How Does The BetVictor Request A Bet work

Written By: Conor Rafter
Last Updated: October 10, 2022

Price it Up – known as #PriceitUp – on Twitter, is an engaging way for BetVictor customers to request unique odds. As long as you’ve got a Twitter account, this feature is open to you.

The way it works is quite simple: you tweet BetVictor with a bet request and include #PriceitUp in the tweet. The team at Betvictor should get back to you to let you know they’ve passed the message on to the platform’s traders, who’ll then deliberate on a price for your requested wager.

Whether it’s a bet on the number of goals scored, player bookings, corners, outright competition winners or anything in between – BetVictor’s traders have your request covered.

Read on for more on how to use BetVictor’s Price it Up feature.

How To Guide – BetVictor Price It Up

There are just two things you’ll need to use BetVictor’s Request a Bet service, Price it Up: a Twitter profile and a BetVictor account.

betvictor price it up

If you think of a bet that isn’t available at BetVictor, just tweet BetVictor’s official Twitter account with #PriceitUp along with your bet idea. The Twitter team will pass the request on to the Traders, who’ll get together and consider the price best suited to your requested wager.

Once the Trading team agree on a price, they’ll let the social media team know. BetVictor’s Twitter handler should pop a tweet or DM your way with all the information you need concerning your new bet.

Then, head over to BetVictor’s official sports betting website and add the bet to your bet slip. Enter your stake, confirm the bet and wait to see if it wins!

Keep reading for a 5-step guide on how to use BetVictor’s Price it Up service.

BetVictor Price it Up – 5 Step Guide

  1. Tweet BetVictor with your requested bet and the hashtag #PriceitUp.
  2. BetVictor’s social media team will pass your request on to the Trading Department.
  3. Once the Traders at BetVictor come up with a price for your bet, BetVictor’s Twitter account will let you know.
  4. Open BetVictor and find your Price it Up Request a Bet.
  5. Add it to your betslip, then place the bet!

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