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How To Check Bets on Betway

There are few more impressive platforms when it comes to accessibility options compared to Betway. The site is arguably the best of the bunch if you’re on the lookout for a bookie jam-packed with not just content but a range of ways to check up on your old and active bets too.

Resultantly, you’re able to examine previously settled wagers to make more informed decisions in the future. The same goes for open bets, as Betway has an area specifically designed to allow users to view active wagers and watch as the action unfolds. 

Having placed a bet on the sport of your choice, you should check to see if it qualifies for the site’s welcome offer. If so, you could claim bonus funds. On top of that, your bet may be eligible for cash out – meaning you could settle it early to grab winnings early or protect against potential losses.

How To Check Your Bets

Many online betting sites, including Betway, give you the opportunity to check active and settled bets. Helpful in many ways, this feature serves as an avenue for bettors to examine wagers and aid future decisions. 

To access the section where you check bets on Betway, first log in using your account credentials. From the home page, look to the right-hand side of your screen. There are three options listed related to checking bets:

  • Bet Slip
  • Cash Out
  • My Bets
how to check bets on betway

Each of these sections can be used for different reasons. For instance, the Bet Slip contains bets that have not yet been confirmed. Here, you’ll view each selection you’ve added to the bet slip but as yet remains without a stake. 

Once a bet is placed it is moved to Betway’s ‘My Bets’ department. Multiple filters can be utilized to check bets, with the following precise timeframes available for viewing:

  • Last 24 Hours
  • Last 7 Days
  • Last 30 Days
  • Last 90 Days

If you can’t find the bet you’re looking for across any of these scales, simply select ‘All’ to bring up every single bet you’ve ever placed on Betway’s sportsbook.

filter bets on betway

The ‘My Bets’ area is split into two parts – Open and Settled. ‘Open’ refers to bets that are yet to finish/conclude or have not been cashed out. This is in contrast to those under ‘Settled’, as bets where the outcome has been determined and winnings or losses are confirmed reside here. Both categories can be filtered by the timeframes discussed above.

check open and settled bets on betway

In between ‘My Bets’ and ‘Bet Slip’ sits ‘Cash Out’. While you cannot check bets by clicking on this item, it provides crucial information concerning how Betway allows you to view wagers that have been settled early.

cash out on betway

When a bet has been settled early through the cash-out feature, it’s moved to Betway’s ‘My Bets’ area for your viewing.

To recap:

  • Open Betway and look to the right-hand side of the screen
  • Click on ‘My Bets’
  • Filter between ‘Open’ and ‘Settled’ bets
  • Check bets up to 90 days old

Betway Terminology Definitions

Understanding the words and phrases spewed by online betting sites can be a frightful task – especially if you’re brand new to the scene. Sentences like “Bet £10 on a Lucky 31 for 15% cashback on your next 5 accumulators” will mean nothing to newbies. That’s why we’re here to help.

Upon reaching the conclusion of this section, your gambling comprehension skills should be top-drawer. This is particularly poignant for those of you solely based on Betway.

Open Bets

You may have seen some of your bets referred to as being ‘open’. Simply put, this means your bet has not settled. An unsettled bet is one where the outcome of your wager is yet to be determined.

As such, you won’t receive winnings while a bet is ‘open’. To check whether or not your bet is ‘open’, head to the ‘My Bets’ area on Betway and filter your wagers by ‘Open’. If the bet in question is present under the ‘Open’ heading it is still in an active state.

Open Bets – Bets where the outcome has yet to be determined.

Settled Bets

The polar opposite to ‘open’ bets. ‘Settled’ bets have paid out winnings or taken your stake if the bet has lost. Once settled, bets are no longer eligible for cash out.

The easiest way to tell whether or not your bet is settled without checking Betway is by asking yourself one question: 

  • Has the outcome I bet on occurred before the end of the event?

If yes, your ‘settled’ bet is a winner. If not, your bet has been lost. Either way, both answers will help you to see that the bet has been settled.

Settled Bets – Wagers where to event in question has ended or your selected outcome has taken place.

Void Bets

A bet may be voided for various reasons. Some of the most common explanations for cancelled/voided bets are as follows:

  • The event has been postponed or suspended
  • The bet was placed after the event had started
  • The market was uploaded in error
  • Betway determines that a bet was placed ambiguously
  • Betway has found that the bettor was involved in the event in some fashion

Your stake will be refunded to your account wallet when a bet is voided. As a result, you do not lose or win any money. 

Void Bets – Bets that have been cancelled for any reason.

Cash Out

As one of the most prominent features in the world of online sports betting, the meaning behind ‘cash out’ is rather important to know. At its core, ‘cash out’ is a tool used by punters (you) to settle bets before the outcome of a selection has taken place. 

