How To Cash Out On Betfred

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Last Updated: October 11, 2022

How To Cash Out On Betfred

You can take home winnings earlier than usual and protect against imminent losses by utilizing Betfred’s cash-out feature. This feature settles bets before the end of the event itself – so the odds are often different compared to the ones available at the time of placing the bet.

Here, you’ll see how to cash out on Betfred. We’ve set up a step-by-step guide on how to confirm a cash-out amongst other information pertaining to the ever-important product of Betfred’s online sports betting app and website. 

Read on to learn how to cash out at Betfred.

How To Cash Out At Betfred

If you’ve used a similar feature on other sports betting sites, cashing out at Betfred should come easy to you. The first thing to do is create a bet of any kind on the sports of your choice.

To set up a new wager, open Betfred and select the sport you want to bet on. In this section, you’ll catch a glimpse of the markets available for that particular sport as well as the prices accompanying each outcome. To add a bet to your bet slip, click or tap on the price.

Now enter a stake and confirm your bet. A small logo representing CashOut will appear next to events eligible for early settlement and only on these selections may you cash out. You may cash out before and during an event, dependent on circumstances. 

To cash out, first, reopen your betslip. In the right-hand corner of your slip, select CashOut. You can settle bets early in this section. 

Pick the bet you want to cash out. When ready, scroll down and input the amount you want to cash out – you can pick between a partial cash out or full cash out. Confirm your request by selecting Take The CashOut when prompted, then wait 7 seconds for it to process. 

Your Betfred cash out should succeed immediately after the 7 seconds are up. For a 5-step guide on cashing out at Betfred, keep reading below.

Betfred CashOut – 5-Step Guide

  1. Add bets to your betslip by clicking the prices.
  2. Enter your stake, then confirm the bet.
  3. Settle your bet early by opening your betslip and selecting CashOut.
  4. Now select how much of your bet you want to cash out.
  5. Confirm your cash out by selecting “Take The CashOut” and wait for the processing period to complete.

Cash out is great for accumulators but some punters would rather let their bet “ride”

If that is you and your bet is a winner then maybe it’s time to withdraw those winnings.

Where Is The Cash Out Option On Betfred?

While some bookmakers don’t have a separate page within the betslip referring to a cash out service, Betfred does. You can find this page by opening your betslip and viewing the three available options:

  • Betslip
  • Open Bets
  • CashOut

Of these three, pick CashOut to take a look at any wagers eligible for early settlement. If you haven’t yet placed a bet on Betfred that’s CashOut ready, you’ll be met by a page displaying various sports which, when bet on, have markets that may be cashed out.

To find the CashOut option when viewing markets at Betfred, look out for the small grey and red circle. The grey circle is whole, while the red one is slightly cut-off to the right-hand side. This symbol tells you which events can be settled early.

how to cash out on betfred

Why is Betfred Cashout Unavailable?

There are multiple reasons for Betfred’s cash out service becoming unavailable. Some may be fixed by you, the end-user, whereas others are more permanent issues.

For example, you cannot cash out if you disconnect from the internet during the 7-second processing time. Ensure that you request a cash out in an area with consistent internet to avoid disruption.

Other reasons for Betfred’s CashOut feature being unavailable are:

  • A price change during the 7-second settlement process.
  • The value of your cash out is zero.
  • A market in your selection has been suspended.
  • One or more of your bets come from markets that are not eligible for cash out.

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