How To Play Irish Lottery On Bet365

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As with any lottery, the player chooses a set of numbers which is then compared with a set of random numbers drawn from the lotto draw machine.

The draws are every Saturday and Wednesday for six balls and one bonus ball, and the numbers you can choose range from 1-47. Choose which draws you want to enter of the three running for that day; the standard Lotto, Plus 1, and Plus 2. These draws are for the real national lottery of Ireland, which airs live on Irish TV.

How To Play Irish Lottery On Bet365

As with many betting events on Bet365, there are several markets that you can place your bets in for the Irish Lottery results. These markets are all fairly intuitive to navigate and share a few common steps.

  1. Navigate to the Lotto page via the side menu on the Sports tab or by simply typing Lotto in the search bar.
  2. Choose Irish Lottery.
  3. Select the market you’d like to bet on from the options under Irish Lottery or from the drop-down menu below the Lotto selection menu.
  4. Choose the date and draws that you want to bet in by ticking the relevant boxes.
  5. Make your number selections.
  6. Enter your stake.
  7. Hit ‘place bet’.

The market options that you can bet in are laid out below:

How To Check Irish Lottery Results 

The Bet365 Irish Lotto results are the same as the real Irish Lottery results that are called on live TV in Ireland every Wednesday and Saturday at 8 pm.

The numbers called for the last two weeks, which is twelve draws over four broadcasts, can be found on the Bet365 ‘Results’ option in the same drop-down menu where you find the different market options. The results of your bet will also be shown in your ‘settled bets’ section.

Alternatively you can find the same results on the Irish National lottery official website, where they store older results too.

Bet365 Irish Lottery Odds

The odds returns for Irish Lotto are not always straight forward but Bet365 make them as simple to understand as possible by showing beneath your bet slip the different odds returns for different outcomes, for example when playing straight and combination you will see the returns for correctly guessing 1 through 5 correct balls.

Like any bet you make with a bookmaker the odds will be decided by the trading team of the betting company, and the odds are usually proportional to the probabilities of the outcomes involved. The trading team however do use their discretion to maintain the spirit of the house edge at all times.

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