To Win From Behind Betting Market Explained

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Last Updated: October 11, 2022

Everyone loves a comeback, especially if it’s completed by a last gasp winner or if the result holds great importance. A comeback win is hard-fought, takes mental strength and willpower, and it can be rewarding for you – the bettor – too.

To Win From Behind Betting Market Explained

To Win From Behind’ is a football betting market where the bet will win where the chosen team go behind in the match and then outscore their opponents and win the match.

It is a betting market solely focussed on comebacks. Not just comebacks where the two teams share the spoils, but ones where the losing team fights back to take home all three points, progresses to the next round by winning that specific affair, or simply wins the game.

According to William Hill’s betting glossary, ‘To Win From Behind’ can be defined as the following:

William Hill Definition of “To Win From Behind”

Select a team to be losing at any stage during normal time played in a match and to come from behind and win.

William Hill
To Win From Behind Betting Market Explained
William Hill Definition of “To Win From Behind” betting market.

Sports betting sites, like William Hill, consider ‘normal time’ to be within the confines of 90 minutes. Extra time and penalty shootouts do not count. This also means that two-legged ties and match replays are not considered for this market.

Remember that different bookies have different names for certain markets. SkyBet, for example, titles this market as ‘Come From Behind And Win’. Its description of the market is this:

Sky Bet Definition of “To Win From Behind”

You’re betting on: the named team to have less goals than the opposition at any point and finish the match as winners.

Sky Bet
To Win From Behind Betting Market Explained - Come From Behind and Win

Your team can be in the lead at a point in the game before they go behind and win. For example – if your team were to go 1-0 up, then 1-2 down, but win 3-2 at full time, your bet would win. However, if the team you bet on is not behind at any point in the match and wins, the bet loses. 

Hence, it’s wise to use this market when betting on teams that have a history of winning games after conceding early.

It’s also worth mentioning that you should not confuse ‘To Win From Behind’ with similar markets, namely:

  • Come From Behind And Draw
  • Come Frome Behind And Draw Or Win

These markets will have odds of different values compared to the ‘To Win From Behind’ market. They do not mean the same thing as ‘To Win From Behind’, as ‘Draw’ refers to a stalemate. ‘To Come From Behind And Draw Or Win’ will have worse odds than ‘To Come From Behind And Win’ as there are more options, making the possibilities of a win greater.

The odds for this market will be better than the standard match result market – as you’re not just picking the winner, but picking the winner when behind at some (or many) points in the match. It’s potentially trickier than betting on the correct score of the match – as not only are you predicting the outcome but the manner in which it plays out.

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To Win From Behind Terminology

Trying to decipher exactly what it means for a team to come from behind and win can be difficult, particularly for new bettors. Sportsbooks love to create new rules, terms and definitions for markets – that’s why it’s important to know the basic terminology of a market.

When it comes to ‘To Win From Behind’, the market pretty much speaks for itself. ‘To Win’ refers to the team in question being victorious in the game. ‘From Behind’ represents the team losing at any given point in the match – whether that by 1-0, 2-0, 2-1, or any other scoreline. The only thing that matters is that the team does go behind.

In SkyBet’s case (and other bookies too), the terminology used in the betting market definition may appear different at first glance. When you read into it, though, each section of the market description lines up with ‘To Win From Behind’. ‘Come From Behind And Win’ is the same sentence, just in a new way.

Other key words and phrases commonly used to describe this market can be found below:

  • Normal Play – 90 minutes of a match plus any additional time (not extra time or penalties).
  • Settled – When the outcome of the bet has been determined.
  • Bets – Your wager on a particular market.
  • Winnings – The amount you could win from a successful bet.

How The Bet Works – To Win From Behind

You pick the football match and the team you want to win (and lose for a period of time). Add the selection to your betslip, enter a stake, and then confirm your wager. It’s all quite simple really.

The difficult part is recognizing when it’s a good time to place the bet and which team to bet on. Your stake is also a crucial aspect of this as it determines the amount that you’ll win. 

Let’s run through an imaginary ‘To Win From Behind’ scenario, in a game between Arsenal and Southampton at the Emirates Stadium. You bet on Arsenal To Win From Behind at 3.50 (5/2) because of the Gunners’ tendency to fall asleep at the back and the Saint’s inability to see out games when ahead.

Arsenal take the lead in the first five minutes, but two quickfire strikes from Southampton towards the half-hour mark leave the home side in a predicament. Despite most bettors that wagered on Arsenal getting worried at this point, you’re actually feeling pretty good about things.

Arsenal equalizes on the stroke of half-time, then net again an hour into the match. Southampton fail to respond, Arsenal continue to create and score. The match ends 4-2 and your bet’s a good one. You, along with everyone else that bet on Arsenal, rejoice in victory. Little do other punters know, however, that your wager was the smarter choice. You had better odds, so the same outcome resulted in more impressive winnings heading to your account balance.

A quick recap:

  • You bet on Arsenal To Win From Behind against Southampton.
  • Arsenal go in front first.
  • Southampton score twice in quick succession, making it 1-2.
  • The Gunners net once before half time and twice more in the second half.
  • The game ends 4-2, and your bet wins.

Below, we’ve detailed some real-life examples of bets in the To Win From Behind market.

Republic of Ireland vs Ukraine – SkyBet Example

  • Ireland are at 15.00 (14/1) To Win From Behind against Ukraine at SkyBet.
  • A £10 bet could return £150 if the Irish win from behind.
  • E.G. Ukraine go 0-1 up in the first half, Ireland win 2-1 at full time.
To Win From Behind Betting Market Explained - Ireland v Ukraine

Wales vs Netherlands – William Hill Example

  • William Hill are offering the Netherlands to ‘Come From Behind And Win’ at 8.50 (15/2).
  • A £5 bet may see potential winnings of £42.50.
  • For example, Wales win 2-0 in the first half. Three second half goals from the Netherlands earn the Dutch a 2-3 victory and you make a nice profit.
To Win From Behind Betting Market - Wales v Netherlands

Scotland vs Armenia – SkyBet Example

  • SkyBet has Scotland To Win From Behind at 11.00 (10/1).
  • A £15 bet on this selection could return £110.
  • For instance – if Armenia take the lead early on and Scotland fight back to win 3-1, you’ll earn maximum profits.
To Win From Behind Betting Market - Scotland v Armenia

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