To Win To Nil Betting Market Explained – 2022 Guide

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To Win To Nil Betting Market Explained

The “To Win To Nil” betting market is a football betting market where for the bet to win, your chosen team must win the match and not concede any goals. SkyBet’s official definition of the ‘To Win To Nil’ market is this:

SkyBet’s official definition

You’re betting on: your named team to score at least one goal and the opponents to score no goals during the 90 minutes. 

Sky Bet
To Win To Nil Betting Market Explained - Skybet Win to Nil
SkyBet’s official definition of the betting market

This means that the team you bet on cannot allow the opposing side to score a single goal. If the opposition does score, your bet will lose – even if the team you bet on wins anyway.

‘To Win To Nil’ is a precise and unforgiving betting market. It’s commonly used in accumulators for Premier League games and other tournaments but can also be included in singles and smaller multiples too.

This market has higher odds than the “Clean Sheet” betting market, as you’re combining odds on your chosen team keeping a clean sheet and winning the match, like the fulltime result market.

Other betting markets that involve winning:

To Win To Nil Terminology

To understand how and when to use ‘To Win To Nil’ markets, you must know exactly what the market means. The first half of the phrase is easy to learn, as ‘To Win’ refers to the fact that the team you’re betting on is required to win the match. No ifs, buts, or maybes. If the team doesn’t win, neither does your wager.

The second half, ‘To Nil’ is where some punters can get caught out. If you’re brand new to football as a sport and online betting, there’s a real possibility you’ve never come across the word ‘nil’ before. Essentially, it means ‘zero’ or ‘none’. Therefore, ‘To Nil’ can be read as ‘To Zero’, ‘To None’, or ‘To Nothing’. 

The ‘Nil’ part tells you that the opposition cannot concede any goals. For the team you bet on to win to nil, they must score a minimum of one goal and avoid conceding themselves.

Put it all together and you have a full-fledged betting market in ‘To Win To Nil’. Your team must Win to Nil in order for your wager to come good.

How To Win To Nil Betting Market Works

To use this market, you pick a football match to bet on and find the ‘To Win To Nil’ market. It should be noted that on sportsbooks like SkyBet, ‘To Win To Nil’ may simply be referred to as ‘Win To Nil’. This is a small difference on the face of it but could cause you to miss the market if you’re in a rush and skimming through the options. 

Alternatively, you can use the bookmaker’s search bar – found on Bet365 and others – to type ‘To Win To Nil’ to find supported matches. This feature makes it significantly easier to find the ‘To Win To Nil’ market as it’s often buried away inside a deluge of other popular markets.

To Win To Nil Betting Market Explained - bet365

Here are some examples of the To Win To Nil market in action:

Germany vs England – SkyBet Example

  • SkyBet have England To Win To Nil at 5.50 (9/2).
  • A £10 bet on England To Win To Nil would see you win £55.
  • For instance – England win 2-0 in normal time, meaning you earn maximum returns.
To Win To Nil Betting Market - Germany v England

Costa Rica vs New Zealand – Bet365 Example

  • Bet365 are offering New Zealand To Win To Nil at 8.00 (7/1).
  • Therefore, a £5 bet could see returns of up to £40.
  • To win, New Zealand would need to come out on top in the affair without conceding a goal.
  • E.G. New Zealand beat Costa Rica 0-1.
To Win To Nil Betting Market - Costa Rica v New Zealand

Italy vs Hungary – Paddy Power Example

  • Paddy Power has Italy To Win To Nil against Hungary at 2.1 (11/10).
  • A £20 bet on this outcome has the potential for winnings of £42.
  • To earn a profit, Italy must prevent Hungary from scoring while also bagging at least once at the other end.
  • For example – Italy win 3-0 thanks to three second-half goals with no reply.
To Win To Nil - Italy v Hungary

Frequently Asked Questions

Example of “Home to win to nil: no”

If you’ve chosen “No” on a betting market of the home team to win to nil, any score where the home team do not win to nil (e.g. 1-0, 2-0, 3-0) will be a winner.

So if the home team win the match, but the away team score (e.g. 2-1, 3-1, 3-2), or the match ends in a draw or a loss for the home team, your bet will win.

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