How to Screenshot Using bet365 | Instructions for App and Desktop

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It’s pretty straightforward to learn how to screenshot on bet365. But it will vary depending on whether you are using your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop.

First up, let’s look at how to screenshot using the bet365 app on a mobile device. These instructions also apply to the mobile website.

How to screenshot bet365 using the App

Android and Apple devices have subtle differences, but basically do the same thing. The buttons you need to hold down to screenshot slightly differ, so we’ve written instructions for both.

How to screenshot bet365 using an Android device

These steps work on most Android systems for both mobile phones and tablets.

How to screenshot bet365 using an Apple device

Next, we take a look at how to screenshot on an Apple device, basically, your iPhone or iPad.

How to screenshot bet365 on a Desktop

Next we take a look at how to screenshot bet365 using your desktop.

Keyboards can vary these days, and devices can be old or new. In general though, there is a Print Screen button on your keyboard somewhere. It may simply have ‘PrtSc’ on it.

Usually the button will be found on the top right hand side of your keyboard (circled red in the above screenshot). Or in some cases, on the bottom left.

To screenshot on a desktop, follow these steps

If you want the screenshot as evidence of a bet, simply open ‘Paint’ on your desktop, paste the picture onto the blank canvas, and save in a folder on your PC.

Why can’t I screenshot bet365?

Occasionally it might be the case that you can’t screenshot bet365 on your device. This can be for different reasons, but it will generally be something you’re not doing correctly.

Ie, not holding down the buttons correctly, buttons may be not working properly, or you’ve changed something on your settings.

There are websites on the internet saying that the likes of Amazon and Netflix can block screenshots, but it’s difficult to do, as they don’t control your phone or device.

If a bookmaker wants to follow the protocol of Amazon or Netflix, it sends out a bad message. It stands to reason that streaming sites would want to prevent their content being copied and distributed. But for a bookmaker, this isn’t the case (apart from live streaming of sports events).

If a bookmaker wants to block a screenshot, it would suggest the bookmaker has something to hide. For example, if they operate bad practises, they might not want you to screenshot the evidence.

Take screenshots for Evidence

Taking screenshots is a handy thing to do when you are betting. If for any reason there is a problem with your bet resulting in a dispute, having a screenshot of your bet receipt is good evidence to have at your disposal.

Or it can even be done for vanity reasons. If we’ve had a winner, we can’t wait to tell everybody about it.

Having a screenshot means you can send it around all your mates in your whatsapp groups, as well as show everybody in the pub how much you’ve won.

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