How does virtual sports betting work?

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Sports betting grows in popularity every year and all over the world, there are millions of people who enjoy betting on their favourite sports. This growth in demand, combined with the development of ever more sophisticated technology, has led to the development of a new form of sports betting, based on entirely fictional events. 

Virtual sports betting has spread throughout the betting world and you can now find virtual sports betting events in betting shops and online sportsbooks, covering a wide variety of sports. But what exactly is virtual sports betting and how does it work?

The world of virtual sports betting

Virtual sports betting is based, not on real-world sports events, but on a computer-generated simulation of the game in question. Thanks to the refinement of computer technology over the last few years, it is possible for the companies who develop virtual sports to produce simulations that look as close as possible to the real thing, whatever the sport. 

The games themselves can also be entertaining to watch in their own right, thanks to the skills of software developers, although there is no mistaking that you are watching a simulation and not the real thing. For obvious reasons, the players and teams involved will not be recognisable, and it is also standard for virtual sports to be shortened versions of the real thing. 

For example, a virtual football match will not last the full 90 minutes, but will instead resemble a broadcast of extended highlights. Similar adjustments are made in the case of other virtual events. 

Betting on virtual sports

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The purpose of virtual sports is to enable sports betting fans to have something to bet on when there is no real-world action. As a result, with virtual sports, you can bet on all of the same markets that you can bet on with real events. So in the case of a virtual football match, you can bet on the match-winner, final score, over/under markets and so on. 

It is not yet the case that you can bet on all forms of sport and you will find that most sports betting sites will offer just a selection of virtual sports. The most common virtual sports are:

Given the popularity of virtual sports betting, however, it is likely that the future will see more varied selections available through your favourite sportsbook sites. 

Pros and cons of virtual sports betting

For punters who are used to betting on regular sports events, virtual sports betting may seem a little strange and require some adjustment. There are some clear advantages:

It is also fair to point out that there are considerable disadvantages to virtual sports betting, particularly if you are used to regular sports betting:

Are virtual sports rigged?

We mentioned in the previous paragraph that the results of virtual sports events were random. This is not a vague term but is essential to understanding virtual sports betting, particularly as some punters may wonder whether sportsbooks and bookmakers can fix the results. 

Virtual sports events are generated using sophisticated software, but at the heart of that software is a random number generator, which ensures that the results are genuinely random. This is the same system employed in the world of online casino betting, and all reputable sportsbooks will confirm that their games have been audited by independent bodies to certify fairness. 

Is virtual betting profitable?

The simple answer to this question is no! Virtual sports betting is a matter of random chance so the rules that should apply are the same as with a casino game. 

Virtual sports betting has developed from a novelty into a regular feature of sports betting shops and online sportsbooks and it is likely to continue to grow over the next few years. All the leading bookies including the likes of Betfred all now offer virtual sports betting. Why not give virtual sports betting a go with the Betfred Free Bet offer. As long as you remember that there is no skill involved when it comes to betting on virtual sports, there is no reason why you can’t derive some entertainment from watching and betting on these events. 

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