How To Change William Hill Odds To Decimal?

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How To Change The Odds To Decimal : Website

Changing between odds can be done from the homepage of the William Hill betting website, as well as through the mobile app.

To change the odds on the webpage you simply need to:

  1. Find the odds format drop down menu at the top of the page under the deposit button
  2. Click it to reveal a sub-menu
  3. Select your preferred odds format.

How To Change William Hill Odds To Decimal

How To Change The Odds To Decimal : Mobile

To find the odds format drop down menu on mobile you must:

  1. Search the menu at the top left of the page by tapping the three horizontal lines.
  2. Near the bottom of the menu under settings, you can tap on the odds format option to bring up the drop down menu
  3. Select decimal or whichever format you prefer.

William Hill Fraction Odds

The default odds setting on William Hill and most betting companies is fraction. This is the colloquial form that odds most usually take, for example when people say 3 to 1, they are saying 3/1. What the odds show is the proposed probability of the outcome, which directly translates into the bet offer from William Hill. This format simply shows the profit to stake ratio of a winning outcome.

For example, if you bet £1 and win on a 3/1 you will collect £4 return, £3 profit, and £1 stake refund. That’s £3 profit for every £1 staked. If you have bet £6 on a 4/6, you’ll receive £10 return, £4 profit, and £6 stake refund.

William Hill Decimal Odds

Decimal is a less colloquial format, but slightly more straightforward in terms of outcomes, even if the probabilities are slightly less familiar. The figure shown is given to two decimal places and simply represents the payout on £1 stake. A 4.00 decimal will pay out £4 on a £1 stake, the same as 3/1.

One advantage of fraction odds is that they’re surprisingly more precise, as fraction odds of 1/1,000 cannot be shown in two decimal points, and so will read as a 1.00 decimal, when actually it’s a 1.001 return. If you bet £1,000 on a 1/1,000, showing as a 1.00, you’ll get £1001 back for a win. Anything over 1/100 or under 100/1 will not show accurately as a decimal.

William Hill American Odds

American odds is an even rarer form of displaying odds, which is aptly named and included because it’s a very popular format in American betting shops. The odds will display with a plus (+) or a minus (-) sign, which indicates whether the bet is long or short odds. If the bet is a long shot it will show with a plus sign and the odds will indicate the return on £100 stake. The short odds will be shown with a minus sign and these odds indicate the stake required to get a profit of £100.


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