How To Apply For a William Hill Priority Access Card

If you want to know how to apply for William Hill priority access card, you’ll be glad to know all you have to do is visit the betting giant’s website or mobile app and register your interest.

It’s quick, easy, hassle-free and can be done from the comfort of your own home or through the William Hill mobile app downloaded to your Android or iOS device.

William Hill Priority Access

The William Hill Priority Access card allows you to deposit funds in cash to your online betting account, pick up online betting winnings in cash at the bookmakers, take advantage of promotions and earn free bets.  This scheme is aimed at helping to bridge the gap between online betting and gambling at high-street Wiliam Hill betting offices.

We all know the convenience and excitement online betting brings, but it takes away the thrill of picking up your winnings from the cashier in paper money. Bagging a big profit isn’t quite the same when you have to wait three days for a transfer of numbers. The card changes all that. With the William Hill priority access card, you can do it all.

We are massive fans of the priority access card and the benefits it brings.

How To Apply

It may sound obvious, but we’ll start at the beginning. To claim a priority card with William Hill, you must first have an online betting account registered with the bookie. You can do this in a matter of minutes and must complete the process only once. Click any link on this page, select the sign-up button then fill in the registration form, providing all required information. You’ll even bag a welcome free bet for your efforts.

When you have your account set up – or if you already have an account with William Hill – you can now register for the card. Follow the steps below to get yours.

  1. Log in to your Wiliam Hill account and click the priority access link
  2. Select the register button at the top right of the page
  3. Confirm that you want the card sent to the address they have registered for you
  4. The priority access card will be delivered by post and will be ready to use on arrival
  5. Call the customer services team at William Hill to activate it

The William Hill Priority Access Card is a pre-paid card, so there is no form of credit involved. Recent gambling industry rules make it illegal to use credit cards for betting, which means there’s no danger of you running up a big bill from betting.

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