How To Check Bets On Virgin Bet: 2022 Guide

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You’ll want to stay up to date with your wager after placing a bet on Virgin Bet’s online sportsbook. You can do this by revisiting your bet slip located on the right-hand side of your page, with each of your open bets viewable from this section. 

If you are yet to begin betting at Virgin Bet, be sure to check out our How To Bet on Virgin Bet guide. There, you’ll find everything you need to know when it comes to wagering on popular sports on the website and downloadable mobile app.

Even if your first bet is one you’re not particularly confident in, you have the opportunity to cash out. Virgin Bet lets you settle bets early to protect against losses and claim winnings early – so long as your wager meets certain criteria. See our How To Cash Out on Virgin Bet walkthrough for more on this feature.

Don’t hit the cash out button if you want to qualify for Virgin Bet’s welcome offer, though. The site currently credits eligible new customers with £20 in Free Bets for depositing and wagering £10 on any sports market when the bet is seen through. 

For a step by step guide on how to check your bets, read on.

How To Check Your Bets

Remain in the loop while betting on Virgin Bet to avoid placing repeat bets, to check which bets may need to be cashed out, as well as view the latest odds on your accumulators and more.

You don’t need to do much to check your bets. Simply open Virgin Bet, place a bet and wait for the event or tournament to begin. When ready to catch up on the action, open your bet slip/My Bets section on the desktop or visit the mobile app’s My Bets area. Here, you have the ability to view the following types of bets:

  • Open bets
  • Bets available for Cash Out
  • Settled Bets

This can help guide users in the right direction in terms of making a decision on cashing out bets, placing new bets and assessing future decisions concerning stakes and the types of bets being placed.

To recap:

  • Open your Betslip/MyBets on desktop or My Bets on a mobile device
  • View your Open Bets, bets ready for Cash Out and Settled bets
  • Use this information to make in-play and future decisions on your betting

Keep reading to learn specific definitions of key terminology used on Virgin Bet, including what it means to Settle, Void, Push and Suspend bets.

What Is An Open Bet On Virgin Bet?

An Open Bet refers to a wager that is currently underway and may also be known as an unsettled, live or in-play bet. As such, Open Bets are subject to the constant change in terms of pricing and player returns. 

Understanding Open Bets is crucial to betting on Virgin Bet because each wager you place on the site transforms into an Open Bet the moment it’s confirmed. Moreover, Open Bets go hand in hand with features present on the platform – like Cash Out.

Take a look at your Open Bets via your Profile icon on Virgin Bet. Just click the icon, then select “Open Bets” on your Dashboard in the centre of the screen. This will provide an overview of your Live/Open bets on the site.

open virgin bet profile page
check open bets on virgin bet

To summarize:

  • Open Bets – Any Live or In-Play bet on Virgin Bet
  • See your Open Bets by first selecting the Profile icon
  • Click “Open Bets” from your Dashboard on the next page
  • View your Open Bets

What Does Settled Mean On Virgin Bet?

Settled bets are wagers that have concluded – whether that be naturally or through using Cash Out. Unlike Open Bets, you cannot further edit the potential outcome of Open Bets as the result has already been determined by the course of play.

Settled bets are final. Once settled, you will receive winnings or face losses depending on the wager in question. 

To see all of your Settled bets on Virgin Bet, click your Profile icon and scroll down to select “History”. On the next page, click “Betting & Gaming History”. This should present the My Bets department, in which you can view your Settled bets. It’s worth noting that you can filter your Settled bets history by the last 24 hours, weekly, monthly, as well as the last 3 to 6 months.

check settled bets on virgin bet
view settled bets on virgin bet

A summary of Settled bets:

  • Settled Bets – Bets that are no longer active and returns have been handed out (if earned)
  • Examine your Settled bets by first clicking the Profile icon
  • Scroll to History
  • Select “Betting & Gaming History”
  • View your Settled bets from the subsequent My Bets page

What Does Push Mean On Virgin Bet?

Push bets are noticeably rare on sports betting sites, including Virgin Bet. However, that is not to say they never occur. A Push bet is one that sees neither the sportsbook nor the player comes out on top – with a stalemate the final outcome. 

Resultantly, the player’s stake is returned upon settlement of the bet. An example of a Push bet can be found below:

  • A football match ends 3-0
  • The Total Score Over/Under 3 is a Push if only “Over 3 goals and “Under 3 goals” are the available markets
  • Therefore, Virgin Bet will return the bettors stake

What Does Void Mean On Virgin Bet?

A bet being made void can be one of the most frustrating aspects of online betting. When a bet is void, it is essentially cancelled and shall no longer be settled. Note that bets may be voided after the settlement of a wager if Virgin Bet has any reason to do so. You will not receive winnings if this takes place.

There are various reasons for a void bet. See some of the most common causes of void bets below:

  • The event has been suspended
  • The event has been postponed
  • The market or price was listed in error
  • Your pick is a non-runner
  • Technical issues

Continue on for information about suspended bets.

What Does Suspended Mean On Virgin Bet?

Think of Suspended bets as temporarily voided bets. When a bet or market is suspended, you cannot utilize the Cash Out feature to settle bets early, place new bets on that market nor is it possible to view odds on the selection.

Market suspensions may occur for any reason, but most last no longer than a few minutes. Some reasons for the suspension of a bet or market have been outlined here:

  • Technical issues on Virgin Bet
  • An in-play event
  • The market has been taken offline
  • Your bet may be ineligible for in-play wagering

The next section breaks down one of Virgin Bet’s most important services – the Cash Out feature.

What Does Cash Out Mean On Virgin Bet?

To Cash Out a bet is to settle it before the natural conclusion of the event or competition. As a result of cashing out, you will receive any winnings accumulated during the course of the wager being Open or the amount of your Stake that remains. 

With this, you’re in control of when the bet is settled. You can use Cash Out whenever you like so long as the market is active and the value of your selection is above zero.

Find the Cash Out feature by clicking your Profile icon. Then, select “Open Bets” from your Dashboard. The following four options will be presented to you on the next page:

  • Open
  • Cash Out
  • Settled
  • Games History

Of these, select Cash Out. Virgin Bet will now display each bet of yours that may be settled early. Important rules pertaining to Cash Out on Virgin Bet can be found below:

  • Cash Out is not guaranteed
  • Cash Out is available for in-play and pre-game single and accumulator bets
  • Free Bet promotions are excluded from Cash Out

Should the price of your Cash Out change during the processing of your request, it will be terminated. You must try to Cash Out again to receive funds and settle the bet early.

Verify Your Account & Withdraw Winnings

Now we’ve covered the fundamentals of checking your bets at Virgin Bet and defined the terminology used on the platform, you’re ready to take home any winnings earned.

Before jumping to the withdraw button, you’ll need to verify your ID. You can do this by visiting Virgin Bet’s Help pages or by getting in touch with support through email. For more on how to verify your Virgin Bet account, follow our How To Verify Account on Virgin Bet guide. 
Upon verifying your identity you can withdraw funds to your preferred banking method. Virgin Bet currently supports two of the most popular payment systems in the world in PayPal and Debit Cards, so most customers should be capable of transferring money from the site to either an e-wallet or bank account. Read our complete walkthrough on How To Withdraw on Virgin Bet for a deep-dive on all things withdrawals.

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