To Win Either Half Betting Market Explained

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Last Updated: October 11, 2022

To Win Either Half Betting Market Explained

This is a safer bet than the ‘To Win Both Halves’ counterpart but it follows the same sort of premise. With ‘To Win Either Half’, you’re betting on a select team to win any of the two halves in a football match. These halves are split into two sets of 45 minutes, concluding at the referee’s whistle.

SkyBet offers the following description of this market:

Sky Bet description

“You’re betting on: the nominated team scoring more goals than their opponents in EITHER the first half OR the second half.”

To Win Either Half Betting Market Explained - To Win Either Half

An easier way to think about this market is by splitting the match into two separate events. The first half is a completely different game from the second, as the scoreline resets the moment the half time whistle blows.

This thought process is better explained in William Hill’s definition of ‘To Win Either Half’ markets:

  • Select a team to win either half of a match.
  • The bet consists of two separate mini matches: first and second half.
To Win Either Half Betting Market Explained - William Hill Win Either Half

When the first half ends, the ‘mini match’ finishes. The second ‘mini match’ begins when the second half begins. Since per-half results are the only ones that matter, the overall winner of the game is irrelevant for this type of bet.

For example:

  • Chelsea 1-0 Arsenal at Half Time.
  • Chelsea 1-3 Arsenal at Full Time.
  • A bet on Chelsea To Win Either Half would pay out despite losing the game

To Win Either Half Terminology

It’s important to know the difference between this betting market and other similar markets. As earlier discussed, ‘To Win Either Half’ is regularly confused with ‘To Win Both Halves’. The two have very different meanings and a bet on one when you intended to wager on the other could be quite frustrating and costly.

To Win’ means that the team you select must be victorious. Whether it’s by one goal, two goals, three goals or more – all that matters is the win. 

In Either Half’ is defined as your team winning in the first 45 minutes or the second 45 minutes. In football, matches start from 00:00 and the first half ends at 45:00 (excluding injury time). Play resumes in the second half, with the clock ticking from 45:00 to 90:00 unless additional time is set by the referee. 

Put the two together and you get ‘To Win In Either Half’. There is no mention of the final result, bookings, corners, goalscorers or any other outcome in the game. The only requirement is that your team wins either of the two halves.

Other crucial terms used alongside this market are:

  • Half Time – The 15-minute break that takes place between the first and second half.
  • Full Time – The end of the match, signalled by the referee’s whistle.
  • Bet Settlement – When the outcome of your wager has been determined – be that by a win or a loss.

Why Bet On ‘To Win In Either Half’?

Some teams are better than others at particular timeframes within a match. For instance, Manchester City were especially dangerous in the second 45 minutes of matches during the 2021/2022 Premier League season, scoring 54 goals and conceding just 15. Liverpool were the best team in the first half of games, losing just a single first half in all of their 38 fixtures.

With information like this in mind, we can piece together how to make this type of market profitable. That’s why, in spite of smaller odds, it’s such a good bet to make. You can be more comfortable placing bigger stakes in exchange for better returns, particularly if you only want to bet on big hitters from Europe’s top leagues.

It’s a lower-risk bet for punters that want two cracks at the whip. ‘To Win In Either Half’ is significantly more forgiving compared to ‘To Win Both Halves’, with the latter demanding that the chosen team wins the first and second half. ‘To Win In Either Half’ provides a level of peace of mind, in that even if your team loses the first half, they can always win the second.

To Win In Either Half Betting Strategy

Keep things simple. As is stated in William Hill’s definition of this market, you’re effectively betting on two mini matches. The form book is nowhere near as relevant, as some teams will win a game despite losing the first or second half. All you need to know – or estimate – is whether your team is capable of winning just one of the two phases of play.

Your choice should be dependent on a few things, including:

  • Where the game is being played
  • Home/Away form per-half
  • Overall per-half form table
  • Goal difference in either half
  • The type of game (cup match, league tie, friendly, etc)

Some teams are better at home than they are away and vice versa. A fantastic example of this is Southampton in the 21/22 Premier League season. The Saints were fourth in the first-half standings when playing at home, dropping to a staggering 17th for second-half matches at St. Mary’s Stadium. As a result, they would be a poor selection for this type of bet as you can only really count on them in the opening 45 minutes. 

Look towards clubs like Tottenham, who were fourth-best in the overall first half standings and third from top in the second half table. This is a sign of consistency and an ability to win either side of half time, regardless of the final result.

Winning ‘To Win In Either Half’ Examples

Here are a couple of real-life examples of a winning scenario when betting on the ‘To Win In Either Half’ market.

England vs Italy – SkyBet Example

  • Italy are underdogs ‘To Win In Either Half’ at 2.63 (13/8) odds.
  • A £20 bet on the Euro 2020 champions to win any half could return £52.50.
  • Winning Example – First Half ends Italy 1-0 England. The final result is Italy 1-2 England. 
  • Your bet wins because Italy won the first half.
To Win Either Half Betting Market - England V Italy

Wales U21 vs Netherlands U21 – William Hill Example

  • William Hill has Wales ‘To Win In Either Half’ at 5.00 (4/1).
  • A £5 bet on this selection has potential returns of £5, including £20 profit.
  • Winning Example – Wales 0-2 Netherlands at Half Time. Wales 1-2 Netherlands at Full Time.
  • The bet on Wales wins as Wales won the second half 1-0.
To Win Either Half Betting Market - Wales U21 v Netherlands U21


Which bookmakers are the best for this market?

William Hill and SkyBet are our recommended bookies when betting on ‘To Win In Either Half’.

What happens if my team wins the first half but loses the match?

Your bet would win. As long as your team wins either the first or the second half, you’ll earn returns on your wager.

Why are the odds on this market lower than others?

Odds on ‘To Win In Either Half’ are lower compared to other markets because there is a greater opportunity for your bet to win. That’s why this market is so popular among players on a lower budget or punters of a less-intense gambling style.

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