How Many Places Do Betfred Pay Out on the Grand National?

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Last Updated: October 14, 2021

Four is the simple answer to the question of how many places do Betfred pay out on the Grand National. But, as any experienced bettor will tell you, there’s rarely anything simple about the gambling industry. There are lots of exceptions to lots of rules and many different answers to the same question.

It can become complicated and even frustrating for some bettors, especially the type of less experienced gamblers who enjoy playing once a year for small stakes on the Aintree spectacle. Knowledge is power, and our team is here to help you understand the ins and outs of each-way betting at Betfred. Knowing how a bookie works is knowing how you can beat a bookie and secure a profit on more of your bets.

In this article, our team of sports betting experts are on hand to explain to you the finer details of how many places do Betfred pays out in the Grand National. We aim to keep it as simple, basic and easy to understand as possible. It is our hope that by the time you finish reading this small piece, you will have a better understanding of the process of betting each way on the Grand National at Betfred.

How many places Betfred Grand National?

Betfred pays four places on the Grand National as a standard, and that is if there are enough runners. The number of competitors in the National ensures it easily makes the ¼ the odds a place 1-2-3-4 place terms, but there are other ways the bookie can change the number of places they are paying out on.

The most common and popular is an enhanced each way promotion that is available to new or existing customers or both. This is a deal drawn up by the marketing team with the purpose of driving new customers to their site or encouraging repeat business. They know just about everyone with an interest in sports betting is going to be placing a bet on the Grand National. Some study the form and make an informed pick, while others choose at random, going with anything from a familiar name to the jockey’s silks.

The Betfred team wants to ensure that many people are placing their Grand National bets with them while ignoring the competition. How can they get you to do that? Bettors are free to open as many accounts with online bookmakers as they want to. There’s nothing in the rules that state you must stick with one site. That’s where promotions and the work of the marketing teams come in.

Most years, Betfred boost their eachway places on the Grand National from four to five. This sportsbook is known as the bonus king, and that’s one of the reasons why. They love giving customers that little bit more. The VIP treatment and they know that although it may cost them in the short term paying out extra places each way on the Grand National, it breeds loyalty with their members.

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