Checking Bets On Bet365 : Settled & Unsettled Bets Explained

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When checking your bets on Bet365, you might come across various betting terms to describe the status of your bet that may be unfamiliar.

At Bet365, the length of time it takes to settle bets is entirely dependent on the circumstances in which the selected outcome occurs. Typically, bets are settled within an hour of the event’s conclusion and after the final score, as well as all necessary statistics, are confirmed.

There are various factors to be considered by the Bet365 settlement team before settlement and payout of a bet are processed. You can find some of these below.

Bet365 When Are Bets Settled?

How Long Does it Take Bet365 to Settle Bets?

Unless indications of serious foul play, such as rigging, are present from either the participants in the event or bettor, Bet365 will settle bets following an inspection from the settlement team.

While this could take up to an hour or longer, there are a few instances in which Bet365 will not settle a bet. Read on for more on this topic.

Bet365 How Long to Settle Bet? – Why My Bet Hasn’t Settled

Bet365 reserve the right to prevent any bet from settling. The bookmaker does not need to offer reasoning, warning, or, in extreme cases, refund affected players.

Your bet may not settle if any of the following apply:

Moreover, Bet365 can stop bets from settling where the settlement team are not certain of the statistics or scoreline. For instance, if the live stream of a football match loses signal.

The answer to the question “How long does Bet365 take to settle bets” is not uniform. If you are unsure why your bet hasn’t yet settled, it could be worth chatting to the support team on the site.

What Does ‘To Run’ Mean On Bet365?

When using Bet365 and the result of a bet is ‘to run’ that means that a result is yet to be determined by the Bet365 team.

This can be due to a postponed game, a contentious result, or a reconsideration factor discovered, even after settlement sometimes.

An example of this is when a late goal is scored to tip over a bet on goals scored in 90 mins, just before the game is postponed.

While one of the Bet365 team is investigating the incident the bet will be put on ‘to run’ status.

To run may sound like a horse or greyhound bet that’s not happened yet, but a ‘to run’ status can show up on any sports bet, not just running sports.

The reason for a bet being placed on ‘to run’ status is usually evident from match commentary or newsfeed, but if there’s an event that’s set as ‘to run’ without clear reason, feel free to get into contact with Bet365 as they will hopefully be able to inform you of any reasons for the delay in settlement.

What Does Void Mean On Bet365?

A void bet on bet365 (or any bookmaker) is a cancelled/not valid bet where you get your money back. It’s as if the bet never happened.

The dictionary states that void means not valid or legally binding. In the case of bookmakers, void means not valid.

A void bet can occur for a number of different reasons. Some general reasons for voiding a bet are:

bet365 and bookmakers in general have terms and conditions in place that essentially protect them from having to void bets, if they can avoid it.

For example, this means if there’s a website outage during an in-play football match or horse race, rather than having to void all bets and repay all the money staked, the terms and conditions will determine that the bookmaker can keep all bets live.

This outage could prevent you from cashing out a bet when you’re in profit, and you may ultimately end up losing.

Void Bets Are Often Related To The Chosen Betting Market

For example, in 1st goalscorer betting with bet365, they void your bet if the player you backed doesn’t play. But rather than give you your stake money back in cash, they return it in bet credits.

This isn’t the case with all bookmakers, as some will give you your stake back in cash.

If you’re betting on horse racing on bet365, and your horse is a non runner, your bet will be void and you will get your money back in cash.

While if you bet on a horse in an ante-post market and your horse pulls out, your bet is classed as a loser. Meaning you won’t get your money back. It’s important to recognise the difference between the two.

Below is an example of an ante-post bet for the Grand National. If you place a bet on one of these horses and it is a non runner, the bet would be a loser.

When bet365 places ‘non runner no bet’ next to the race, you will get your money back if your horse pulls out, as the bet would be classed as void if the race is listed as non runner no bet.

What Is A Push In Betting on bet365

A push is a result in betting, that you get when the outcome of your bet is neither a loss nor a win, because the outcome landed exactly on the threshold of your loss or win.

In this instance, the initial stake is returned to you. An example of this is when you bet that a baseball game will score more than 50 points and then the result is 25-25.

Another example is that when a team you back to score more than 45 points scores exactly 45 points the result is a push.

Push Bet Markets 

There are several markets that result in push bets, which are similar across all bookmakers. These are the high scoring markets that offer spreads and minimum/ maximum scores.

These types of bets are common in American Football and Baseball, such as the parlay spread bet, which offers the score to plus or minus a handicap figure on a treble or more. This figure is often a half fraction, to avoid push results, but sometimes the booky would rather offer the odds as a whole number with the chance of a push result than offering odds too far off from their calculated figure.

In the Parlay spread bet mentioned earlier, the bet is an accumulator and if one outcome’s result is a push, that fold of the bet will be removed, turning a 4 fold into a treble for instance.

As well as these American markets, the Asian handicap markets in soccer can result in a push outcome. Don’t let this name fool you, it is for the English game and just means a handicap of goals for a team, like in golf.

Pushes And free bets or bet credits.

One feature of Betway and Bet365, is that the bettor doesn’t receive a refund on push outcomes when placed with a free bet or bet credit.

On regular bets however, the rules are similar to other bookmakers and any markets that offer handicaps like American football. Baseball, and also the Asian handicap markets in football will return the stake for push outcomes, as outlined above.

Why Is My Bet Unsettled With Bet365?

Once a bet is placed it is listed as unsettled, simply because the outcome is yet to be determined.

The bet will be classed as settled after the result of the bet is known. This can also occur when the result of a match is uncertain, even after the end of the match, although this type of unsettled status won’t remain on the bet indefinitely and will usually be resolved within a few hours.

After the unsettled status converts to settled, any winnings or refunds will appear in your balance.

Reasons That A Bet May Remain Unsettled After The Event

  1. The result is naturally contentious and is still under review by the officials.
  2. An incident affecting the result requires assessment and deliberation.
  3. Bet365’s feed of the event has run into technical difficulty.

The unsettled status can show when a result is up in the air, and in this instance it can feel like you’re in limbo, but the settlement does not usually take long and 99% of bets are settled within 5 minutes of the result being known.

unsettled bet bet365

Winnings Are In my Bet365 Account So What Happens Now?

Once your bet has settled and winnings are in your account, you can use those extra funds to place further wagers. Otherwise, you can withdraw your winnings and send them to your preferred banking method.

Remember to complete any wagering requirements if you used bonus funds to place a bet. Until wagering requirements are met, you will not be permitted to withdraw bonus cash. Failing to meet bonus play-throughs within the timeframe described in a promotions’ T&C’s will result in the removal of funds from your account and void any winnings earned thus far.

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