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Last Updated: October 10, 2022

Getting familiar with a new bookmaker isn’t always easy. Some offer different sports, markets, features and even basic facilities like menus may look alien at times. By taking advantage of Virgin Bet’s new customer offer, you’ll get settled in on the site quickly.

This welcome offer credits newly registered players with £20 in Free Bets when you deposit and wager just £10. Qualifying bets may be placed on any sport of your choice and must be worth exactly £10 in value. As Virgin Bet offers just two methods of deposit in PayPal and Debit Cards (both of which are eligible deposit options for this bonus) each new player that adds at least £10 to their account wallet will qualify.

Once you’ve claimed the offer, it’s time to place a bet. Read on for a walkthrough on How To Place A Bet on Virgin Bet.

How To Place A Bet 

At the heart of every online sports betting operator is the ability to add selections to your bet slip, enter a customizable stake and confirm the wager. Virgin Bet has developed a website that offers a streamlined service when it comes to placing bets.

It does this by keeping your bet slip permanently visible on desktop versions of the site. No matter which area of Virgin Bet you view, the bet slip will remain present on the right-hand side of the page. This provides constant insight into your current selections, including information on refreshed odds.

You can place a sports bet on Virgin Bet by first selecting which sport you want to take a punt on. To make this guide easier to follow, we’ll continue from here as though you selected football. The steps outlined can also be applied to every other option found on the site, however.

Now, select between various leagues or competitions in which events upcoming events will take place. This includes football in Spain, Italy, Germany and the UK. To bet on a match in England, click “England – Premier League”. 

virgin bet football betting

A page displaying every game soon to be played should open. Here, you can examine odds for the following outcomes:

  • Home win
  • Draw
  • Away win 

Outcomes are labelled by the number “1” and “2”, representing a home victory and away victory respectively. The letter “X” refers to a stalemate. 

Pick an outcome to add to your betslip by clicking the odds representing it. The odds will light up in red and your selection should appear within your betslip. Now, shift your focus to the slip.

football betting on virgin bet

Enter a stake in the small box next to your selection. Just beneath this box are your potential returns (the amount you could win) and this value can be used to determine your desired stake. When you’re ready to confirm your bet, find the “Place Bet” button in the bottom corner of your betslip and click it. After a short processing period, Virgin Bet will accept your Single.

To recap:

  • Select a sport from the side menu
  • Pick a league or tournament
  • Select an event to bet on from that league or tournament
  • Add an outcome from the event to your betslip by clicking on the odds
  • View your betslip and enter a stake
  • Confirm your wager by clicking “Place Bet”

Keep reading to find out how to place an accumulator bet.

How To Place an Accumulator Bet

Now you’ve familiarized yourself with the art of placing a bet, it’s time to discuss one of the most popular bet types in the sports industry: the accumulator. 

Accumulators – also known as accas – consist of four or more bets, each from the same sport and market but different events. You cannot mix markets or sports when creating an accumulator. 

You can follow the steps outlined in the previous section to create an acca. Although some aspects stray from the course, the overall premise remains similar. For instance, you must pick a sport, events and a particular market to bet on before setting up your accumulator. 

The only difference is the number of bets being added to your bet slip. Rather than just one, you’ll add at least four. The more bets added to your accumulator, the bigger the odds become. The bigger the odds, the greater your potential winnings.

View your betslip once four or more bets from the same market have been added. Instead of reading “Single” above your selection, it should now read “Acca”. Towards the bottom of the betslip are your odds, while the potential returns for the accumulator reside underneath the text within the “Place Bet” button.

how to place a bet on virgin bet

Simply click “Place Bet” to place your accumulator bet. Much like Single bets, your wager will go through successfully after a short processing period in which Virgin Bet ensures there have been no price changes.

To summarize:

  • Select a sport
  • Pick a market to bet on
  • Select four or more outcomes from that market 
  • Open your betslip
  • Enter a stake and confirm your accumulator

How To Place an Accumulator Bet on the App

Essentially the same as placing an accumulator bet on the browser version of the site, you can create the same types of accas on the app as on a desktop. 

Just open Virgin Bet’s app for iOS or Android devices, then pick a sport from the A-Z menu. After picking a sport, scan the available markets and choose the one you want to bet on. Some popular football markets include:

  • To Win
  • Goalscorer
  • Total Goals
  • Over/Under
  • Both Teams To Score

Add at least four outcomes from your chosen market to your bet slip by tapping on the odds. Much like the desktop platform developed by Virgin Bet, prices light up in red upon being added to your bet slip. You can view your bet slip by tapping the centre-icon located in the footer menu. 

Use your betslip to remove bets from your accumulator, edit your stake and place the bet. You may take a look at your current Total Odds in the bottom left-hand corner of your slip, presented to your left-hand side of the “Place Bet” button. Your returns are listed in this button.

Confirm your Virgin Bet app accumulator by tapping “Place Bet”.

A quick summary of how to place an accumulator on the app:

  • Open the app and pick a sport
  • Select a market on that sport
  • Add four or more outcomes listed within the chosen market
  • Open your betslip 
  • Input a stake in the box provided 
  • Place your app acca by tapping “Place Bet”

For information on the other types of multiples found on Virgin Bet, read below.

How To Bet On Multiples

If you feel capable of betting on accumulators, you may well be ready to try using other multiples on the site. The process followed works in exactly the same way as the above-mentioned Singles and Accumulator bets, albeit with key differences in the number of bets included in these multiples.

