How much will Paddy Power payout?

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Last Updated: December 28, 2021

Paddy Power attracts a steady stream of new customers who come for the welcome bonus free bet but stay for the generous odds, wide range of sports betting markets available and the excellent customer services.

Before opening an account with Paddy Power you must familiarise yourself with the various terms and conditions attached to betting on the Paddy Power website or mobile app.

In this article, we cover a question that is commonly asked by online bettors, especially those who enjoy betting small stakes on accumulators with potentially high returns.

Every online bookie has a cap on how much you can win on any one bet. How much will Paddy Power payout? Read on for more.

What is the maximum payout from Paddy Power?

The amount you can win when betting at Paddy Power is dependent on the sport you are betting on, the type of bet you are placing and even the competition.

Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer to the question. If you were looking for one sum that applies to all bets placed on the Paddy Power site you’ll be left feeling frustrated, as there isn’t one.

Let’s look through a few examples below.

Horse racing

One of the most popular sports to bet on in the United Kingdom and the maximum payout ranges from £100,000 to £1,000,000. This is calculated by the country your selection is running in and the grade of the race. In the UK races with classes 5, 6 or 7 are capped at £100,000. When betting on Premier Handicaps and Novices Races your potential winnings will be stopped at £250,000.

Most other races have a £1m cap. That means if you place a horse racing accumulator or multiple bet that pays out £2m, your payout will be capped at £1m. Not exactly a problem you’d be terribly upset about if raking in the million. This cap is applied to races including UK class 1 and class 2 and all graded group and listed races in Ireland.


Football bets are similar to the above in that the competition and type of bet determines how much you can win. The most popular bets on the most popular leagues, such as the English Premier League, World Cup and Champions League, match winner, handicap, total goals, correct score and first goalscorer have a £1m max payout.

Other types of bets and less popular leagues are capped at between £10,000 and £100,000. For example, if you are betting on an obscure market on an unpopular league you may be limited to just £10,000 in your potential winnings. Keep this in mind when placing your multiples as it would be pointless to aim any higher.


As you can see from the examples above, the maximum payout differs from sport to sport and competition to competition, but the terms and conditions applied to golf betting are a little different. Here, the maximum payout depends on the rating of the competition but also the prize money on offer to the winning players.

If gambling on an official PGA and European Tour events with prize money of more than £200,000, then the potential winnings available to members is capped at £250,000 for outright bets and £25,000 for all other markets. In tour events with a smaller prize, your winnings will be stuck at £50,000 outright and £5000 in all other markets.

Check before you bet

It’s worth checking the maximum payouts on your bets before placing, as you could be adding selections and making your bet more difficult to land while exceeding the limits. You’ll find terms and conditions and all betting rules at the help section of the Paddy Power website and mobile site.

The frequently asked questions page is the best place to start when troubleshooting. There you’ll find all popular questions with a helpful and snappy answer attached. If you’d prefer to speak to a support team member, you can contact by telephone, email, or using the live chat feature. The latter is the quickest and best way to seek an answer to any questions you have relating to the Paddy Power service, including maximum payouts.

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