How To Win On William Hill

Many new bettors opening an online gambling account will do so with the aim of winning big. They want to turn their love of sports like football and horse racing into a profit. How easy or difficult is it to achieve that?

If it were that simple, then indeed everyone would be doing it and bookmakers across the board would be closing up shop quickly, driven into bankruptcy by shrewd football fans. The fact this hasn’t happened tells you everything you need to know about online betting. It favours the bookie, but there are ways in which you can increase your chances of making a profit from your sportsbook bets.

Our expert sports betting content writing team boast many years of experience working in the industry. Our team has learned a thing or two about betting smart and gaining an advantage over the traders. We are happy to pass on this information and experience to you, and in this article, we tell you how to win on William Hill.

How to win money on William Hill

We’ll start by telling you the truth about how to win money on William Hill. There is no guaranteed way to beat the bookies. Not by systems, technology, insider information or anything else that may be sold to you by tipsters and scam artists. Just to make sure we are clear, there is no guaranteed way to beat the bookies. Suppose there were then those who knew how wouldn’t be heard of. They’d be sunning themselves on holiday rather than trying to sell you betting tips. Glad we cleared that up.

Any bettor with a sound understanding of how the industry works realised this a long time ago. Still, profitable and professional gamblers know they can do things to help boost their chances of winning. Below, we pick out three tips that could help turn you from a losing bettor to one that makes an annual profit.


The more research you do, the better. In fact, it’s impossible to do too much research. When betting on football, for example, you want to arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible. Check the form of both teams, the head-to-head stats, player form, injury news, schedule, transfers, interviews and more. Anything you can get your hands on. You can be sure the traders will be doing this, so you must at least match them.

Best odds

Every bet you place should be struck at the best possible odds. You want market best odds on all your wagers. Accepting anything less is handing the advantage to the bookie. The differences in price between the major betting apps may look small and not worth searching for, but those margins soon add up. Over a year or a season, they could prove to be the difference between profit and loss on your sports bets. The bigger the odds on your bets, the more cash you’ll win and the greater the chance of landing a long-term profit.


William Hill offers a long list of markets on their most popular sports, such as football and horse racing. Many gamblers stick to the markets they know and trust simply because they are familiar with them and even if these markets don’t provide them with too many winners. In a Premier League football match, for example, you’ll find more than 100 pre-game and in-play betting markets, and you should familiarise yourself with each. Some may give you a better chance of beating the traders. If you fancy the underdog to beat the favourite, for example, and the odds are high, then you can take your chance. A better bet might be to take them on the handicap +1 goal. That way, you are guarded against the draw.



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