Below, we’ve provided a breakdown of the most popular multiple bets on Virgin Bet. Starting with the most basic options and moving towards more complex wagers, see below:


  • Two bets from the same market across different events


  • Three bets from the same market across different events

Lucky 15

  • 15 bets
  • 4 Singles, 6 Doubles, 4 Trebles, 1 Four-Fold Accumulator

Lucky 31

  • 31 bets
  • 5 Singles, 10 Doubles, 10 Trebles, 5 Four-Fold Accumulators, 1 Five-Fold Accumulator

Lucky 63

  • 63 bets
  • 15 Doubles, 20 Trebles, 15 Four-Fold Accumulators, 6 Five-Fold Accumulators, 1 Six-Fold Accumulator


  • 11 bets
  • 6 Doubles, 4 Trebles, 1 Four-Fold Accumulator


  • 26 bets
  • 10 Doubles, 10 Trebles, 5 Four-Fold Accumulators, 1 Five-Fold Accumulator


  • 57 bets
  • 15 Doubles, 20 Trebles, 15 Four-Fold Accumulators, 6 Five-Fold Accumulators, 1 Six-Fold Accumulator 


  • 247 bets
  • 28 Doubles, 56 Trebles, 70 Four-Fold Accas, 56 Five-Fold Accas, 28 Six-Fold Accas, 8 Seven-Fold Accas, 1 Eight-Fold Acca

We recommend pacing yourself when attempting to utilize any of these multiple bets. It’s best to start small and work your way up as you gain experience. Multiples come with a high-risk, high-reward reputation for a reason – and the decision to use them should not be taken on a whim. 

Careful consideration on how to bet using multiples is a must. If you feel you need to take extra steps to limit your betting on Virgin Bet, you can restrict access to particular products, set deposit and playtime limits, as well as suspend your account. 

virgin bet safer gambling tools

For an in-depth look at Safer Gambling on Virgin Bet, see our guide on How To Limit/Self-Exclude/Close Account on the site.

How To Change Odds Format

Some odds are easier to understand than others. Since the dawn of online sports betting websites, debates have raged across the community as to which format is best to use. Regardless of where you stand on the subject, you’re free to switch between your preferred odds at the touch of a button on Virgin Bet.

There are two ways to access the Odds Format section. You can click the Settings cog located in your bet slip or open your Profile menu, select Settings and click “Odds Format”. Both avenues lead to the same destination.

virgin bet settings
virgin bet settings cog wheel

You’ll be transferred to a new area where a new Odds Format is presented. If you were previously using Fractional odds, Virgin Bet will let you change to Decimal – and vice versa.

virgin bet odds format settings

How To Check Your Placed Bets

Picking the most suitable Odds Format for you makes it easier to check your bets. Gone are the days of scrambling for an odds calculator to make sure your odds are as expected – you can now check your bets with a format you’re most comfortable with.

Checking bets is vital to staying up to date with the latest goings-on concerning your open bets. By coming back to check bets every so often, you put yourself in the best position to make quick decisions. This means you can Cash Out easily, catch up on suspended markets and see the latest results from similar markets and events.

To discover all you need to know about checking bets on Virgin Bet, head over to our piece on How To Check Bets on Virgin Bet.

Cash Out on Virgin Bet

Now you’ve placed a bet and checked its current odds, you may be able to Cash Out using Virgin Bet’s popular feature. With Cash Out, you can settle bets early to protect against losses and claim winnings before the natural conclusion of a league, tournament or event.

Look out for the Cash Out section within the My Bets area. If any of your Open Bets are eligible for Cash Out, they will be listed in this department of Virgin Bet. 

Select which bet you want to settle using Cash Out, then confirm your choice. Further information can be found in our piece on How To Cash Out.

Unique Betting Markets on Virgin Bet

Bet Builder is the one notable special betting market on Virgin Bet. Despite similar facilities being opened by competing sportsbooks, Virgin Bet has developed one of the most accessible versions out there.

Previously only available on iOS and Android tablets and smartphones, Bet Builder has recently moved to desktop platforms. Now, you can create custom wagers both on the go and from the comfort of your home. 

To access Virgin Bet’s Bet Builder, open any sports market and select an event. If the event is supported by the Bet Builder feature, you’ll see an option listed in the market menu.

virgin bet bet builder

Pick up to six bets from various markets, including:

  • To Win
  • Total Goals
  • Correct Score
  • Both Teams To Score
  • Goalscorer
  • Total Goals Per Half
  • Corners

The Bet Builder bet slip is easily noticeable as it is black with white text, compared to the standard white bet slip. Once six or fewer bets have been added to your Bet Builder selection, view the betslip and enter a stake. Confirm your Bet Builder bet in the same way as a normal bet – simply click “Place Bet”.

virgin bet builder betting slip
virgin bet builder confirm bet

See our full guide on Virgin Bet’s Bet Builder for a complete walkthrough on how to use the service.

Time To Withdraw Winnings

Having gained an understanding of how to use a vast array of Virgin Bet’s betting features, you should be prepared to withdraw any funds earned from winning bets. No matter which type of bet has been won, whether it be via:

  • Bet Builder
  • Multiples
  • An Accumulator
  • A Single
  • Cashing Out

You can withdraw funds from your Virgin Bet account wallet to PayPal, a Bank Account or Debit Card within five days. The Cashier is simple to use on desktop and mobile, and you can follow our guided tutorial on withdrawing on both the browser and downloadable app version of the platform in our How To Withdraw on Virgin Bet article.

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