How To Place A Bet In Ladbrokes Shop

Placing a bet in a real shop involves 5 simple steps:

  1. Finding the Ladbrokes shop that you want to bet in: There is a shop locator on the ‘Grid’ page of the Ladbrokes website or you can simply type in Ladbrokes to google maps.
  2. Setting up your Ladbrokes Grid account if you would like to tie your in shop betting to an online account (optional): This can be done via the ‘Grid’ page of the Ladbrokes website.
  3. Checking the betting terminals and live TV for odds to bet on.
  4. Filling out your betting slip.
  5. Handing it in to the kiosk.

Although some would say that in shop betting is outdated, the process is almost as simple as online should you choose to do so.

How To Fill Out A Ladbrokes Betting Slip Single

When filling out your slip there’s a number of different ways to do it. This can vary from shop to shop, and so the bookmakers aren’t overly fussy, so long as you include the key information.

  1. Fixture of match. E.g. Chelsea vs. Man city.
  2. Define the bet with all key info. E.g Chelsea Win, or Lukaku anytime goalscorer.
  3. Add the odds just to lock in the odds you’ve seen.
  4. Add the individual stakes of your single bets next to each bet.
  5. Fill out the total stake at the bottom of the slip.

This is an example of how you would fill out a blank slip for a football bet, but the blank slips can be used for any kind of bet and you can also find formatted slips to make the process easier.

When placing different kinds of accumulators the process can become more tricky, but as long as you conserve the space, keep it legible and maintain the above principles you should be fine.

You simply need to state what type of bet you’re placing and the stake next to it. When you get into advanced multiples it is worth your time to learn about the different names for them, such as lucky 15 and yankee bets.

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