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Last Updated: October 11, 2022

How To Request a Bet With Betway

Betway’s approach to online sports gambling is simple: publish competitive odds on the world’s most-loved sports with a bunch of features that enhance the user’s experience. As a result, punters of all interests can indulge in an easy to use, accessible platform jam-packed with exciting services.

One such bookie feature is Betway’s take on the ever-popular ‘Request a Bet’. Rather than jumping on the bandwagon and giving it a standard title seen on other websites, the team at Betway have created a unique name for their Request a Bet offering – #BetYourWay.

Before diving into #BetYourWay, you should try your hand at qualifying for Betway’s new customer offer. With this, you could get rewarded at the very start of your journey by playing on the bookmaker’s site. There are plenty of ways to get involved, but all you really need to do is set up a Betway account.

And if you’re struggling to understand how betting on Betway works, check out our comprehensive guide on How To Place Bets on Betway. There, you’ll see easily digestible information concerning the bet types available at Betway. 

How To Request a Bet on Betway

By making itself known to bettors all over the world via social media, Betway has risen to become one of the most impressive betting operators in the gambling industry. This is key to the sites’ success with #BetYourWay as all bet requests are received online.

This is particularly true for Twitter. As Betway customers use Twitter consistently, it’s easier than ever for the bookie to see what the people want on a daily basis. If you’re someone that revels in the delights of social media – primarily Twitter – you’ll find that requesting a bet with Betway can be done in seconds.

First, ensure that you have a Twitter handle and a Betway account. The pair do not need to be linked, but there’s no harm in using a similar username for both. Next, fund your account. We recommend depositing cash into your Betway account wallet before sending a bet request because this speeds up the betting process. Imagine the frustration if your bet request were to be accepted at a good price only to be hit with technical issues while depositing at betting’s equivalent of rush hour.

sign up to twitter

Head over to Twitter now. Search ‘Betway’ in the search bar and click on the bookie’s profile when it pops up. The site can be found @Betway, so there should be no issues with regard to trying to tell which account is the official one (although there are plenty of fake accounts out there!). 

follow betway on twitter

Click on Betway’s Twitter profile and select the ‘Follow’ button. In doing so, you’ll see Betway’s tweets on your timeline as they are uploaded. To get notified when the bookie tweets, click the bell icon. This is an important step in making sure you don’t miss out if and when the social media team lets you know they’re looking into your bet request. It should be noted that the bell icon will only display after you start following Betway.

set betway twitter reminders

This is the step where you need to put yourself out there. In order to send a bet request on Betway, you must tweet using the hashtag #BetYourWay. Otherwise, your request is unlikely to get noticed by the trading team.

Pick a selection you cannot find on Betway. For example, let’s say you wanted to bet on Liverpool to win the quadruple. As this is a bet that spans four competitions and wasn’t majorly discussed until later in the 2021/22 season, there was simply no reason for Betway to generate odds on the outcome. You can change that by tweeting something like this:

  • @Betway Odds on Liverpool to win the quadruple (League Cup, FA Cup, Champions League, Premier League) #BetYourWay.
how to request a bet on betway

Depending on how busy the social media team are at the time of your #BetYourWay request, you may receive a response in a matter of minutes or days. Hence, you should always send #BetYourWay requests as soon as possible.

You’re unlikely to be told the price by Betway’s Twitter moderator, though. More often than not, the best they can tell you is whether or not Betway can offer odds on your specific enquiry. On occasion, however, you may be lucky enough to be told the exact price offered on your requested selection. Here are some examples of responses you should expect to receive:

Betway Request A Bet on Twitter

request a bet on betway

Betway Request A Bet Price Offer on Twitter

betway request a bet price offer on twitter

Betway Request A Bet Market Not Offered

betway request a bet market not offered

You must find the selection on Betway of your own accord. The team won’t ask you to follow a link to the market, nor will you be told which market the bet comes under. While this may come as a hindrance to some, it’s usually pretty simple to find the market you’re looking for.

Once you find the #BetYourWay wager, add it to your betslip by clicking on the odds. Just like a normal bet, you must input the stake in the box provided and confirm the bet by pressing the green button under your selection.

To summarize:

  • Create accounts with Betway and Twitter
  • Tweet Betway with your desired selection using the hashtag #BetYourWay
  • Wait for a response from Betway’s social media team
  • If your bet request is accepted, Betway will tell you your selection has been uploaded to Betway
  • Add the bet to your bet slip, enter a stake and confirm the wager

Betway #BetYourWay Key Points

With #BetYourWay, the possibilities are virtually endless. Whether you’re a high roller or a low baller, the feature is open to anyone that holds an interest in sports.

With such a welcoming attitude towards bet requests, there are more or less no rules when it comes to #BetYourWay. There are only the following requirements to properly use the service:

  • You have a Betway account
  • You have a Twitter account
  • You use the hashtag #BetYourWay along with your bet request
  • Your bet request has not already been accepted and uploaded by Betway

There are no barriers to entry. #BetYourWay is available for all sports, all markets, all day long. Minimum odds do not apply (as far as we know, the Trading Team may have in-house thresholds). 

In addition, you can bet as little or as much as you want on bets resulting from #BetYourWay requests. To find #BetYourWay odds requested by other punters on the site, search for the words in the hashtag in the search bar.

betway request a bet search


How many times can I request a bet on Betway?

You can send #BetYourWay requests as many times as you like. There are no limits – partially because Betway has no say over the number of times you tweet on Twitter.

Can I request bets on live/in-play markets?

#BetYourWay can only be used to request pre-game odds. This is why we recommend depositing first, as you otherwise may end up leaving things a little too late to get the bet through.

How do I find the odds on my #BetYourWay request on Betway?

Open Betway and search ‘BetYourWay’ into the search bar. Alternatively, you can open the event and scan its markets to find your odds request.

How will I know if my Betway #BetYourWay request has been accepted?

If your request a bet is accepted by Betway’s Trading Team, you’ll receive a response from the site’s Twitter account to let you know. You may or may not be told the exact price.

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