How to close, self exclude or place limits on BetVictor

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Last Updated: October 10, 2022

At BetVictor you can close accounts, self exclude for a set period of time and place limits on various features, including the amount of money you may deposit on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. These restrictions are not imposed by BetVictor and you are free to edit them as you wish.

Here, you’ll learn all you need to know about closing a BetVictor account, self-exclusion and service limits. We’ll walk you through each step carefully to provide a clear picture of what to expect if you decide to restrict your account for any reason.

Betting is fun, but everyone has a limit. Get to know yours.

How To Close Your BetVictor Account

You must contact BetVictor’s dedicated customer support team to close your account. To get in touch with the team, visit the site and send a message or call via the following mediums:

  • Live chat
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Telephone
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Each leg of BetVictor’s support system is open 24/7, so you can get the help you need whenever you want. 

Simply ask the agent to close your account and they’ll carry out your request. It should be noted that closed BetVictor accounts may be reopened at any time.

How To Self Exclude On BetVictor

While closed accounts can be reopened whenever you desire, profiles under self-exclusion at BetVictor are not allowed to reactivate until the end of the self-exclusion period. 

Users that self exclude can do so for between 6 months and 5 years, with access to BetVictors products or advertisements available entirely prohibited. Only at the end of the self-exclusion period can you access features and services offered by BetVictor.

how to self exclude on betvictor

You must contact BetVictor via telephone at the end of your self exclusion period to reactivate your account. Following this call, a 24-hour cooling-off period will ensue as BetVictor provides some time for customers to ponder on the decision.

If you decide to continue with the reopening of your account, BetVictor will accept your request. Contrarily, you may opt for an extended self-exclusion period.

How To Place Limits On BetVictor

You can place limits on virtually every service provided by BetVictor. To restrict certain areas of your account, head to the Safer Gambling Portal found within your Profile menu. 

In this section, you’ll discover important information concerning account limits, including those on deposits, time-outs, and restrictions on particular BetVictor products and services. 

Deposit Limits

Designed to create a healthier gaming environment, deposit limits can improve the state of your online betting at BetVictor. With deposit limits, you have the ability to restrict the amount of cash flow into your BetVictor account wallet across the following timescales:

  • Daily limits
  • Weekly limits
  • Monthly limits

You are free to choose limits that work best for you. However, while you may decrease your limits at any time and the request will be enacted immediately, any increase to deposit limits takes 24 hours to process.

how to set deposit limits on betvictor

Deposit limits start at £5 and can go up to £40,000.


BetVictor offers Time-Outs as a less-extreme version of the self-exclusion service. Time-outs can last from 24 hours up to 6 weeks, whereas self-exclusions begin at 6 months and can remain active for half a decade. 

how to set a time out on betvictor

Similar to self-exclusions, you won’t receive marketing contact during a time-out period. Moreover, access to your BetVictor account will be fully restricted. 

When your time-out ends you can choose to extend it or reactivate your account. If you decide to extend, you will lose access to your BetVictor account once again and when in place, time-outs cannot be reversed.

Product Restrictions

Unlike the other restrictions mentioned up to now, product restrictions are limited to specific services provided by BetVictor. Instead of a blanket ban on the site as a whole, you can restrict your ability to bet on sports but continue betting at the online casino. 

This is for anyone that knows their limits and want to take control, while still enjoying some aspects of betting.

You can place product restrictions on any service provided by BetVictor. Whether you want to stop betting on sports, the casino, particular events, games or anything else – BetVictor’s support team can sort it out for you.

how to set product restrictions on betvictor

To restrict access to certain products at BetVictor, contact the team via email, live chat, social media or over the phone by requesting a callback.

If you are going to be closing, limiting or self excluding from Betvictor then remember to withdraw your current balance before you do so.

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