How Delete Ladbrokes Account, Self Exclude Or Set Betting Limits

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Last Updated: November 8, 2022

Ladbrokes How To Close Account

You can close your Ladbrokes account by opening the side menu, then pressing Gambling Controls. On the next page, scroll down until you see the Account Closure & Reopening section. 

In this section, you must choose between five options. These are:

  • I want to close/reopen certain products within my account
  • I want to close my account
  • I want to take a break for up to 6 weeks
  • Immediate stop
  • I want to close my account as I might have a gambling problem

Pick the option most relevant to you. In our case, we chose “I want to close my account.” 

By clicking this option, we were met with a new page that presented four more choices. Here, you can pick between closing specific sections of your Ladbrokes account – i.e. shutting only the Casino part of the account – or you can opt to shut down your entire profile.

To close the account as a whole, click the green box that says “Close Account”. This will immediately close your Ladbrokes account.

How To Shut My Ladbrokes Account – Five-Step Guide

Below, we’ve put together a five-step guide outlining how you can close your Ladbrokes account. 

  1. Log in, then click on the Profile icon in the top right-hand corner.
  2. Select Gambling Controls. 
  3. Now, scroll down the page and press “Close My Account”.
  4. In the next section, close the account by selecting “Close Account” highlighted in the green box.
  5. Your Ladbrokes account is now closed.

Can I Reopen My Ladbrokes Account After Closure?

If you decide to close your entire Ladbrokes account, you can reopen it anytime after the following 6 months. You may need to contact support if you experience any issues regarding the reopening of a closed account.

If you choose to close only select sections of the Ladbrokes website, you will be permitted to reopen those services after 24 hours. 

Ladbrokes How To Close Account For a Select Duration

If you want to close your Ladbrokes account for a select period, you should visit the Self Exclusion page or the Service Closure Page. In the Service Closure Page, you will be presented with the opportunity to choose the services you want to exclude yourself from – including the entire website – and you can enter for how long you want to be barred from accessing those services.

The Self Exclusion Page does not allow you to shut down specific services. Rather, you can select a timeframe in which you want to restrict yourself from all gambling access on the platform – more on this in the next section.

After the duration of time you choose has elapsed, each Ladbrokes service from which you were excluded will become available to you again.

Should you decide to close your account indefinitely, you must wait six months before being allowed to access it.

How To Self Exclude On Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes offers a Self Exclusion service which provides customers with an opportunity to revoke all access from the sites’ products with immediate effect. Moreover, Ladbrokes lets you self-exclude using its own exclusion page or that which is offered by GAMSTOP. While the latter stops you from playing at a wide range of online betting sites, the Ladbrokes self-exclusion page solely bans you from utilizing its products.

To find the Self Exclusion section, head to Gambling Controls and scroll down until you see Account Closure and Reopening. Of the options available, select “I want to close my account as I might have a gambling problem”.

how to self exclude on ladbrokes

Ladbrokes will present a new page that serves up two options:

  • Go to GAMSTOP
  • Exclude me from Ladbrokes
ladbrokes responsible gambling

If you choose to go to GAMSTOP, you will not be able to play at any licensed online bookmaker or betting platform based in the UK. If you choose to self-exclude from Ladbrokes, you will only be barred from using Ladbrokes services for a particular and customized amount of time.

On the next page are three more options. Here, you can opt to self-exclude from all Entain products and services, just Ladbrokes, or again visit GAMSTOP. At the bottom of the page is a link to continue with the Ladbrokes self-exclusion process. You’ll be met with a pop-up outlining the precise meaning behind self-exclusion and what happens to your account if you go through with it. For instance, when you self-exclude you cannot:

how do i self exclude from all entain brands
  • Log in to your Ladbrokes account
  • Receive marketing communication 
  • Fund your account to participate in new offers

Click Continue to proceed. The final step requires that you fill out a short form in which the details of your Self-Exclusion must be added. Here, you may select a timeframe between 6 months to 5 years. Press Continue to confirm your Self-Exclusion. 

To summarize:

  • Open your Profile menu 
  • Select Gambling Controls
  • Find “I want to close my account as I might have a gambling problem”
  • Click on “Exclude me from Ladbrokes”
  • Choose whether or not you want to be excluded from all Entain services or only Ladbrokes
  • Pick a timeframe between 6 months and 5 years
  • Confirm your Self-Exclusion

Remove Self Exclusion

It should be noted that Self Exclusion is irreversible and players must wait for the specified time to elapse before being permitted to access Ladbrokes services again. You will not be allowed to create a new account at Ladbrokes, nor can you place bets, take advantage of bonuses or deposit funds via the site or mobile app.

You can log in to Ladbrokes as soon as the specified period has been seen through. 

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