How To Cash Out From Boylesports – Earn Winnings Early

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Last Updated: April 13, 2022

How To Cash Out on Boylesports

In this article, we’ll show you how to cash out from Boylesports. To cash out is to settle a bet early. By confirming a cash out, you’ll receive winnings early, protect against imminent losses and access a whole new way to wager.

The feature is incredibly popular at virtually all sportsbooks on the internet. Each operator has its own spin on cash out, with some offering partial cash out, whereas others stick with the standard settle-and-go procedure.

The key to being able to cash out is checking your bets. Once you’ve placed a bet – which you can do by following our dedicated guide on How To Bet on Boylesports – head to the Open Bets area. From here, catch up on which of your bets are ready to be cashed out and which are not. For more on this topic, check out our How To Check Bets article.

Read on for a breakdown of the cash out feature offered by Boylesports.

What is Cash Out on Boylesports

If you’ve ever “cashed out” on other sports betting sites, you’ll be prepared to use Boylesports’ unique version of the service. In many ways, Boylesports have taken the road most travelled by implementing easily accessible yet effective cash-out feature.

You can settle bets early without the hassle of messing around with partial or fractional cashouts and earn returns fast. Depending on when you cash out, your returns will fluctuate in accordance with in-play events, results and current market odds. This means you are unlikely to get the maximum possible winnings from a cash-out – though you could get close.

Boylesports have recently added new sports to the list of eligible options for cash out. You can see each sport ready to be cashed out below:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • GAA
  • Snooker
  • Darts
  • Rugby
  • Cricket
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Ice Hockey

If you’re in any way familiar with competitors in the market, you’ll know that this is an unprecedented number of sports eligible for cash out. In some cases, we’ve seen sportsbooks offer just one or two selections, but Boylesports have gone the extra mile with this list.

Continue for a step by step guide on how to cash out at Boylesports.

How To Cash Out 

First, select “Open Bets” from the home page. This will transfer you to a new page where you can view the following types of wagers on Boylesports:

  • All Bets
  • Open Bets
  • Settled Bets
  • Cancelled Bets
  • Void Bets
open bets on boylesports

Moreover, you can filter by the last 10 bets, today’s bets, or up to 3 months’ worth of betting action. Most importantly, you’re able to see which bets are available for cash out. Alternatively, open the “In-Play” category and filter bets by those eligible for cash out. Look for the symbol representing several coins on top of one another – this is the cash out icon.

You’ll see a green button under any bets that qualify for cash out. Inside the button are “Full Cashout”, which tells you how much your cash out is worth, as well as “Profit” which lets you know how much money you’ll gain from settling the bet early.

Click “Full Cashout” to accept the current price, then confirm your intention to cash out on the subsequent small pop-up. When successful, you’ll see a notification on-screen letting you know the cash out has gone through.

Once you’ve cashed out a bet, revisit the Open Bets tab to assess your Bet History and glance at your settled wagers.

To recap:

  • Head to the Open Bets or In-Play tabs
  • Filter by “Open Bets” or “Cash Out”
  • Click on “Full Cash out” to request early settlement of your bet
  • Confirm your cash out in the pop-up
  • Receive returns based on the value of your cash out

Why Is Cash out Not Available

From time to time, you may notice that cash out has been suspended or is unavailable for use. In most instances, this is caused by in-play events, changes in market price or the suspension of a market. Therefore, the only thing you can do is watch and wait.

However, there are some cases where the bettor has mistakenly placed a bet that is not eligible for cash out. To avoid such frustration, see a list of reasons below as to why your bet is not available for cash out on Boylesports.

  • The market is not supported by cash out
  • Free Bets cannot be cashed out
  • Bets placed using non-withdrawable funds are not eligible for cash out
  • Bets placed to qualify for bonuses or promotions are not eligible for cash out
why cash out is not available on boylesports

On occasion, cash out is suspended for an extended period of time. You can find out why in the next section.

Why Does Cash Out Keep Getting Suspended?

There are various reasons behind the suspension of the cash-out feature on Boylesports. Unlike the above-mentioned instances where the player may have made an error, most causes of cash out going down are due to in-game events or technical changes/issues.

Some of the most common reasons for cash out being suspended are:

  • In-play events
  • Goals
  • Points
  • Red and yellow cards
  • In-game disturbance
  • Technical glitch
  • Sudden market price change

It could be that the game is end-to-end, with both sides attacking at every opportunity. Contrarily, the match may be brought to a halt by consistent foul play resulting in many cards dished out by the referee. Rare but possible, suspension of cash out is sometimes caused by incorrect prices being listed, problems concerning Boylesports’ live feed, or other technical gremlins hindering the bookies’ ability to obtain the correct information.

Time To Withdraw Your Winnings

Having learned how to cash out and claim returns on your wagers at Boylesports, it’s time to consider transferring funds from the sports betting site to your bank account. Before doing anything else, you should head to the Open Bets tab and examine your settled/cashed out bets to ensure you won’t forget to withdraw cash earned from particular selections. For a more detailed, complete walkthrough on checking bets on Boylesports, take a look at our piece on the subject.

Withdrawals are possible via a range of popular payment methods, including:

  • Debit cards
  • E-wallets 
  • Bank Transfers

Processing times vary, so ensure you know what you’re getting into prior to confirming a transaction. To help you through the withdrawal process on Boylesports, we’ve developed a step by step guide that covers timeframes, minimum limits, fees and more. 

Or, if you’d prefer to keep your winnings on the site, simply place further bets using the extra cash.

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