How many places Do Ladbrokes Pay At The Grand National?

The answer to the question, how many places Ladbrokes Grand National is four. This is an elementary answer to what has the potential to be a highly complex question. Several factors come into play when evaluating how many places Ladbrokes will pay on the Grand National run annually at Aintree, and you must keep all of these in mind.

In this article, we explain the standard place terms at betting giant Ladbrokes for the Grand National and what changes to the race can alter the number of places paid out. This is worth keeping in mind because it can help you better target a profit from what is the biggest race in the UK and one of the wealthiest steeplechases in the world.

Not only do you want to avoid the embarrassment of trying to claim the place money of an each-way bet that didn’t land because of a change in the place terms, but you also want to understand how it works and, more importantly, how it can work for you.

Let’s take a closer look at how many places Ladbrokes Grand National.

Each-way betting at Ladbrokes on the Grand National

The standard each-way betting for the Grand National at all bookmakers is ¼ the odds a bet 1-2-3-4, and that is the case at Ladbrokes. This is the case for all runnings of the Grand National, but there are a few things that can change this.

Below we pick out a selection of reasons why the each-way terms might change and how that could have a direct impact on the Grand National odds Ladbrokes.


Promotions such as new customer deals or recurring offers are often added to the Grand National. This is done to help drum up business at the busiest time of the year in the online gambling industry. The Ladbrokes marketing team know the chances are you will be betting on the Grand National, probably each way, and they want to ensure you place your bets with them over the competition.

How do they entice you to choose them over the hundreds of other bookies all claiming to be the best in the business? By offering you a little extra. This often comes in the form of enhanced each-way betting. For example, if most bookies are offering the standard ¼ the odds a place 1-2-3-4, then Ladbrokes will enhance that to ¼ the odds a place 1-2-3-4-5.

If you are placing an each-way bet, then it makes sense to do it at Ladbrokes, where you will benefit from the extra place. Visit the Ladbrokes website or mobile app and click the promotions tab for a full and updated list on all deals available throughout the year.


This doesn’t happen quite as often as the one above, but a series of non-runners could take the each-way terms below the cut off for ¼ the odds a place 1-2-3-4. As there are often around 40 competitors running in the Aintree spectacle, it’s unlikely enough would take it down to ¼ 1-2-3, but it could happen.

If that were the case, the each-way places would be changed at every bookmaker, and it also means any promotion like enhanced each-way would be lost. If you read the terms and conditions on race betting at Ladbrokes, you will notice the each-way places can be changed, which will affect any bets already placed. Withdrawals could also enforce a rule 4 on bets already struck where a price has been secured.

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