How To Use Bet365 In The USA

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Currently, Bet365’s US branch is only open for business in New Jersey. For this reason, you may find that the popular betting site doesn’t work in your area despite heavy rumours of further states welcoming the service.

This means that players must be within New Jersey’s state lines to access the Bet365 online sportsbook and casino. Should bettors enter Bet365 from other areas of the country, Bet365 will close their account. Moreover, the New Jersey Department of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE) may punish the operator for permitting illegal access to users.

If you encounter any issues on Bet365 New Jersey, or either of the two expected new branches in Colorado and New York, there are some troubleshooting steps we recommend following.

How to Use Bet365 in USA

The US leg of Bet365 is used similarly to the bookmaker’s other operations across the globe. The site is used by players to place wagers on the latest sporting events, indulge in exciting promotions and enjoy the most popular online casino games.

To use the online sportsbook, simply open Bet365 website via your favourite browser. Thereafter, figuring out how to use Bet365 in USA should be a breeze.

You’ll need to create an account before participating in any of the above-mentioned features. Follow our steps outlined below to set up a new Bet365 account:

  1. Open Bet365 website.
  2. Click on the “Join Now” button on the homepage.
  3. Fill out the registration form on the next page.
  4. Create a Username and Password.
  5. Ensure your information is correct, then submit the form.

You’ll need to enter these key pieces of personal information on the registration form:

Where Can I Play at Bet365 in USA?

Right now Bet365 is solely available in the USA in New Jersey. However, there are plans to set up shop in New York and Colorado soon.

Having applied for a gambling license in the two states, Bet365 was accepted in both The Centennial State and The Big Apple. Neither new version of the site is up and running as of yet, though.

Find further information on each of Bet365’s US sites, here:

New Jersey


New York

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