How To Cash Out On Ladbrokes – Settle Bets Early

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Last Updated: June 4, 2024

Ladbrokes offers one of the most sought-after services in the gambling industry today in the form of Cash Out. This feature allows you to settle bets earlier than expected, meaning customers can claim winnings or protect against losses regardless of whether the event in question is ongoing. So let’s show you how to cash out on Ladbrokes

Here, you’ll discover a range of facts all about Cash Out at Ladbrokes. We’ll let you in on the definition, how to use the service and list the sports that can be cashed out. Moreover, you’ll learn why Cash Out is sometimes unavailable.

Read on to find out exactly what is Cash Out at Ladbrokes.

What Is Cash Out

Think of Cash Out as a button that puts you in control of your bets. By pressing the Cash Out button, you can claim any winnings earned during the course of your wager and prevent incurring further losses. The actual run-time of the event is irrelevant.

When you decide to cash out, you forfeit the ability to earn any more profit from the bet unless you use Partial Cash Out. Using this feature, you can edit your stake and take home customized amounts of money earned from wagers without needing to settle the bet as a whole.

Now you know what is cash out, it’s time to move on to how to cash out on Ladbrokes.

How To Cash Out 

The best thing about Cash Out is not that it’s rewarding, but that everybody can use it. Once you’ve got the hang of organizing your bet slip and placing wagers, cashing out should come naturally.

To get started with Cash Out, ensure that every bet in your selection is eligible for early settlement. Next, view the bottom of your bet slip until your eyes are set upon the green Cash Out button. Here, you can see the value of your current cash-out (the amount you’ll receive) and an option to partially cash out.

To cash out the whole bet, click the green Cash Out button. To cash out part of your bet, select the box that reads “Partial Cash Out”. You’ll be able to edit the amount you want to cash out after selecting this button. 

No matter which option you pick, Ladbrokes forces a short waiting period upon your Cash Out. This is not done to frustrate you, but rather to ensure there are no sudden price changes or market suspensions. If something changes in the middle of the processing period, your Cash Out must be re-attempted.

As long as everything is clear according to Ladbrokes’ Cash Out T&Cs, you’ll receive the specified value of the Cash Out to your account wallet. 

See below for a step-by-step guide on how to Cash Out.

Ladbrokes Cash Out – Five-Step Guide

  1. Add eligible bets to your selection.
  2. When ready to Cash Out, head to your betslip.
  3. Pick between a full Cash Out or Partial Cash Out.
  4. Wait for the processing period to end.
  5. Your Cash Out is successful.

Valid Betting Markets & Sports

While Cash Out is a helpful and rewarding feature, it cannot be applied to each sporting market at Ladbrokes. For that reason, we recommend checking over your bets for confirmation of Cash Out eligibility before proceeding with wagers. 

Here, we’ve outlined each sport along with its markets that are eligible for Cash Out at Ladbrokes.

How To Cash Out On Ladbrokes - Settle Bets Early -Football

  • Match Result
  • BTTS
  • Next Team To Score
  • Correct Score
  • Half-Time/Full Time
  • Double Chance
  • First Half Result/Correct Score
  • Second Half Result/Correct Score
  • Win and BTTS
  • BTTS in Both Halves
  • Number of Teams To Score
  • Score Goals in Both Halves
  • Outright Markets (Premier League, Championship, League 1, League 2, National League, FA Cup, League Cup, Scottish Trophies, Champions League, Europa League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga

How To Cash Out On Ladbrokes - Settle Bets Early -Horse Racing

  • Win or Each Way
  • Fixed Handicap (2-way or 3-way)
  • Over/Under

How To Cash Out On Ladbrokes - Settle Bets Early -Tennis

  • Match Betting
  • Set Betting
  • Set Winner

How To Cash Out On Ladbrokes - Settle Bets Early -Darts

  • Match Betting

How To Cash Out On Ladbrokes - Settle Bets Early -Snooker

  • Match Betting

How To Cash Out On Ladbrokes - Settle Bets Early -Rugby Union

  • Outright Tournament Betting
  • Match Betting
  • First Half Betting

How To Cash Out On Ladbrokes - Settle Bets Early -Boxing

  • Fight Betting
  • Method of Victory

Ladbrokes supports a range of markets when it comes to Cash Out. The most extensive list of eligible markets resides within Football, while there are more limited options for punters interested in snooker, darts and boxing.

Why Can’t I Cash Out?

Being unable to Cash Out is one of the most frustrating aspects of betting online. However, most of the problems facing punters can be fixed simply by waiting as the vast majority of issues concern market suspensions.

However, where this is not the case, there’s very little you can do to reactivate Cash Out. As you’ll soon see in the list below, there are less than a few methods available to customers seeking to debug the system.

Here are the most common reasons behind the unavailability of Cash Out at Ladbrokes.

Why Won’t It Work – Ladbrokes Cash Out

  • Your cash-out value is zero
  • Technical issues in Ladbrokes’ system
  • A market is suspended
  • The market is not eligible for cash out
  • The bet has already settled

You can bide your time until the value of your cash out rises or for the market to become active once again. If the problem persists and Cash Out is not offered on eligible bets and markets, you may need to contact customer support at Ladbrokes.

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