Betway Cash Out Step by Step Guide 2022: Get Your Money!

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Last Updated: October 10, 2022
how betway cash out works

Betway’s Cash Out feature puts you in charge of every bet in your bet slip. By using cash out, you can settle bets early and get real-money returns. 

To cash out means to settle your bet before the end of the event you placed a bet on. As a result, the odds offered for cash out may differ compared to those displayed upon placing the wager.

At Betway, customers can choose between Partial Cash Out and full cash out. Partial Cash Out works by letting you adjust a slider to choose how much of your bet you want to cash out.

When Does Betway Offer Cash Out

Betway offers cash out on eligible singles, multiples, and system bets across a wide range of sports. The cash-out feature is offered when any active wager is in a pre-game or in-play state and where the value of cashing-out is not zero.

Betway does not allow you to cash out each-way bets. 

When Does Betway Offer Cash Out on Horse Racing?

For bets on horse racing, cash out is only available for Win-Only multiples. 

It’s also worth mentioning that Betway Cash Out is not available for each-way multiples on horse racing wagers.

How To Use Betway Cash Out

To utilize cash out at Betway, you must first look for the green Cash Out icon and head to the My bets area. Now, click on the Cash Out button located in the top right-hand corner of the website. Here you can view each bet currently open for cash out along with their cash out value.

Confirm your cash out by clicking the Cash Out button. Your cash out will be processed instantly.

It should be noted that once a bet has been confirmed for cash out at Betway it cannot be reversed. See below for step-by-step instructions on how to use Betway’s Partial Cash Out feature.

How To Use Betway Partial Cash Out – Step By Step

  1. Confirm your bet and wait for Cash Out to become available.
  2. When the Cash Out icon turns green, open the My Bets section.
  3. Adjust the cash out slider according to the amount of your bet you want to settle.
  4. Confirm your cash out by clicking Cash Out.
  5. Your cash out will process right away.

How Betway Cash Out Works – Rules & Terms

Below, find a list of important information concerning Betway’s Cash Out feature.

  • Cash Out is not available on each-way bets.
  • Upon confirming a Cash Out, you will not be able to reverse the cash out.
  • Betway may prevent your cash-out request under the following circumstances below:
  • The cash out value is displayed incorrectly.
  • If Betway has reason to believe the outcome of an event was known before the bet was cashed out.
  • If the cash out value is represented by an error in the market.
  • If Betway’s Cash Out is unavailable for technical reasons. 

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