How To Bet On Horse Racing : A Guide

If there is one sport that totally revolves around betting, it is certainly the horse races. Horse racing is an extremely popular activity in the UK, but other countries such as the USA and Italy are also famous for horse racing. Some of the best punters in the world make horse race betting their primary line of business and we are going to examine just why that is.

Since horse racing is not the kind of sport you would see on TV every day, we will also try to explain exactly what it is you will be betting and what type of elements go into picking a winner of a horse race.

Types Of Wagers

A horse race includes a number of horses racing down the track, just like you would see in an Olympic track event with humans. The bookies give you a chance to place one of the three basic bets, which are called Show, Place and Win. The Show bet means your horse will come top three. The Place bet means your horse will come first or second, while the Win bet naturally means your horse will win the race.

The online bookies also offer the very popular Each-way bet, which is a bet separated into two parts, where the first part is placed on the Place and the second part is placed on the Win. If your horse wins, you win both bets, while if your horse only places you will win on the Place part of the bet and lose on the Win, still getting some money back for your bet.

How To Pick

Picking the horse who will win or place in a race is not an easy task as the horse races are a much tighter competition than other sports such as football, basketball or tennis. The more horses run, the harder it is to predict the winner and you will rarely see odds of 2.0 or lower. In fact, most professional horse bettors will constantly be betting 8.0 or 11.0 odds, looking for value in solid horses ridden by talented jockeys.

The first thing you will want to consider when looking to pick a race winner is the form of the horses. Which horses will be running and how have they done recently? Past performances on the same and similar events will also play a big role, while poor form of race favorites may also encourage a bettor to place a bet on an underdog.

In most cases with horse racing we won’t be betting the odds favorite as the odds are usually too low. Naturally, this horse will win it the most often, but we are looking for value. If the odds on a horse are 3.0 and he wins the race 25% of the time, we are still losing money. On the other hand if the odds on a horse are 15.0 and he wins just 10% of the time, we are making a chunky profit on his races.

Of course, you will want to do the analysis for every particular race and base your prediction on the current form. As always you will assess how likely an event is to happen, in this case how likely a horse is to win the race and place your bet if the odds are better than these expectations.

The jockey who will be riding the horse is another major factor when it comes to horse race betting. A talented jockey can make all the difference in a race, and a top notch jockey will easily make an otherwise mediocre horse run like the wind and win a race. This is why horse race betting is not just about picking a horse, but rather finding the right combination of the horse, the jockey and the odds offered.

The Value Of Visiting The Track

Of course, not everyone is able to do this, but if you want to be a professional horse race bettor, you will likely want to visit the tracks at least every once in a while. While there is plenty of data available online, the punters who go to the tracks have the added value of seeing the horses in the paddock just before the race.

This is a huge thing as seeing how the horse is behaving may just be the determining factor in betting on a horse or dropping a bet. Like humans, horses also have good and bad days and someone who knows horses will easily be able to tell if the horse is feeling down or if he is extremely willing to race.

What’s more, being at the tracks is really fun and gets the adrenaline pumping and while sports betting is a serious profession not to get too emotional about, there is absolutely no harm in enjoying yourself at the track once your bets are placed.

Conclusion: Mind The Odds And Keep It Professional

The problem many people have with horse racing is that they tend to start making irrational bets once the races are not going their way. As a professional, you have learned by now that there is no place for emotions in betting and it’s really just business like any other.

Make sure you always do your analysis as thoroughly as possible. Don’t bet the horse because you like him or because you just have a hunch. Make your analysis and bet when the odds are right. Never forget to shop around the internet for the best odds as there are usually better odds offered somewhere if you just look hard enough.


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