal and Czech Republic
See how the odds for the favourite are so much lower for them to score in both halves.
To Score In Both Halves Bet Slip - Portugal V Czech Republic
Sky Bet’s ‘To Score In Both Halves’ betting market and odds.

Kosovo vs Northern Ireland – Real Paddy Power Example

  • Northern Ireland ‘To Score In Both Halves’ is listed at 6.5 (11/2) on Paddy Power.
  • A £10 bet on this selection could see you win £65.
  • Winning Example – Northern Ireland score one goal either side of half time to draw 2-2.
To Score In Both Halves Betslip- Kosovo v Northern Ireland
Paddy Power also have this market with competitive odds.

Republic of Ireland vs Scotland – Real William Hill Example

  • Republic of Ireland ‘To Score In Both Halves’ is priced at 4.75 (15/4) at William Hill.
  • A £15 bet on Ireland ‘To Score In Both Halves’ has potential returns of £71.25.
  • Winning Example – Ireland score a single goal in the first half and net two in the second half, winning 3-1.

Recommended Bookmakers For ‘To Score In Both Halves’

There are three bookies that spring to mind:

  • SkyBet – Offers a wide range of odds for this market and prices odds competitively.
  • Paddy Power – Supports this market extensively, with plenty of matches offering odds on ‘To Score In Both Halves’.
  • William Hill – Is less generous in terms of the number of games supported by this market but has highly competitive odds.


Can I create an accumulator with the ‘To Score In Both Halves’ market?

Yes, you can create an accumulator with this market. You can also set up singles, doubles, trebles and other multiples using ‘To Score In Both Halves’, as well as system wagers.

Does my team need to score in the first and second half to win the bet?

Your selected team must score in the first 45 minutes and the second 45 minutes of a football match for your bet to win.

Does it matter whether or not my team wins either half for this bet?

No, it does not matter whether or not the team you bet on wins or loses either half. Read our dedicated guide on the ‘To Win Either Half’ betting market for further information.

Do both teams need to score in both halves for this bet to win?

Only the team you bet on must score in both halves for your bet to win. Refer to our full-fledged walkthrough on ‘Match Result & BTTS betting markets for steps on how to use that bet-type.

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