How To Close/Limit Betway Account – Take A Break Guide

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Last Updated: October 11, 2022

How To Close or Limit Betway Account

Before shutting down your Betway account or setting up a self-exclusion, you should carry out a withdrawal. Transfer any funds in your Betway account wallet out of the website to ensure none of your money is locked inside it.

Once you’ve processed a withdrawal, you can begin the process of creating various limits associated with your Betway account. There are plenty of options at your disposal, with each tool catered to players requiring different levels of help. Namely, Betway offers deposit limits, self-exclusion, time outs, account closure, self-assessments and session reminders.

Depending on your needs, you may opt to select one or more of these Safer Gambling options. Regardless of which tool you choose, the most important thing is that you’re taking steps to treat gambling healthily.

How To Set Deposit Limits

Setting deposit limits will prevent overspending and encourage a more budget-focused approach to online sports betting at Betway. They do this by limiting the amount of money you’re allowed to fund to your Betway account balance during a given timeframe. For a look at How To Deposit on Betway, check out our walkthrough on adding money to your betting account.

To get started, log in to your Betway account and click on the box that reads ‘Safer Gambling’ at the top of the page.

betway safer gambling

This will bring up a pop-up in the centre of your screen. Among the multiple Safer Gambling tools and a short summary of what it means to utilize them, you’ll see a link to ‘Deposit Limit’. It should appear as the first option listed.

set deposit limits on betway

Click on ‘Deposit Limit’ to be met with another button, this time coloured green. It also reads ‘Deposit Limit’. Select it to view the Deposit Limits area on Betway.

betway deposit limits
edit deposit limits on betway

From here, you can examine your old deposit limit that may have been edited when creating your account on the site. Select ‘Edit’ to make changes to your deposit limit. You can now set brand new daily, weekly and monthly deposit restrictions. Minimum deposit limits start at £50 while the maximum permitted deposit limit is capped at £5,000. When content with the changes to your deposit limit, click ‘Update’.

update deposit limits on betway

It’s at this point that the fine print becomes important. If you decrease a deposit limit, your requested change will come into force right away. Should you increase deposit limits on your account – or remove a deposit limit in its entirety – the change will only come into effect after 24 hours. This works by asking you to return to Beway’s deposit limit page to confirm your changes 24 hours later.

Press ‘Confirm’ to proceed with your new deposit limits.

To recap:

  • Open ‘Safer Gambling’ 
  • Select ‘Deposit Limits’
  • Press ‘Edit’ to make changes to your deposit limits
  • After editing your limits, click ‘Confirm’
  • Your new deposit limits should take effect either immediately or 24 hours later

Does Betway Have Self Exclusion/Time Out?

A key element to healthy gambling is knowing when to take a break. It doesn’t matter how long or short the break is but what does matter is how you decide to proceed with it. This is because there are two ways that you can put a halt to online betting on Betway:

  • Self-Exclusion
  • Time Out

They may appear similar at face value – and to an extent, they are – but there is one factor to consider when picking between the pair: the length of time these tools can bar you from playing at Betway. Therefore, prior to jumping to a decision without really thinking about it, ask yourself some simple questions. 

  • How long do you plan on not using any of Betway’s services? 
  • Will you benefit from an extended period away from gambling at Betway?
  • Can you budget for gambling in the short term?
  • Do you feel out of control when gambling?

Depending on your answers, you can make a decision best suited to your needs. Every player is different, so don’t feel pressured to make an answer that you feel is “right”. Your decision cannot be wrong.

How To Self-Exclude From Betway

Starting with Self Exclusion, open Betway’s home page and head to the ‘Safer Gambling’ section. Scroll down until you see an area titled ‘Self-Exclusion’, then click on it. 

self exclusion on betway

Much like Deposit Limits, a small drop-down section will appear with a green button. Press this button to access the ‘Self-Exclusion’ part of the pop-up.

self exclude on betway

You can self-exclude for a period of between 6 months and 5 years. This is made clear in the Terms and Conditions set out by Betway on the page presented after selecting the green ‘self-exclude’ button. To confirm you have read and understood Betway’s T&Cs, tick the box at the bottom of the page.

betway self exclusion terms and conditions

Continue by pressing ‘Next’. On the following page, Betway gives you the opportunity to choose the length for which you will be excluded from its platforms. Upon making a decision, you must again press ‘Next’ to proceed to Step 3.

choose self exclusion period on betway

Lastly, you must tick three boxes to let Betway know that you comply with the following conditions:

  • You will not be allowed to access your Betway account while under self-exclusion
  • Your self-exclusion will apply to other services under the jurisdiction of Betway Limited
  • You will be logged out of your Betway account as soon as you confirm your self-exclusion
  • You agree that you must contact support to reactivate your account after the self-exclusion period has elapsed
comply with betway terms and conditions

Confirm your self-exclusion by clicking the button that reads ‘Confirm Self Exclusion’.

