How Many Places Do Ladbrokes Pay on the Masters?

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Ladbrokes pay 5 places on the Masters.

But it’s often not as simple as that and there are a few things that can change the answer. You may find some years there are more places paid on the outright betting of the masters, anything up to eight places. How can that be?

In this article, we look beyond the basic answer and give you an in-depth and detailed explanation of how many places do Ladbrokes pay on the Masters. In doing so, we hope to give our readers a stronger, more detailed understanding of how the traders create their each way places, how you could get value by betting at Ladbrokes and the ways in which you can use promotions to increase your chances of landing a profit from your bets.

We cover all important factors and why the number of places you receive could grow in certain renewals of the Masters.

The each-way places you received this year may not be the one you’ll receive next year. This also helps decide on Ladbrokes Masters golf betting odds you should be on the lookout for. Let’s get started.

Promotions, deals and special offers

The most popular reason for Ladbrokes to alter the number of places they pay on the golf masters is because of a promotion. The marketing team comes up with special offers and enhancements around the big events. These are deals attached to the sporting fixtures they know will be more popular than the ordinary.

The Masters is certainly an example of that with thousands of more wagers placed on the outcome of that competition than the tournament played a week before or a week after. All Majors attract attention but the Masters really is something special for punters. Golf fans love to make their predictions with some betting the favourite and hoping they live up to the hype and blaze a trail of glory to the title.

Others prefer to take on the shortest price players with an outsider. Here they are looking for a player with huge odds but who has a decent chance of winning or, at least, getting close to the winner and putting pressure on at the business end of the play. The option is to back the player for small stakes at big odds and hope they cause a sporting shock or they can bet eachway and take the safety net of the places.

As already mentioned, the standard each way place terms is ¼ the odds a place 1-2-3-4-5 but promotions often see the marketing team bump that up an extra place or two. For example, Ladbrokes could make their place terms ¼ the odds a place 1-2-3-4-5-6-7. How does this affect you and your bets?

Let’s look at an example below.

Therefore, you have staked £20 and returned £60 for a solid £40 profit on a bet that would’ve been a loser if the each-way terms hadn’t been raised.

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