How To Check Bets on BetVictor – Betting Definitions & Guide

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BetVictor is a widely-known online sports betting platform, packed with a wide range of competitive odds, unique markets and several bonuses. The site makes it easy to place a bet on any market of your choice by laying out everything you need in front of you. 

You should try and make your first wager on the site eligible for BetVictor’s welcome offer. In doing so, you’ll gain access to a special reward specifically catered to new customers – and the payout is well worth the effort. If you do want to take part in this welcome bonus promotion, just deposit funds to your BetVictor account wallet and place a qualifying bet as required by the Terms and Conditions. You’ll soon receive a handy boost, giving you the best start possible at the beginning of your BetVictor journey.

However, you can cash out your wager if you’d rather not participate in the new customer offer. Like many bookmakers today, BetVictor supports your decision to settle select bets early if you feel the tide is going against you. As soon as you settle the bet, BetVictor will send any remaining stake or profit earned to your account balance. You won’t receive any further winnings from the wager, but you can continue betting on other markets and events – many of which are also backed by the popular feature.

How To Check Your Bets

It’s never been easier to catch up on the current state of your bets. Few other platforms let you view the current scores, odds and the health of your single, accumulator or combination wager from the home screen, with many opting to force you through all kinds of hurdles to find your active bets.

At BetVictor, just log in and look down. At the footer menu is a menu consisting of the following options:

  • Find
  • Open Bets
  • Betslip
  • Cash Out
How To Check Bets on BetVictor - Betting Definitions & Guide -

Click on ‘Open Bets’ to view both active and settled wagers in the ‘My Bets’ area. This page looks pretty bare-bones at first sight, but can quickly get jam-packed with information as you place more bets. 

How To Check Bets on BetVictor - Betting Definitions & Guide -

You can switch between checking open bets and settled bets by clicking either of the two available buttons. By pressing ‘Open’, you’ll be met with a rundown of every bet linked to your BetVictor account that’s yet to settle. When you select ‘Settled’, the site will only display bets that have concluded, thus paid out winnings, or ended in a loss. It should also be noted that you can check your BetVictor Casino bets from this section of the site under the ‘Casino’ heading.

To go over that one more time:

  • Open BetVictor and view the footer menu
  • Select ‘Open Bets’
  • This will take you to the ‘My Bets’ area
  • Check your open and settled bets on this page

How To Check Bets for Cash Out

As you cannot cash out while on the ‘My Bets’ page, you must return to the home screen by pressing the small ‘X’ icon in the top right-hand corner. Shift your focus to the bottom of the page again and find the ‘Cash Out’ symbol. Select it to be transferred to what’s known as BetVictor’s Cash Out Zone.

How To Check Bets on BetVictor - Betting Definitions & Guide -

From here, you can catch up on the latest scores, odds and cash-out values associated with your eligible bets. As not all markets can be cashed out on BetVictor, you won’t see every open bet in this section – with some limited to pre-game betting only. 

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How To Cash Out On Betvictor

Click on any bet in the Cash Out Zone to glance at its current cash out value. This represents the amount of money you’ll receive if you decide to settle a bet early. Remember, you’ll rarely be awarded a cash out amount equal to the value of your original wager, so ensure you’ve checked that you’re content with the price offered before requesting early settlement.

To recap:

  • View the menu at the bottom of BetVictor’s home screen
  • Select ‘Cash Out’
  • Scroll through all bets eligible for cash out on BetVictor
  • Check your cash out value before proceeding with the early settlement of a bet

Betting Terminology on BetVictor – Definitions 

Despite an unspoken universal agreement amongst most of the world’s biggest bookmakers that says they must use similar words and phrasing for features, markets, promotions and more – many of these platforms come with a unique twist on certain terms.

One website may call enhanced odds an ‘Odds Boost’, others may name it a ‘Price Boost’. While some refer to active bets as ‘open’, competitors title such wagers ‘unsettled’. The meaning behind the terms remains the same, just with a slight tweak to the headings/titles/phrases used.

Here, we’ll take you through BetVictor’s glossary of sports betting terms. This’ll provide crucial insight as to what the site means when it uses particular words, as well as give you an edge ahead of other bettors that try to figure everything out alone. Think of this section as the only betting dictionary you’ll ever need.

Open Bets

As seen from the homepage by looking at the footer menu, the phrase ‘open bets’ refers to any wagers that have yet to settle. As such, bets that come under ‘open’ have not paid out winnings nor confirmed losses. 

In addition, the odds of any bet listed in the ‘open’ area on BetVictor are subject to change as the event unfolds. Often, this can work quite nicely with the site’s cash out facility – but more on that later.