To summarize:

  • Click on ‘Safer Gambling’
  • Tick the box to confirm you understand the T&Cs concerning self-exclusion
  • Select a self-exclusion timeframe
  • Tick four boxes to confirm you agree to follow specific self-exclusion rules
  • Press ‘Confirm Self Exclusion’ to confirm your exclusion from Betway

How To Take a Time Out On Betway

Time Outs are incredibly similar to self-exclusions in that they also put a sudden halt to your ability to access the site. However, unlike the self-exclusion program, time outs cannot last any longer than 6 weeks. They are specifically developed for bettors that require a short-term break from online betting.

You can find the Time Out page on Betway by visiting the site and opening the ‘Safer Gambling’ department. It isn’t explicitly listed as ‘Time Out’ but rather, Betway has named the feature ‘Take a Break’.

take a break on betway
take a time break on betway

Click on the heading to find the green button. Press the button to be transferred to Betway’s ‘Take a Break’ settings page, which offers the following timescales in relation to your break length.

  • 1 Day
  • 2 Days
  • 1 Week
  • 2 Weeks
  • 3 Weeks
  • 4 Weeks
  • 5 Weeks
  • 6 Weeks

Feel free to choose any one of these periods. Click ‘Update’ to confirm your time out from Betway. Note that you will immediately lose access to your account for the specified period of time once it has begun.

choose your break duration on betway

Let’s go over that one more time:

  • Select ‘Safer Gambling’
  • Find ‘Take a Break’
  • Click on the green button to open the Take a Break section
  • Choose a time period
  • Confirm your break from Betway by clicking ‘Update’

How To Close Your Account

This is arguably the most extreme measure that can be taken by customers at Betway. While the other Safer Gambling tools revoke access to your account for a set period, closing down your entire profile will restrict you from the site indefinitely. 

There are plenty of reasons for shutting a Betway account. Regardless of your explanation, it is valid. In keeping with this mantra, there will be no judgement from Betway’s team should you wish to reactivate your account in the future. 

Start by opening the ‘Safer Gambling’ pop-up. You’ll find ‘Account Closure’ between ‘Take a Break’ and ‘Self Exclusion’, with the green ‘Account Closure’ button visible after clicking on the relevant link.

close account on betway

Betway will move you to a three-step form comprised of some simple tasks. First of these is a one-click questionnaire that asks why you’ve decided to stop playing at Betway. The available answers are:

  • I don’t like the products offered
  • I don’t like the promotions offered
  • I received poor customer service
  • I have another account elsewhere
  • Other
betway account closure questionairre

Click on the small circle next to the answer that best represents your reason for leaving. When you’re prepared to continue, click ‘Next’.

Step 2 is equally easy to get through. Here, Betway wants you to confirm your understanding of these terms:

  • Closing your account is not a self-exclusion
  • Your account will be closed indefinitely
  • All open bets will be honoured and settled 
betway closure terms and conditions

Tick the box underneath these options to agree with Betway’s conditions. Click ‘Next’ to move on.

Lastly, Step 3 asks you to choose whether or not you want to receive marketing communication from Betway from this point onwards. Simply tick the boxes next to your communication preferences, then select ‘Continue With Account Closure’ to shut your account.

confirm account closure on betway

You’ll be logged out of your account immediately. Remember, your account can be reopened whenever you decide – just visit Betway to retake control of your profile.

A short summary:

  • Press the ‘Safer Gambling’ icon
  • Find and click on ‘Account Closure’
  • Follow all three steps included in the Account Closure form
  • Confirm the closure of your Betway account by pressing ‘Continue With Account Closure’
  • Your account will be shut down immediately

Other Safer Gambling Tools on Betway

If you feel that none of the above-discussed tools works for you, there are some other ways to stay safe at Betway. Each of these can be found under the ‘Safer Gambling’ heading located at the top of Betway’s home page.

A Session Reminder can be used to send a pop-up notification after a select period of time that you’ve remained logged in on Betway. The timer automatically begins the moment you log in on the site. You can find ‘Session Reminder’ under ‘Deposit Limit’ and above ‘Self Assessment’ links.

betway session reminder

From the ‘Session Reminder’ page, pick a reminder period. The following periods can be selected:

  • 15 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • 45 minutes
  • 1 hour

Press ‘Confirm’ to set your Session Reminder.

betway session reminder confirmation

The other Safer Gambling method we’ve yet to discuss is ‘Self Assessment’. It’s more or less what you’d expect – an assessment of your gambling habits, taken alone. Don’t fret if you’re short on time as the quiz shouldn’t take any longer than 5-10 minutes to complete.

Once you press the green ‘Self Assessment’ button, Betway should open a new tab by GamCare where you’ll be met with the aptly titled quiz ‘GamTest’. You’re given a scale between 0-10 and your answer is determined by choosing a number that best represents how you feel about your betting. The closer to ‘0’ you are, the less a question or statement applies to you. The nearer ‘10’ it is, the more it applies to how you feel. Try to answer each question openly and honestly. These questions are private to you and will not be shared with anybody else. 

You’ll be given a result at the end of the quiz. The test result will tell you if your gambling is under control or if you need to work on some aspects of your betting tendencies. 

betway gambling self assessment

Whatever Safer Gambling tool you use, it’s a step in the right direction. Know your limits. Stay in control. 

Final Tip

Before any closure, make sure to withdraw any current funds in your account and check any open bets you still have on the account. You may be able to cash out these bets before limiting or closing your account.

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