Ladbrokes How Long To Collect Winnings – Withdrawal Times

At Ladbrokes, how to claim winnings online and how to collect winnings in-person slightly differs, but the overall premise remains the same.

The amount of time it takes for Ladbrokes to process withdrawals varies depending on the payment method used and whether or not you’re playing online or in-person.

For winnings earned at a shop, you’ll need to visit your local Ladbrokes branch and collect your winnings at one of the machines or speak to someone working behind the till.

If you’re a Grid Card member with Ladbrokes, you can withdraw winnings earned online at one of the many shops located all over the UK.

Those of you that play online-only can transfer winnings to your bank account via the following payment methods:

  • Visa
  • Maestro
  • Mastercard
  • Visa Fast Funds
  • PayPal
  • Fast Bank Transfer

Read on for more on collecting winnings at Ladbrokes.

How To Claim Winnings From Ladbrokes Online

To receive winnings via an online Ladbrokes account, you should log in to your account and click on the Profile icon. This is located in the top-right hand corner of the screen.

From here, scroll down until you see the Withdraw section. Clicking on Withdraw will transfer you to a new page where you can complete your withdrawal.

On the withdrawal page, enter your payment method details. You must also input your full name and the amount you wish to collect from Ladbrokes. When you’re content that everything has been entered correctly, click on the green box to confirm your withdrawal.

See a five-step guide on how to claim winnings from Ladbrokes online, below.

Ladbrokes How To Claim Winnings – Step by Step Guide

  • Log in to your Ladbrokes account.
  • Click on the Profile icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

Ladbrokes How Long To Collect Winnings - Withdrawal Times -

  • From the side menu, press the Withdrawal button.

Ladbrokes How Long To Collect Winnings - Withdrawal Times -

  • Enter the credentials for your payment method and how much you want to claim.
  • Confirm your withdrawal by pressing the green button.

How Long Does it Take Ladbrokes to Pay Out Winnings?

After your online bet settles, Ladbrokes instantly credits the amount won to your account wallet. Once you can see your winnings in your account, you may proceed with the withdrawal process.

Following the settlement of a bet, winnings can be paid out instantly in person at one of Ladbrokes’ shops.

Below, we’ve outlined the withdrawal times you can expect from each payment method at Ladbrokes.

How Long Does Ladbrokes Take to Put Money in Your Account?

Here is a list of the available payment methods at Ladbrokes along with their respective expected withdrawal timeframes.

  • Debit Cards – 1-3 Banking Days
  • Visa Fast Funds – Within 4 Hours
  • PayPal – Within 8 Hours
  • Fast Bank Transfer – 2-4 Banking Days
  • Grid Card – Instant

Each payment method listed above – bar The Grid Card – is subject to a minimum withdrawal amount of £5. Withdrawals processed using The Grid Card can start from as little as £0.01.

Ladbrokes How Long To Collect Winnings - Withdrawal Times -

How Long Do You Have To Claim a Winning Bet at Ladbrokes in the Shops?

There is no expiry date on winnings earned either online or in-person at Ladbrokes.

For bettors using The Grid Card, you can choose to have winnings accrued from in-person bets uploaded to your Grid Card right away. Therefore, a trip to the local Ladbrokes shop isn’t needed in order to claim winnings.

So long as you keep your 12 or 14 digit number for over-the-counter withdrawals, or your 13-digit BetStation bet receipt number safe, you can collect winnings from your nearest Ladbrokes store whenever you like.

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