How To Register on BetVictor & Verify Your Account

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Last Updated: February 14, 2023

BetVictor is the place to be for online sports betting on the world’s most-watched events. Whether you’re in the mood for horse racing accumulators, football bets on the weekend or outright wagers, BetVictor has something for customers of almost every interest.

Newly registered users are eligible for a handy boost by opting-in to the site’s welcome bonus. By taking advantage of this welcome offer, you can wager using extra cash across permitted markets. Simply deposit funds in accordance with the promotion’s terms and conditions, then wait for your money to arrive in your account wallet. Be sure to use any earned bonus funds before time runs out as most BetVictor offers expire after a set period.

All it takes is some patience while registering, as well as a solid bankroll, to enjoy the likes of rugby, cricket, virtual sports and more on BetVictor.

How To Register on BetVictor

Find BetVictor via your web browser by searching for the site. It should be one of the first results displayed. Click on the site’s URL to open its homepage.

In the top right-hand corner are two options:

  • Log In
  • Sign Up

As you’re a new user without an account, select ‘Sign Up’ to begin creating an account. BetVictor will automatically transfer you to a new page consisting of a registration form made up of three different parts. Alternatively, you can click the yellow button at the top of the screen to sign up through PayPal. However, the majority of players will probably create a profile at BetVictor by entering all personal information manually – and that’s what we’ll focus on here.

How To Register on BetVictor & Verify Your Account -

The first call to action requires that you select between Male or Female as your gender. Following on from that, you must input your first and last name (BetVictor doesn’t need your middle name) before entering your date of birth. Remember, all registrants must be aged 18 and over to play on the platform.

The final part of the first registration page is where you provide your mobile number. Feel free to select other international codes if your number is not based in the UK.

How To Register on BetVictor & Verify Your Account -

Press the green button to proceed to the next section.

The second stage is incredibly easy to carry out. Here, you’re asked to type your home address into the space provided and select which country you’re playing from. There are various nations in which BetVictor is legal, so pick the one relevant to you.

How To Register on BetVictor & Verify Your Account -

Now onto the third and final step, titled ‘Account’. Link an email address to your BetVictor profile – preferably an address you use regularly – and create a memorable password. Shift your focus a little further down the page to see which currencies are supported by BetVictor, with GBP and Euros the two primary options. Others include:

  • US Dollars
  • Canadian Dollars
  • New Zealand Dollars
  • Norwegian Krone

Lastly, tick the boxes to confirm you do/don’t want to receive marketing communication from BetVictor and that you’ve read the terms and conditions. When ready to finish, press ‘Create Account’ in the green button at the bottom of the page.

How To Register on BetVictor & Verify Your Account -

To go over that one more time:

  • Click ‘Sign Up’ in the top right-hand corner of the screen
  • Fill out the three-part registration form
  • Select ‘Create Account’ after entering your personal and account information

How To Verify Your Account

By law, BetVictor is required to obtain the personal information of all registered players. This means that anyone that has created a BetVictor profile must send a photo ID and a picture of valid bills to prove both identity and home address.

The verification process isn’t particularly lengthy. Once documents have been sent to the relevant team, you should receive a response within the next 72 hours – with most ID uploads reviewed in two days.

Depending on your spending, budget, form of ID and bill being used to verify your home address, there may be other requirements to meet before being allowed to play on BetVictor. 

If BetVictor cannot verify your ID and address using its automated system, you will be prompted to verify your identity as soon as possible. If you’re unsure whether or not your account is fully verified, head to the ‘Account Verification’ page by opening your ‘My Account’ menu. Here, you’ll be told if your profile has been verified.

How To Register on BetVictor & Verify Your Account -

Those of you asked to upload valid Proof of Identity can send any of the following documents to BetVictor:

  • National ID Card
  • Current Signed Passport
  • Original Birth Certificate 
  • EEA Member State ID Card
  • Driver’s License
  • Photo of Registration Certificate for Self Employed Construction Workers
  • Benefit Book
  • Firearms Certificate
  • Home Office issued Residence Certificate

You will likely be required to send a form of documentation to prove your home address. Any of the documents listed below are accepted for address verification:

  • Utility bill dated within the last three months
  • Council Tax bill
  • UK Driving License
  • Bank Statement
  • Mortgage Statement
  • Council/Housing Rent Card
  • Benefit Book
  • HMRC Self Assessment Tax Letter
  • Electoral Register Entry
  • NHS Medical Card

In most cases, you won’t need to upload further documentation after carrying out the above-mentioned tasks. However, BetVictor may notify select customers that more detailed documents are necessary to validate other aspects of an account.

You are more likely to be subject to additional ID checks if you use a payment method that does not carry your name and/or attempt to withdraw funds using a method other than the original banking option. To prove your income, upload either of these documents:

  • Payslip
  • Pension

BetVictor could request a short video clip to ensure you are the ID holder and owner. In this clip, you will be asked to film your face and move your head from side to side. Afterwards, you may need to reupload a photograph of the requested ID document. 

It’s important to remember that nearly every customer can be verified automatically. And if you do need to upload documentation, the process won’t take very long at all. 

To summarize:

  • Head to the ‘Account Verification’ page to see if your account is verified
  • If not, upload documents to prove your ID and home address
  • Wait for BetVictor’s verification team to get back to you
  • Upon successful verification, you’re allowed to start betting on the site

BetVictor Account Security Numbers & Codes

There is only one occasion where BetVictor requires you to input a security code – when you forget your account password. If you forget your password, click ‘Forgot Password’ below the account credentials section on the Log In page.

How To Register on BetVictor & Verify Your Account -

You will receive an SMS and/or email to your linked phone number or email address, both of which should contain a six-digit security code. Enter this code in the space provided to access the ‘Reset Password’ page. There is no time limit with regards to how long it takes for this code to expire. Type your new password twice to confirm it, then log in using the new details.

Other than that, BetVictor will not ask for a security code or security number. If you receive a text or email asking you to enter a security number on your BetVictor account and you haven’t requested a password reset, you should change your password immediately and report the situation to the site’s customer support team.

Speaking of codes – BetVictor’s welcome offer could come packaged inside a Promo Code. Enter the code at checkout to opt-in to the offer and deposit using a method allowed in the promotion’s T&Cs to take advantage of the extra funds. 

You’re Ready To Go Bet Now

You’ve gotten past the most boring elements of online sports betting by signing up and verifying your BetVictor profile. Now, head to the sportsbook and check out all the popular and niche markets filled with competitive odds to place bets and try your hand at grabbing a first win.

You can’t bet for free, so even if you choose to ignore the BetVictor welcome offer we recommend depositing an amount that’ll get you through your first several wagers. This saves you time and makes budgeting for betting significantly easier. 

Open any sports market you like and click on odds prices to add them to your betslip. Once in your slip, you can remove, edit and view your stake and selections. Closer looks at How To Deposit and How To Bet on BetVictor can be found in our no-nonsense articles.

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