How To Withdraw Your Casino Bonus Balance William Hill?

You do not have the option to take cash from your casino bonus balance from William Hill, as this part of the promotion is automatic. Even though there’s a button that says cash in my bonus, that button is to forfeit your bonus balance, not to withdraw or redeem it. William HIll will transfer your bonus balance along with your buy in balance to your main balance as soon as you’ve met the wagering requirement of 40x your buy in amount. Withdrawing a casino bonus balance is only possible after you have satisfied the terms of the game and before that point, you can only withdraw your buy in balance.

How To Cash In A Buy In Balance William Hill?

After initiating the Buy In Bonus promotion, you’re able to take your buy in winnings at any stage along the way. If you’re struggling to find the bankroll to reach your wagering target and want to take your winnings and give up on dreams of your bonus balance, simply hit the cash in my bonus button.

You can cash in by following these steps.

  1. Find the William Hill Casino tab.
  2. Scroll along to the right of the game options and select the promos tab.
  3. Click on the Buy In Bonus promotion offer and you can hit cash in from there.
  4. Alternatively, you can cash in through your my account section by clicking on your balance in the top right corner of the screen and then cash in.

What Is Casino Buy In Bonus Balance William Hill

Casino bonus balance is a promotional feature that comes into effect when you opt in to the 100% buy in bonus promotion in the William Hill Casino. The promotion offers the player a free second balance that starts off equal to your buy-in amount to use in the casino. This generous addition to your balance is subject to a wagering requirement of 40x your buy in, which you have to satisfy before that bonus balance has any redeemable value. As well as this you have a 7 day time limit before the bonus balance is set back to zero, even if you won a huge sum for your bonus balance throughout the week, if you fail to qualify the wagering or time requirements, you’ll lose that generous bonus.

This promotion is valid with a selection of games, including two classic casino games, namely blackjack, and roulette, as well as several other William Hill slot and machine games, such as Age of Gods, Blue Wizard, Epic Ape II, to name just a few.

william hill casino bonus buy in

100% Buy In Bonus William Hill

Rules to watch out for in this promotional offer from Willliam Hill.

  1. Your buy in amount will be matched as a bonus balance.
  2. You must wager 40x your buy in before you can withdraw your bonus balance.
  3. Some stakes will not count toward your wager, such as certain low risk roulette table bets and others will only be partially counted, such as blackjack bets and higher risk roulette bets.
  4. All unused bonus balance is removed from your account after a 7 day bonus period from when it appeared in your account.
  5. The minimum buy in is £10.
  6. The maximum bonus is £300.
  7. Cash in at any time to forfeit your bonus balance and take your buy in winnings.
  8. Bonus balance cap of £2,000 when redeeming winnings.
  9. Deposits made from an E-wallet won’t be awarded the bonus.
  10. If your bonus balance falls below £0.10, all the funds will be deleted and the promotion will end.

The bonus balance could have equally been called a back up balance, as all stakes are taken first from your buy in balance. The bonus balance can end up as your last stand.

  1. Buy in balance winnings.
  2. Bonus balance winnings.
  3. Buy in balance.
  4. Bonus Balance.
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