For example:

  • You bet on Cristiano Ronaldo to score Anytime against Manchester City.
  • By half time, the score remains 0-0. 
  • You decide that Ronaldo is unlikely to add to the scoreline in the remainder of the game.
  • You click ‘cash out’ and receive the remaining amount of your stake as a refund.

The amount refunded by Betway for cashed out bets is determined by the value of your bet at the time of early settlement. If the odds at the time are worse than the ones you originally took, you will not get the full stake amount.

In addition, Betway offers ‘Partial Cash Out’. With this, you can settle a select amount of your bet instead of retiring the entire wager.

Head to the ‘My Bets’ area to see all of your cash-outable bets on Betway.

Cash Out – The early settlement of a bet.


You’ve done your pre-race ritual. Picked a horse. Chosen a stake. Confirmed the bet. The race begins. Wait a second, where’s your horse? 

When this happens your bet is classed as a non-runner. This means the horse failed to participate. Subsequently, Betway refunds your stake. However, if your wager is an Ante Post bet it will be settled as a loss. This is an important factor to keep in mind when placing horse-racing bets.

Non Runner – When a horse does not take part in the race and your bet is voided.

In-Play Bets/Live Bets

When you place an in-play wager, you’re betting on events currently taking place. In-play markets fluctuate in accordance with live game events, so you can expect to see a wide range of odds on similar selections throughout the course of a match, tournament or event.

Unlike pre-game bets, in-play bets can only be placed once the event has begun. You’ll need to be fast to confirm your bet as odds change rapidly – so stay on your toes.

In-Play Bets – Wagers placed during an event.


This is arguably the most important element when it comes to betting. Your stake is the amount of money you’re betting on a particular selection.

The stake can be your best friend or worst enemy. Many punters are unsure of their limits and go overboard on selections boasting giant odds – but this is an unsafe practice. You should only bet an amount you can afford to lose. This is why the stake is vital.

Enter your stake in the box provided when placing a wager on Betway. You’ll see your potential earnings if the bet wins next to the stake box. 

placing a bet on betway

Stake – The exact sum of money you bet on a selection.


These are the most-used bet types across the board at Betway. Each possesses different pros and cons, with every option available to bettors of any experience as long as they’re registered on Betway.

Singles are bets that consist of just one selection. The moment that more than one bet is added to your selection, it becomes a multiple. In gambling terms, the word ‘multiple’ spans all kinds of bet types – but all you need to remember is that it refers to wagers consisting of more than one bet.

An accumulator is a type of multiple. Accas, as they’re also known, contain four or more bets in a single selection. More often than not, there are no more than twelve bets included in the punt. They’re commonly used on horse racing markets, football markets and other sports events where many matches or games take place at the same time. 

You can see a detailed breakdown of each type of bet at Betway in our How To Place Bets on Betway piece.

Singles/Accumulators/Multiples – The three most commonly used bet types.

Other Key Terms on Betway

While the above-mentioned phrases are commonly found across Betway’s online betting website, there are other terms that are equally as important but easily hidden or disguised. Here, we’ll quickly break them down to provide added insight as to what Betway means when it uses such words or phrases.

  • Selection – A set of outcomes added to your betslip.
  • Bet Slip – The area in which your selection is kept before the bet is confirmed.
  • Markets – A group of bet types made up of different genres (Correct Score, Both Teams To Score, etc) where you’ll find many odds and types of bets to add to your betslip.
  • Account Balance/Wallet – Where your Betway funds are stored on the site.
  • Returns/Earnings – The amount you could receive if your bet wins
  • Suspended/Postponed – When an event has been called off due to inclement weather or any other reason.

Verify Your Account To Withdraw Winnings

It’s all well and good knowing why you want to bet, how to bet and the type of bet you want to place – but are you aware of what you need to do before being allowed to withdraw winnings from bets? 

You must verify your account in order to withdraw winnings from Betway. This ensures that Betway is confident you are who you claim to be, while also complying with UK gambling laws. Without being able to verify your home address and ID, Betway is not permitted to let you access important sections of the site and app.

For an in-depth look at How To Verify Your Betway Account, head over to our dedicated guide. There, we tell you which documents you need, how to upload said documentation and how long it takes to verify your ID. Once you’ve carried out the verification process, you’re free to withdraw winnings to your preferred banking method.

And if you’re unsure about which withdrawal options are open to registered Betway customers, check out our How To Withdraw From Betway walkthrough. Information on minimum withdrawal limits, processing times and withdrawal fees can be found there, along with a step by step guide on the withdrawal process.

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