How to Get and Turn on Notifications for bet365

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Working out how to get notifications on bet365 might sound daunting, but it’s actually very easy.

Below we have all the details, starting with our step by step guide for how to turn on bet365 notifications.

How to turn on bet365 notifications

Using soccer (as bet365 chooses to call football) as an example, these are the steps needed to be taken.

  1. Navigate to the relevant coupon, and then football match you want the notifications for.
  2. Click on the bell symbol (live alerts tab).
  3. Then click on ‘get live alerts on this match’ and get the green tick.
  4. Then open the tab which shows you a drop down menu of available alerts.
  5. Tick the alerts you require.

Whatever device you are using, when prompted, you will need to give bet365 permission to push alerts.

The amount of notifications available to choose from on bet365 is quite staggering. Notifications are available on the following sports:-

It’s when you see how many notifications are available on each sport that you see the true scale of this though.

For example, let’s take soccer, where you can get alerts on the following:-

You can even set up team-specific alerts for the whole season if you want to.

How to turn goal alerts on bet365

One of the most popular events in soccer is obviously goal, so let’s look at how to turn on goal alerts on bet365.

“Insert Video”

The above video shows you how to navigate your way around the bet365 website and find the alerts for an English Premier League match between Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea.

The video ends on the section where you will find the goal alerts.

Starting on the homepage it shows you how to find the soccer tab, then the league, then the match.

From there it shows you to click on the ‘bell symbol’ and demonstrates how to switch on the alerts you’re after.

The process is pretty much the same for all the other sports that bet365 have notifications on.

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