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Keeping up to date with your bets is more important than ever in today’s online sports betting scene. With a wide range of sports and markets to choose from, it’s no wonder some bettors feel lost when viewing bet slips and bet history.

How To Withdraw Winnings From Bwin and Check Your Bets

That’s why you should follow this guide. Now that you’ve deposited and placed a bet, you’ll need to check the status of your current bets. We cover everything you need to know about how to check bets on Bwin, including:

  • Settled bets
  • Live Bets
  • Void bets
  • Open bets
  • Cash Out
  • Suspended markets

By the end, you should have a solid understanding of why bets are void and how to know when a bet is settled. Added to that, there’s a section overlooking Bwin’s Cash Out feature that provides in-depth analysis on suspended markets. 

Read on to see what an Open Bet is on Bwin.

What Is An Open Bet on Bwin

Getting to know the definition of an Open Bet is crucial to becoming a better punter on Bwin. This is because every bet you place on the site becomes “open” upon confirmation of the wager. Essentially, an Open Bet is one that has not yet been settled and therefore, it may be possible to Cash Out or edit (if permitted).

So, when you open your bet slip or the My Bets section and see your recently-placed and ongoing bets you can consider these to be Open Bets. 

To find your Open Bets, select your Profile icon and scroll down until you see My Bets. Select it, then wait for the page to load. You should see the word “Open” in the centre of the next page. Here, you’ll find all of your Open Bets on Bwin.

To recap:

  • Open Bets – Any bet at Bwin that has been placed but not yet settled. 
  • Find your Open Bets by clicking the Profile icon.
bwin open bets
  • Select My Bets.
bwin my bets
  • View your Open Bets via the middle option that reads “Open”.
bwin view open bets

What Does Settled Bet Mean on Bwin?

A Settled Bet on Bwin is the opposite of an Open Bet. Settled Bets cannot be cashed out or edited in any way as the event or tournament in question has concluded, leaving you with a win or a loss.

You can see which bets have settled recently at Bwin by opening your bet slip or examining the My Bets section within your Profile menu. Click your Profile icon, find My Bets, then select Settled Bets to see all of your recently settled wagers.

bwin settled bets

A summary:

  • Settled Bets – Uneditable bets that have concluded and resulted in a win or loss.
  • See your Settled bets by opening the Profile menu.
  • Scroll to My Bets and click it.
  • Click on Settled Bets on the next page.

What Does Live Bets Mean on Bwin?

The term Live Bets refers to bets in which the event is currently active or “in-play”. Live Bets and Open Bets are similar in that both display ongoing wagers – with Live Bets specifically displaying bets where the event has begun.

Therefore, you won’t see your Open Bets in the Live Bets section of Bwin until the event or competition has started. It’s also worth noting that Live Bets are more commonly cashed out compared to its Open Bets counterpart, with bettors more inclined to settle bets on an ongoing event over a pre-match wager.

You’ll come across Bwin’s Live Bets section by clicking the Live Bets button at the bottom of the site or through opening My Bets via the Profile menu, then selecting Live Bets.

bwin live bets

A summary of Live Bets at Bwin can be found here:

  • Live Bets – Any bet where the tournament or event is currently taking place.
  • Select the Profile icon.
  • Head to the My Bets section by scrolling down.
  • Click on Live Bets from the three available options.

What Does Void Bet Mean on Bwin?

It’s the notification that no online bettor ever wants to see. When your wager has been made void, it means Bwin has cancelled it and returned your stake to your account. 

The voiding of a bet does not come lightly. It may be due to a multitude of reasons, from incidents within an event to inclement weather, but the result of a bet being voided at Bwin remains the same: your bet does not count.

Other instances in which a bet is voided at Bwin include:

  • The match has been postponed 
  • The event has been suspended for an extended period of time.
  • Bwin has reason to believe the bet was made in error.

When a bet is void it will move to the Settled Bets section of Bwin. 

A recap:

  • Void Bets – Bets where the wager has been cancelled and your stake returned to your Bwin account wallet.

What Does Suspended Mean on Bwin?

When your bet is suspended it means it is not eligible for Cash Out. Think of a suspended bet as being temporarily settled, in that you cannot edit it in any way. 

Market and bet suspensions occur for a vast array of reasons, including the following:

  • An in-play event within the event.
  • The market has been deleted.
  • Technical issues concerning Bwin’s feed.
  • The bet may be ineligible for in-play markets.

If you see a suspended bet among your selection on Bwin, wait until it becomes active again. In most cases, suspended markets and bets return to their normal state within a few minutes.

What Does Cash Out Mean on Bwin?

To Cash Out is to settle a bet before the event you’ve wagered on naturally concludes. In effect, Cash Out puts you in complete control of how you earn winnings and protect against potential losses.

To utilize the Cash Out service on Bwin, log in and view your Live Bets. Alternatively, you can open the My Bets area by following the steps mentioned in our previous guides. Both will result in viewing the same page.

You can filter your bets to see only those eligible for Cash Out by selecting the Filter icon on the right-hand side of your screen. Next, select the bet you want to settle early and click the button coloured in yellow to process a Cash Out request. Provided there are no sudden price changes or market suspensions, your Cash Out should succeed in a matter of seconds.

Depending on the stake placed and the odds displayed at the time of Cash out, you may return a win or get hit with a loss. Note that Cash Out is only available for Single and Multiple bets at Bwin.

To summarize Cash Out at Bwin:

  • Cash Out – A feature at Bwin that lets you settle bets early and earn winnings or protect against losses.
  • To Cash Out, select My Bets or Live Bets.
  • Filter your wagers by those available for Cash Out.
  • Select the bet you want to cash out.
  • Press the yellow button to confirm your Cash Out.
  • Your Cash Out should go through within seconds.

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