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Last Updated: February 14, 2023

If you’re a football fan, there’s probably been a point at which your team are 1-0 up and you wanted the final whistle to arrive early so they can cling on to victory. With cash-out, that dream becomes a reality – albeit only for you and not the team.

Unibet’s cash-out puts you in control of your bets. You can choose when to claim winnings or put a halt to incoming losses at the touch of a button. Essentially, this feature takes an event and places it in the palm of your hands.

Here, you’ll learn all you need to know about cashing out at Unibet. In the next section, you’ll see exactly what is cash out.

What Is Cash Out?

Being a bettor comes with certain risks. Nobody can control what happens in a live football match. However, everyone at Unibet can control what they do with the information provided from the in-play event.

That’s where cash-out comes in. Gone are the days of begging the referee to blow the final whistle in the 65th minute with hands clasped and perhaps a tear-stained cheek. Now, you can end things on your terms.

By cashing out you settle your bet immediately without waiting for the event to finish. You can cash out in the 20th minute, 60th minute, 85th minute and any other time you see fit during a game. There are almost no limits. 

When you cash out your winnings are credited to your account wallet. If you’ve taken a hit, the remaining stake is put back in your account, too. This means you no longer need to wait until the very end of the match to earn returns or hope against all odds that your bet comes through. 

Read on to discover how to cash out at Unibet.

How To Cash Out on Unibet

Now you know what cash-out is, it’s time to understand how to use the feature. Unibet makes it easy for everyone to come to grips with cash out, so even the most inexperienced of punters can take advantage of an increasingly-important feature. 

First, you’ll need to add bets to your bet slip. This part’s important as each choice you make changes your odds unless you’re only betting singles (one bet at a time). The more bets added to your selection, the higher your odds rise.

Place your bet via the bet slip, then wait for the event(s) to begin. Once they’re underway, you may choose when to cash in on your wager. Proceed by opening your Betting History, then look for the Cash Out icon. If the icon is present, you can cash out your bet. Simply click on it to continue with your early settlement.

Your cash out will likely be preceded by a small waiting period in which Unibet ensures there are no price changes, technical issues or suspended markets. After the delay, your cash out should succeed with any returns added to your account.

See below for a simple five-step guide on how to cash out on Unibet.

How To Cash Out – Five-Step Guide

  1. Add bets to your betslip.
  2. Place your wager.
  3. To cash out, open Betting History.
  4. Click on the Cash Out icon if available.
  5. Your cash out should succeed following a short processing period.

Unibet Cash Out – Valid Sports Markets

Unibet’s cash-out service is supported by several sports betting markets. Among 20 pre-game football markets, other options include:

  • In-play football matches
  • Half-Time & Full-Time football results
  • Correct Score markets
  • Outright football markets
  • Tennis outright markets

You can cash out accumulator bets and other multiples on Unibet too. Any bets you want to cash out must solely consist of eligible markets and if your wager contains any ineligible selection, you won’t be allowed to cash out. 

Why Can’t I Cash Out at Unibet?

Other than gremlins in Unibet’s system, there are various reasons that cash out might not work for you. We’ve listed some of the most common issues concerning failed cash-outs, here:

  • Your internet connection is too weak.
  • A market in your bet was suspended during processing.
  • Your cash out value is zero.
  • The event ended before you clicked on the Cash Out button.
  • Sudden price changes.

While most of these factors are out of your control, there is one thing you can do to alleviate the problem: waiting. In almost every case mentioned above you can cash out again in a matter of minutes, so don’t panic.

And if you want to let your bet run it’s course then of course you’ll be withdrawing a bigger sum if successful. To learn more about withdrawals, check out our guide – how to withdraw on Unibet

Patience is key to betting. Use it when you want to cash out, even if the site temporarily restricts you from doing so.

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