Betway Registration: How to Open and Verify Account in 2022

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Betway is one of the most recognizable sports betting brands in the gambling industry with close ties to a number of top-flight English Premier League clubs. Notably, Betway boasts partnerships with West Ham United, Brighton & Hove Albion, as well as Leicester City – each growing in popularity every year.

The sportsbook is no different. Betway is home to a range of competitive odds, loads of markets and a variety of rewarding promotions and bonuses all year round. One such promotion is the site’s welcome offer, which credits eligible users with a handy boost to get a jumpstart while becoming familiar with the platform.

Simply sign up and opt-in to the new customer offer to take advantage of a sports bonus. If you like the offer, we recommend checking out other deals once you’re a seasoned player on the site and/or app.

How To Register On Betway

Registering with Betway can be carried out in a matter of minutes. Once completed, you’re free to indulge in a plethora of sports markets from the world’s most-viewed leagues, competitions and events. 

To start off, make sure you know How To Deposit on Betway and then search for Betway in your web browser and open the site. In the top right-hand corner should be two options:

  • Log In
  • Sign Up
Betway Registration: How to Open and Verify Account in 2022 -

As a new customer, you should select Sign Up’ to begin the account creation process. Clicking on this option will take you to a new page displaying a form. Here, Betway asks for some personal details so it can link certain information to your new profile. There are three sections to get through in total.

The first part of this form is simply called ‘Personal Details’ and it’s exactly what it says on the tin. Pick your title, enter your full name and provide your date of birth. Your age must be typed in correctly as players under the age of 18 cannot sign up on the site.

Betway Registration: How to Open and Verify Account in 2022 -

Next up is the ‘Account Information’ area. Think of a memorable username and password, then select an email address you want to associate with your Betway account. All Betway marketing communication, policy changes and other information will be sent to this address – so make sure it’s an email you use regularly.

When creating your username, ensure you use numbers and letters only. Special symbols (!, £, ?, etc) are prohibited. Similar rules apply to your password, as it must be between 6 and 20 characters in length and contain at least one letter and one number. 

Betway Registration: How to Open and Verify Account in 2022 -

Click ‘Next’ to proceed to the final stage of this three-part sign up process. As the title of this area suggests, this is where Betway requests your ‘Contact Details’.

First things first, start typing your home address into the space at the top of the screen. If you can’t find your address from the listed options, you may enter your address manually instead. This is more time consuming but helpful if Betway hasn’t logged your street, house number or home name in its database. Note that users with home addresses outside the UK must enter addresses manually.

Following on from your home address is a box to input your mobile number. If you’re a UK resident you won’t need to change the international code, but users with mobile numbers from outside Great Britain can click on the ‘+44’ to view the other available options. In the white box next to the international code, enter your full mobile number.

Betway Registration: How to Open and Verify Account in 2022 -

Scroll a little further down to find Betway’s Deposit Limits. All users registered on the bookmaker’s site must set up limits, with caps ranging from just £25 to £5,000 if picking a pre-set option. You may enter a custom deposit limit if preferred – with limits for personalized deposit restrictions opening at a minimum of £5.

Betway Registration: How to Open and Verify Account in 2022 -

Upon selecting your deposit limit, you have reached the last of Betway’s sign-up steps. Having entered all of your required personal information, chosen account credentials and more – all that’s left to do is choose a welcome offer. The following options are available, as Betway supports new customer bonuses for each leg of the platform:

  • Sports Welcome Offer
  • Casino Welcome Offer
  • Live Casino Welcome Offer
  • eSports Welcome Offer
  • Vegas Welcome Offer

If none of the promotions appeals to you, feel free to select “No Welcome Offer”. Tick the box below the offers to confirm you’ve read and understood Betway’s terms and conditions. Finally, opt-in or out of the site’s marketing communication via SMS, email, or both.

Click the green ‘Register’ button at the bottom of the page to create your all-new Betway profile.

Betway Registration: How to Open and Verify Account in 2022 -

Betway should automatically log you in, although you may be prompted to verify your account. 

To recap:

  1. Open Betway
  2. Click ‘Sign Up’ in the top right-hand corner
  3. Carry out all three sections of the registration form
  4. Press the green ‘Register’ button when ready
  5. Your Betway account is now open 

How To Verify Your Betway Account

Verifying your account is boring. However, by proving your identity and home address you’re contributing to a better, healthier online sports gambling environment – one where all customers are protected by strict regulations.

Bookmakers are required to ask customers for ID upon creating an account to maximize player safety. By verifying your identity, other users cannot fraudulently use your ID to sign up on the site or steal your funds. In addition, this is necessary to prevent underage users from betting.

Betway will let you know if your account needs to be verified manually. Most customers can be verified automatically – and Betway lets you watch as the system attempts to find your identity using your personal information by providing a sphere with an increasingly-extended green line. When this line reaches 100% and goes the whole way around, you’ll see whether or not the site requires further evidence of your ID.

