How To Place A Reverse Forecast Bet365?

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What Is A Reverse forecast?

This is a type of racing bet, on the first and second place in a given race but you don’t have to specify which racer will finish in which position. It’s most commonly used for horse and greyhound racing.

How To Place A Reverse Forecast On Bet365

  1. Initially, you must find the race that you are interested in through the horse racing or greyhounds section.
  2. Then you simply go to the Forecast / Tricast bets and select the two racers that you believe will place 1st and 2nd by ticking the ‘Any’ box next to their names under Forecast.
  3. Then you can simply click ‘Add to Bet Slip’.
  4. From this bet slip you can choose your stake, which is split into two bets, so type half of your desired amount, which will then appear next to the ‘Place Bet’ button, which you can then click to proceed with your selection if you’re happy with the odds and returns noted on the slip.

Placing a reverse forecast bet is the same process that you’d use for a combination forecast.


What Are The Odds On A Reverse Forecast?

The odds on this type of bet are not always possible to calculate, but a formula is used by the bookmakers to take into account how many racers are taking part and their form. These odds are available to see by clicking the ‘show odds’ button on your bet slip.

What Are The Odds Of A Straight Forecast?

In a straight forecast, the bettor must accurately predict which racer places 1st, and which places 2nd, the order can’t be mixed and they must both be correct. The odds on this type of bet are longer than the odds for a reverse forecast, but once again, is a tricky calculation, better left to the bookmakers.

How Many Bets In A Lucky 15 Forecast?

A lucky 15 forecast is a type of combination forecast, in which the player chooses 4 racers and puts a selection of bets on them to try and cover a broad range of outcomes with short odds. The bets include 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and 1 fourfold. The bet is called the lucky 15, as you’ve got 15 bets (or lines) placed, making a £1 stake equal to a £15 bet. The lucky fifteen is an example of a full coverage bet, that works for some 4 fold accumulators, and doesn’t necessarily apply to horseracing.

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