BetVictor’s ‘open bets’ department lets you check up on the latest scores concerning matches, sets, games, races and events you’ve taken a punt on. Therefore, you’ll only see the odds of what’s most important to you.

Open Bets
Bets that have not settled.


Settled bets’ are an evolution of ‘open bets’. Where ‘open’ bets are constantly fluctuating in conjunction with in-play occurrences, ‘settled’ bets are final. The odds will no longer change, the score won’t be updated any further and the outcome of your wager is determined.

Essentially, ‘settled’ bets are bets that have concluded – whether that be by natural means or manual (cash out). As such, you’ll see recently cashed out bets under the ‘settled’ heading along with wagers that have come to a close due to the event ending.

You should receive winnings if the bet wins. If the bet lets you down, BetVictor keeps your stake. It can be painful to look back on ‘settled’ bets as you may have been inches from a big payout only for something unfortunate to happen in the closing stages, but it’s all part of a learning curve. Use your ‘settled’ bets to make better decisions in the future.

Settled Bets
Wagers that have concluded, with winnings paid out and losses confirmed.

Cash Out

To ‘cash out’ is to settle a bet prior to the natural conclusion of the event. When you confirm a cash out, you’ll be credited any winnings earned from the wager or the remaining stake of the bet. This is calculated by BetVictor’s automated system, which takes the in-game score and other circumstances into account.

This feature is not for the faint-hearted. You could opt to cash out at exactly the right or wrong moment; late goals, close races and end-of-season results all contribute to the decisions made by punters using cash out. 

Check on bets that can be cashed out on BetVictor via the ‘Cash Out Zone’. 

Cash Out
The early settlement of a bet.


This is where your yet-to-be-confirmed selections are held. You can use your BetVictor betslip to review bets before going through with the wager.

This area serves to provide oversight of your selection. More than that, the betslip can be used to enter a stake, activate bet boosts and confirm the bet. In a way, your betslip is the most important tool when it comes to checking your bets.

How To Check Bets on BetVictor - Betting Definitions & Guide -
An area where you can check your selection before placing a bet.

Void Bets

A bet that has been cancelled is known as a ‘void bet’ on BetVictor. Bets can be deleted for multiple reasons, with the following four explanations most common across the board:

  • Your bet was placed too late
  • The price was listed in error
  • You have self excluded from BetVictor
  • The event has been postponed or abandoned

When a bet is voided, you’ll receive a refund of your stake. Winnings will not be paid out and, if the bet were to be a loss, you would not suffer the consequences of defeat. If you think your bet has been voided in error, be sure to contact BetVictor’s dedicated customer support team.

Void Bets
Bets that have been cancelled.


Simply put – a non-runner is an event participant that does not take part. In most instances, non-runners are announced before the start of an event, so you’ll know which of your bet’s selections will and will not take part in the race in good time.

If placed as a single, your non-runner bet will be made void unless it is an ante-post wager. For multiples, like accumulators, non-runners will be removed from your selection and the bet will continue all the way through to settlement. 

For example, accumulators with four selections will become trebles. Trebles become doubles, while doubles would switch to single bets. 

A bet where a chosen participant pulls out before the start of the event.

Other Important Terms on BetVictor

On top of the above-discussed terminologies used on BetVictor, you may find yourself puzzled if you come across any of the following words or phrases. That’s why we’ve put together a short, concise breakdown of other commonly-seen terms found on the site.

The number that represents the likelihood of an outcome happening in an event. The greater the number (Fractional & Decimal), the more you’ll win if it comes true.
The amount of money you put towards a bet.
When an event is temporarily cancelled for any reason. It may be rescheduled to be played at a later date and time.
Bets and markets that are only available after the event has begun.
The three main types of bets on BetVictor.

Verify Your BetVictor Account To Withdraw

Now that you’re familiar with the most common terms used on BetVictor, you should be prepared to put that knowledge to the test. The best way to do this is by betting, and with a plethora of sports markets on display throughout the year, there’s no shortage of options.

But first, you need to verify your account. Verification of a BetVictor profile can be processed in a matter of minutes, meaning you could be on your way to taking home a win the very first day you create an account on the site.

To verify your ID and home address, upload documentation via the verification portal. Most accounts are verified within 48 hours, so don’t worry if yours appears to take a little longer than you might expect as, just like any other business, delays can slow the system down. Check out our How To Verify Your BetVictor Account for a step by step guide on this topic.


Once you’ve completed account verification, you can withdraw any winnings earned from bets. By withdrawing funds, you’ll get a better understanding of your gambling limits and contribute to a flourishing sports betting industry. Just open the withdrawal page and select a payment method, then confirm your transaction by entering your bank/e-wallet/card details. You can find out more on How To Withdraw From BetVictor in our withdrawal guide.

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