A pop-up will take up the centre of your screen if you need to verify your identity. This is titled ‘Player Verification’ and serves as a route to both sections of the account verification fields. These are:

  • Verify Identity
  • Verify Address
Betway Registration: How to Open and Verify Account in 2022 -

To verify your identity, first have the relevant documentation on hand. You will be asked to take clear, shadowless pictures of the selected document – each of which must be listed as eligible on Betway’s ‘Verify Identity’ page. The following documents are accepted by Betway for identity verification:

  • Passport
  • ID Card
  • Driving License

Before picking between the above-mentioned documents, it should be noted that any document used to verify your identity cannot be used again to verify your address. So, if you used your driver’s license to prove who you are, Betway will not accept the license when verifying your home address. 

After clicking on ‘Verify Identity’, four options are presented on the following page. The first of these is to select a nationality in which your document was registered and the second is a choice between the three available documents. Choose the one best suited to you to move on.

Betway Registration: How to Open and Verify Account in 2022 -

Now, Betway will take you to the submission page. Here, you can submit the document to the verification team at Betway, who should get back to you within a few days. Just upload a photo of your preferred document and click ‘Submit’ when ready to do so.

Betway Registration: How to Open and Verify Account in 2022 -

Having sent ID documentation to Betway, you’ll be returned to the initial verification pop-up. Select ‘Verify Address’ to proceed with the second stage of account verification. There are multiple ways you can complete this task:

  • Upload a photo of your driving license
  • Upload a picture of a utility bill or bank statement
  • Council tax bill
  • Photo or scan of tax return

Photos of utility bills and bank statements must be dated within the last three months. According to Betway, the quickest option is to upload a scan of your driving license – so that’s the best way to go (if you haven’t already used the license for identity verification).

Click on the option you want to use to verify your home address from the drop-down menu. Once chosen, click ‘Continue’ to make your way to the next step. 

Betway Registration: How to Open and Verify Account in 2022 -

Much like the ‘Verify Identity’ page, the final section to the ‘Verify Address’ tab is where you can upload photos of your desired document. On desktop, you can drag and drop photos, while smartphone users can tap on photos to send them to the security staff at Betway. Click ‘Submit’ to confirm the upload of your documents.

Your identity and address should be verified over the next 72 hours. However, most documents are reviewed and accepted within 48 hours or less. You can deposit, bet and withdraw funds on Betway as soon as you receive word of successful account verification – whether that’s via email or through a notification on the app/website.

To summarize:

  • Read the ‘Player Identification’ pop-up
  • Select documents accepted on the ‘Verify Identity’ and ‘Verify Address’ links
  • Click ‘Submit’ to send documentation 

Betway Account Security Numbers/Codes

Betway does not ask you to enter a passcode if you have forgotten your account password. Rather, the bookie will send an email to your linked email address with a tool you can use to generate a brand new password – preferably one more memorable than the last.

Additionally, you won’t be asked to input a code or security number upon contacting Betway’s support team. The only details staff should enquire about are:

  • Your full name
  • Your date of birth
  • Any account security questions
  • The last four digits of the card last used to process a payment

However, any opened cases are given numbers. This is so Betway can reference particular cases without sifting through a range of enquiries – as the site receives a deluge of emails, live chat requests and phone calls at busy times of the year.

If you know your case ID number and want to get in touch with customer support regarding the same matter, don’t hesitate to ring, email or message Betway using the official contact lines. Just be sure to reference this number so the staff know where to look.

Now that we’re onto codes, it’s apt that we should mention Betway’s welcome offer. On occasion, this offer may require a promo code (usually no longer than a few characters) is entered at checkout when depositing. To take advantage of such promotions, type the promo code in the box provided and confirm your transaction.

For an in-depth look at deposits on Betway, head over to our How To Deposit On Betway guide.

You’re Ready To Go Bet Now

You’ve verified your identity and address, now there’s just one thing left to do – place bets. Before throwing yourself in at the deep end and wagering using system bets, multiples and markets you’re unfamiliar with, remember to fund your account using an eligible payment method. Most deposits are processed instantly, making it easy to turn a price you love into a win for your wallet.

Our How To Bet walkthrough will take you through all you need to know when it comes to making your first move on Betway. We cover each of the most popular types of bets listed on the site, as well as some niche options, with the likes of Yankees, Heinz bets and more discussed.

When you bet at Betway, you can avail of special promotions as a new and existing customer, enjoy a slate of exciting sports markets and win big with great odds. Some examples of sports you’ll come across include the likes of:

  • Betway Registration: How to Open and Verify Account in 2022 -Football
  • Betway Registration: How to Open and Verify Account in 2022 -Horse Racing
  • Betway Registration: How to Open and Verify Account in 2022 -Golf
  • Betway Registration: How to Open and Verify Account in 2022 -Cricket
  • Betway Registration: How to Open and Verify Account in 2022 -Tennis
  • Betway Registration: How to Open and Verify Account in 2022 -Darts

All it takes is a little patience to set up your account, and you’ll be flying in no time.

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